Esb Advertising Media Buying Agency Review 2024

By Kate Gross 13 days ago, Photography Tips

ESB Advertising

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Verdict: ESB Advertising offers a whole range of advertising services that help you get new clients and promote your business. It is a great option for photographers who need to promote their traditional printed portfolios.

Certified digital marketers, seasoned media buyers, and experienced producers can launch powerful advertising campaigns for clients in all industries. The team uses a broad advertising and marketing strategy to drive sales. ESB works primarily with Digital Marketing/PPC, TV, cable, streaming, radio, and print materials.

  • Awesome prints for photographers
  • Individual contracts
  • Absolute transparency
  • Digital and traditional advertising
  • Experienced team
  • No prices on the website
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The ESB Advertising agency constantly studies current market trends and offers the most effective ways to attract clients. Their specialists use an individual approach and always take into account their customers’ wishes.

EBS Advertising Review

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EBS Advertising provides a full range of advertising services. Their eye-catching ads help attract more new customers and boost your business. A professional team consistently works on each advertising campaign, paying special attention to synchronization of design, timing, messaging, and overall strategy.

Amazing Photography Prints and Design Service

ESB agency provides amazing, memorable photo materials that grab viewers' attention. They create both outdoor ads and digital content. The ESB Advertising agency is known for its fantastic images, including food photography and real estate photography projects.

Print advertising is one of the company's specializations. Therefore, if you need to make a photography portfolio, ESB is a good choice. Although print media are not as popular as they used to be, well-designed print ads will help you achieve the results you want.

The agency offers design services, including social media graphics, logos, posters, and more. If you are just starting your photography business, a professional design team will work hard to improve and develop your brand identity.

Unique Strategy for Photographers

esb advertising strategy

They have an individual approach to each client and take into account all the specifics of your business to create the optimal advertising solution. Plus, they update your dashboard daily, which allows you to track the progress in real-time.

The ESB Advertising team always keeps in touch with clients. This approach allows them to identify weaknesses in the strategy and correct them in time.

Contemporary Traditional Advertising

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Their experienced team conducts effective research and has the necessary contacts to procure the best rates possible. You will surely receive a significant added value.

ESB Advertising creates excellent television ads. The team is well versed in demographics, programming, rating points. Thanks to post-log analysis, they check if an order is delivered on time.

The agency cooperates with more than fifty cable networks. They are familiar with audience segmentation, reach, and geographic targeting, which helps them create effective TV ads. The company also creates successful radio ads that go beyond the traditional morning and afternoon drivetime slots. ESB Advertising can include on-air sponsorships, on-site events, and cross-promotions into your campaign strategy for more impressive results.

Professional Social Media Advertising for Amateurs

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Social media advertising is one of the powerful ways to engage potential customers. ESB has successfully launched ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When developing your social media advertising project, the agency will take into account your target audience, budget, and industry.

The team considers all the nuances when launching your ad campaign. They analyze the performance every day and provide their recommendations on how to use the advertising budget.

ESB Advertising agency will help you attract more loyal followers and clients by developing the optimal ad strategy for social networks. Experienced professionals can use either ESB customized solutions or your social publishing software. The agency will create the most effective plans for your budget and needs.

The company will conduct the necessary research and help establish contact with the best influencers so that you can create a profitable partnership. ESB monitors and manages your advertising campaign for the entire period and helps you achieve the desired results.

Programmatic Advertising for Media Companies

The ESB Programmatic team includes the best digital marketing professionals. They have vast experience in the traditional media industry and create digital departments for local TV/radio stations. Moreover, they train sales teams.

ESB Advertising also provides PPC services. The company is incredibly transparent. It is not chasing cheap clicks on social networks and strives to improve ROI and conversion rates. They get access to premium content across a great selection of reliable publishers. Plus, they offer access to HULU inventory at affordable prices.

You don't need to worry if you urgently need to close a large account or deal with a client’s last-minute request. The team can handle these challenges easily. They will help your account managers to cope with any task.

Good Option for Small & Medium-Sized Agencies

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The ESB Advertising agency allows you to keep pace with the leading brands in your field by using the same data resources, and technology. Also, clients are always aware of their campaign's performance and audience engagement thanks to regularly provided reports. What’s more, the company offers a white-label dashboard, which helps you track ongoing developments.

The company has a clear pricing system based on media spending. You can lower your advertising campaign investment by using a fully outsourced service provider with all the advantages of an in-house agency. It is more economical for you as they work without intermediaries.

Perfect Research & Analytics

EBS team of digital strategists is Google Analytics certified. This means they can track the progress of your account for you. Therefore, if you do not have experience in working with Google Analytics or you cannot check the data for other reasons, you can entrust this to the ESB Advertising agency. They’ll analyze visitor traffic, behavior, purchases, and other aspects of website performance.

Moreover, the agency will analyze your competitors and leading brands in your industry. They are always ready to provide their recommendations on how to improve your performance based on the received data.

The “ESB Hive” is a nice bonus that the agency provides to its clients for free. It allows you to monitor the progress of your advertising campaign. Using it, you can check leads, results, and other aspects in real-time. The product has convenient dashboards that you can easily customize to suit your needs. The “ESB Hive” is available anytime.

EBS Advertising Price

The company offers a wide range of advertising services, including traditional and social media services. However, the cost is calculated for each client individually. You need to contact the managers to find out the price or any other information.

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