18 Barbie Photoshoot Ideas Inspired by the Movie

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Photography Tips

The overwhelming success of the Barbie movie with Margot Robbie made people fall in love with this popular doll again and start creating themed content for social media. Using a variety of Barbie photo shoot ideas, you can capture photos of your models wearing fashionable clothing or take pictures of them when they do various activities.

Organizing a successful Barbie-themed photoshoot involves paying attention to the following things:

Environment. Find the right location for bringing your ideas to life. Your choice should depend on the main theme of your photoshoot. For instance, you can take pictures in your studio using a variety of backdrops or use indoor locations with natural lighting.

Outfits. When creating different looks, make sure to use outfits in Barbie’s signature colors and create the most favorable combinations. Select colors that look flattering when combined with white, pink, blue, and yellow.

Props and accessories. To recreate Barbie’s world, use thematic furniture pieces and decorate the backdrop with balloons and flowers. Remember about the importance of using accessories to make your model look like a real Barbie.

1. Barbie Box

barbie photo shoot idea box

You can build a large Barbie box by yourself using wood or cardboard. Paint it in pink color and decorate it with a logo to emphasize the main theme. This pink photoshoot idea allows you to take realistic shots. To save time, you can also purchase a Barbie box.

Take care of the lighting, as it will be easier for you to achieve the desired effect if you use diffused light. Remember that harsh shadows might spoil the overall impression.

barbie photo shoot idea box example

Posing tip: Ask Barbie to assume playful poses inside the box. It will allow her to look more like a real doll. Encourage her to hold accessories or smile like Barbie.

2. Dress Like a Doll

barbie photo shoot idea like a doll

If you want to make your model look like Margot Robbie, select outfits that allow you to recreate her iconic looks. You can add a variety of details, including bows, ribbons, and accessories of pastel colors.

Ask your make-up artist to visually elongate your model’s eyelashes, add a rosy color to the cheeks and apply some gloss to the lips. The hairstyle should be also consistent with the main theme. For instance, pigtails, buns, or cascading hair could be a great solution for such a photoshoot.

Ask the Barbie to pose in a doll-like manner. She can imagine herself in the role of the human-sized girl living in her wonderful world.

3. Roller Skates

barbie photo shoot idea roller skates

To take such pictures, you may need to find a suitable skating area with murals. It will allow you to snap realistic photos of Barbie when she enjoys her favorite hobby.

Barbie can wear a pink roller skating outfit with cute accessories. This way, you can take photos reminiscent of the scenes from the movie.

barbie photo shoot idea roller skates example

As your model glides on the roller skates, you can capture her in movement. Take pictures from different angles and experiment with shutter speed to create a dynamic effect using motion blur.

4. Barbie Vibrant Color Theme

barbie photo shoot idea vibrant color theme

Your model can pose against a solid backdrop if you want to emphasize her beauty. You can also decorate the backdrop with flowers and balloons to complement her look without overshadowing her.

Ask Barbie to wear clothes and accessories in bold and rich colors. Besides her favorite pink clothing, she can use electric blue and yellow pieces. Combine different hues to create attention-grabbing looks.

barbie photo shoot idea vibrant color theme example

Lighting tip: When taking photos outdoors, use natural soft light to capture warm and lovely shots. If your photoshoot takes place in a studio, use extra sources of lighting to fully illuminate the scene. You can also express your creativity and capture photos in candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere.

5. Workout Gym Barbie

barbie photo shoot idea workout gym

You can take such pictures at a gym or fitness center, as such spaces are typically clean and modern. Besides, you can organize a gym at home or outdoors with mats, weights, and other accessories.

Take photos of Barbie when she does yoga poses, lifts weights, or does cardio workouts. It will allow you to show Barbie’s strength and dedication.

barbie photo shoot idea workout gym example

Outfits tip: You can find stylish workout clothes for Barbie that will help you demonstrate that she is a fan of a healthy lifestyle. She may wear pink leggings, sports bras, and sneakers while doing exercises.

6. Professional Working Barbie

barbie photo shoot idea professional working

You can take such photos in a professional setting. Use an office with a desk and computer. You can also snap pictures of Barbie when she goes to work. By emphasizing small details, you can make your photos more realistic.

Barbie should wear a carefully selected work attire that looks appropriate to her profession and showcases her famous sense of fashion. She can wear a business suit, lab coat, or other suitable outfit while showing her confidence in her skills and abilities. Ask her to assume different Barbie poses for photoshoot, as it will make her look like a real doll.

barbie photo shoot idea professional working example

Pro tip: After taking photos, be sure to use professional programs like Photoshop, Luminar Neo, PhotoDirector, or Fotor to remove defects and fix the vignetting issue. Using such software, you can make the colors richer and adjust contrast levels without making your pictures look unnatural.

fixthephoto barbie photo editing service before fixthephoto barbie photo editing service after

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7. Use Bath

barbie photo shoot idea in bathroom

You can easily use this bathtub photoshoot idea to take beautiful candid shots. Fill the bathtub with bubbles, use flowers and candles to decorate the scene and add some towels to create a cozy feel. You can also take such pics at the spa.

Barbie can wear a bathrobe and use various accessories to show her beauty routine. Add some bath salts and ask your model to use props to make the scene more realistic.

barbie photo shoot idea in bathroom example

Barbie can assume different poses to show that she loves relaxing in her bath. Focus on her face to capture her smile or take close-up photos of her hands framing her face to show her genuine emotions. You can also opt for wider shots to capture more of the surroundings.

8. Barbie Wonderland

barbie photo shoot idea in wonderland

Implementing such Barbie photoshoot ideas requires using a set that looks like a doll’s house, so make sure to use pink-colored props and furniture pieces to achieve this effect. You can also add small lights to improve lighting and add some accents.

Your Barbie can wear a princess dress or look like a fairy or other magical creature. Experiment with wings and mermaid tails to complete the transformation. A girl can play with her toys or assume different poses.

barbie photo shoot idea in wonderland example

Pro tip: For such photos, I recommend you leverage the power of soft lighting to intensify the dreamy feel and create the atmosphere of a fairy-tale kingdom. Add colored gels to the frame to create a magical effect.

9. Invite Friends

barbie photo shoot idea with friends

This doll has many friends, so you can use this idea as the main theme for a Barbie themed photoshoot. Ask them to wear matching outfits and capture them when they talk to each other and have fun. You can bring a variety of group photo ideas to life and use different poses to add a dynamic feel to your pictures.

If your model poses with her friends, it will be easy for you to capture them laughing and having fun together. Such photos will have a natural feel about them which will make them more appealing.

barbie photo shoot idea with friends example

Tip: When selecting a backdrop, think about whether it will help Barbie and her friends remain at the center of attention. It’s better to avoid backgrounds with too many elements cluttering the frame as they might prevent a viewer from focusing on your models.

10. Barbie & Ken

barbie photo shoot idea with ken

If you want to conduct a Barbie and Ken photoshoot, you can experiment with a variety of ideas to help a couple have fun and show their feelings. You can create a story for them and capture them on a romantic date. This Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea is especially suitable for engaged couples. Alternatively, they can participate in a red carpet event, or spend time together outside.

Ask Barbie and Ken to wear matching outfits. It will help you emphasize the main theme of your photoshoot regardless of the style your model prefers, be it a casual or formal one.

barbie photo shoot idea with ken example

Posing tips: Help Barbie and Ken relax and assume flattering couple poses that will help you capture romantic shots. They can hold each other in a tight embrace or just hold hands while looking tenderly at each other.

If you want to capture real emotions, encourage your models to behave naturally in front of the camera to express their feelings.

11. Retro in Barbie Style

barbie photo shoot idea retro

Retro props and accessories make it easier to re-create the atmosphere of a time long gone. For instance, you can use vintage record players, film cameras, or even rotary phones to create the desired effect. Mod fashion is better for the 1960s, while neon styles are a must for the 1980s.

Pay attention to Barbie’s hairstyle and makeup as well to emphasize the main theme. Victory rolls, cat-eye eyeliner, and red lipstick are good choices for bringing this idea to life.

barbie photo shoot idea retro example

Editing tip: To intensify the retro effect you want to achieve, use vintage filters and experiment with different techniques. For instance, you can add some grain to your photos, apply the vignetting effect, or perform color adjustments.

12. Pink Frame

barbie photo shoot idea with frame

Use a large DIY frame made of wood or cardboard decorated with Barbie’s name, stars, and sparkles. Alternatively, you can purchase a pink Barbie frame to save time. Put the frame in a location with a beautiful background and decorate it with balloons or flowers to create a magical effect.

barbie photo shoot idea with frame example

Be sure to offer Barbie-themed props to your guests, like tiaras, feather boas, or sunglasses so that they can imagine themselves being Barbie when posing inside the frame.

For a Barbie doll box photoshoot, leverage soft natural lighting to capture the most flattering pictures of your guests. Ensure that the area is well-lit to take clear photos.

13. Barbie Beach Photoshoot

barbie photo shoot idea on the beach

You can take wonderful photos at the beach capturing the eternal beauty of blue waves, mesmerizing sunsets, and golden sands. This beach photo idea is perfectly suitable for taking Barbie pics.

Due to the natural lighting, especially during the golden hour, you can capture Barbie in all her beauty, focusing on her wavy hair and sun-kissed skin. During the photoshoot, take pictures of your model with the ocean in the background.

barbie photo shoot idea on the beach example

Outfits tip: Ensuring the success of this idea requires a photographer to dress Barbie in pink swimwear, as it allows you to emphasize her style. Your model can wear fashionable bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups to create a flawless beach look. Themed props like surfboards, sunglasses, or beach balls add a realistic feel to your shots and show that Barbie enjoys her leisure time to the fullest.

14. Cooking

barbie photo shoot idea cooking

Take photos in a modern kitchen with a countertop, stove, small refrigerator, and a variety of kitchen utensils. Barbie is always ready to cook a tasty dinner so she should have cute aprons, chef hats, mixing bowls, and various utensils at hand. This creative photography idea is easy to implement, as you can find a fully-equipped kitchen in almost every house.

Ask the model to perform various tasks to show how she cooks dinner. You can take photos of Barbie chopping vegetables, baking the cake, or stirring pots. The model can arrange ingredients and dishes to give them a mouth-watering look.

15. Show Outfit

barbie photo shoot idea outfit

Create a collection of stylish Barbie outfits. You can add casual and glamorous pieces of clothing to it. Each of the outfits should celebrate Barbie’s unique style and aspirations.

Pay attention to accessories, as Barbie is known for her love for stylish shoes, handbags, jewelry pieces, and sunglasses. When creating a look, be sure to combine clothing pieces and accessories to create a harmonious impression.

barbie photo shoot idea outfit example

Tip: Select a backdrop or location that allows you to showcase Barbie’s stylish outfits. To drive a viewer’s attention to the clothing, use a simple backdrop with clean lines.

16. Some Pink Drinks

barbie photo shoot idea with pink drinks

For this glamorous photoshoot, you need to use pink-colored drinks, such as wine, pink lemonade, or cocktails. It will allow you to emphasize the color of Barbie’s dress. Use nice-looking glassware or cocktail glasses and decorate them with fresh fruit or straws to give your Barbie a look of refined elegance.

Posing tip: Help Barbie to assume an effortless pose that will make her look relaxed when she is holding a drink in her hand. You may take a look at a variety of female poses and capture the model when she is playing with her hair or sitting on the stairs with her legs crossed. She can move away from the camera and experiment with different expressions.

17. Shopping

barbie photo shoot idea shopping

For this kind of photo shoot, it would be better to go to a busy shopping district or take photos in front of a shopping mall. Please take a location from somewhere where beautiful architectural elements could be evident in the photo, making the photo interesting and engaging.

Dress in chic and luxurious outfits. It can be a sundress or an expensive jumpsuit, you can even wear fashionable jeans with a blouse. Don't forget about the accessories either; sunglasses and expensive bags should be visible too.

Tip: Capture candid pictures of a laughing Barbie or take photos of her as she talks with her friends when exploring the shopping district.18. Barbie's Beauty Routine

18. Barbie's Beauty Routine

barbie photo shoot idea beauty routine

Making Barbie the central element of your composition involves using a backdrop of neutral or complementary colors. It’s better to opt for soft pastel or creamy colors and avoid complex patterns to drive a viewer’s attention to Barbie getting ready for her outing.

Barbie can stand in front of a vanity mirror. When implementing such Barbie photo shoot ideas, ask the model to use curlers or rollers for her hair to show how she creates her signature appearance. For such photos, it’s advisable to use relaxed poses.

It will allow your model to demonstrate which styling techniques and products she uses to make her hair picture-perfect. You can also add accessories to the frame or capture Barbie when she gets her nails done.

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