Who Is The Most Photographed Person In The World

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photography Tips

Throughout history, celebrities have been attracting the attention of paparazzi who get incredible sums for shots featuring a famous person in any location or situation (even when shopping in a supermarket). But who is the most photographed person in the world?

To get the answer to this question, we decided to analyze Getty Images data for more than 1,000 superstars from the film industry, TV, music, politics, sports, and more. Some of the insights were really surprising, whereas some of the results were easy to predict.

Top 20 Most Photographed Celebrities

  1. Donald Trump - 507,414 pics
  2. Barack Obama - 353,033 images
  3. Queen Elizabeth II - 292,144 shots
  4. Joe Biden - 216,011 photos
  5. Prince Charles - 210,837 pics
  6. Kate Middleton - 198,227 shots
  7. Prince William - 183,119 photos
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo - 167,527 images
  9. Roger Federer - 161,502 pics
  10. Andy Murray - 159,559 shots
  11. Prince Harry - 145,567 photos
  12. Hillary Clinton - 143,947 images
  13. Elton John - 140,205 pics
  14. Serena Williams - 139,238 shots
  15. Jennifer Lopez - 117,635 photos
  16. Camilla Parker-Bowles - 117,603 pics
  17. Jimmy Kimmel - 112,204 photos
  18. Paris Hilton - 109,371 shots
  19. Rihanna - 96,241 photos
  20. Bill Murray - 94,083 images

Donald Trump

#1 out of 20 

donald trump most photographed celebrity

Reporters and paparazzi have done their best to capture every gesture of former US President Donald Trump, allowing him to get the status of the most photographed celebrity in the world.

It is not possible to say exactly what the reasons for such a popularity are. Probably there are many of them like signature hand gestures, vibrant rallies, or important moments in his presidency, which made him one of the founders of the modern US political system.

When he was President, Trump did not mind communicating with reporters and visiting press conferences. His Twitter is regularly updated, which drives the attention of the media to his personality. This is the reason why paparazzi keep a close eye on Trump not only during official conferences but in real life, which leads to numerous funny photography memes.

Barack Obama

#2 out of 20 

barack obama most photographed celebrity

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA, who is well-known for his charisma and the contribution he has made to the development of the U.S. High popularity and universal love are the main reasons why he is under constant scrutiny by the world's media.

Any Obama photo, no matter whether it is shot during a political speech, family photoshoots, diplomatic events becomes a symbol of hope, development, and diplomacy.

Souza is probably the most well-known photographer who devoted much attention to Obama, making him the most popular subject of his photoshoots. He was the main official White House photographer for Presidents of the United States Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, as well as led the White House Photography Office.

The intriguing fact is that Barack Obama is fond of photography and loves to take amateurish pics. He's been seen capturing candid moments behind the scenes at the White House, showcasing his love for photography.

Joe Biden

#4 out of 20 

joe biden most photographed celebrity

Joe Biden is probably one of the most photographed celebrities in the world. Photographers document every move of this giant in the political arena, allowing people around the globe to monitor his personal life and political activities.

Shooters capture him while making announcements, giving a speech at global summits, as well as his everyday communication with ordinary people, underlining Biden’s importance in building the future US society.

David Lienemann is probably the most famous photographer who devoted much of his time to shooting the American President. He is the former official White House photographer who took pics of Joe Biden during his eight-year term as a Vice President. In Lienemann’s collection of Bayden’s photos are nearly one million shots.

US President Joe Biden's love for ice cream is well-known and the variety of photos featuring him eating this dessert is really impressive. He is often captured with an ice cream cone creating carefree moments that resonate with the society without any special ice cream photography tips.

Hillary Clinton

#12 out of 20

hillary clinton most photographed celebrity

Hillary Clinton has many titles like a former First Lady, Secretary of State, as well as a presidential candidate. Photographers from around the world have tried to document her political career in every stage of its development.

Considered a pioneering woman in politics, she attracted much attention from photographers who tried to present the input she made through political shots and historical narrative.

Barbara Kinney is a photographer who took the majority of photos of Hillary Clinton. She also worked as a personal shooter for Bill Clinton for eight years.

Hillary Clinton also has the status of one of the most traveled Secretaries of State in the U.S. ever known and there is a collection of travel photographs featuring her diplomatic visits to various countries.

Queen Elizabeth II

#3 out of 20 

queen elizabeth most photographed celebrity

Without doubt Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most photographed celebrities and the images of Her Majesty have a symbolic meaning of continuity and tradition and played a key role in bolstering public support for the monarch.

Fortunately, the photographers had many opportunities to capture the Queen in various scenarios like regal appearances, state ceremonies, and meetings with other heads of different countries, so the pics devoted to this personality are both modern and historical.

There are several photographers Queen Elizabeth liked to work with. The first one of Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton who is a CBE, fashion, war, and portrait photographer, and the second shooter is Anna-Lou Leibovitz who is a famous portrait photographer from the USA.

The Queen was interested in photography as well and shot her life from her own perspective sharing the unique moments of daily routine and travels with the public. Honestly, her skills in amateur photography are beyond all praise.

Prince Charles

#5 out of 20

prince charles most photographed celebrity

Prince Charles has been at the center of the attention of photographers for many years, as he is not only the heir to the British throne but also represents the allure of the royal family.

Pics featuring Prince Charles during the engagement ceremony or in a family circle show that the monarchy shares features of the modern and the tradition.

However, Prince Charles is so popular among people worldwide not only because he is a member of the royal family. The frequent visits to organic farms and advocacy for sustainable living make him an avid conservationist.

Kate Middleton

#6 out of 20

kate middleton most photographed celebrity

The Duchess of Cambridge conquers the hearts of people from around the globe with her exquisite style and fashionable look, so it is no wonder that fashion photographers consider her an ideal subject for their photoshoots. It is easy to trace her elegance when she cares about children, during royal events, and in other scenarios as Kate’s outfit is always perfect.

Mario Testino is the most well-known photographer who often shoots the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate also cares about the environment by recycling her outfits to bring the message of sustainability to people through her preferences in fashion.

Prince William

#7 out of 20

prince william most photographed celebrity

Prince William is the second in line who will succeed to the throne. He is always in focus of the attention of the world's media, earning him a spot as one of the most photographed celebrities in history.

The photos of this famous person represent him as a prince, husband, and father proving that his life combines tradition and modernity in equal measure.

Besides, Prince Willian is a professional helicopter pilot who participated in various rescue missions, showcasing his readiness to serve society with all commitment. 

Prince Harry

#11 out of 20

prince harry most photographed celebrity

Prince Harry is often pursued by photographers who are eager to showcase both his personal and political life, which are very fascinating.

The scenarios he is involved in amaze with their variety: the shooters capture him when visiting public events, during military service, as well as charitable endeavors. But still, the main focus of the media is his love story with Megan Markle, which is quite unconventional for a monarch dynasty.

War photographers also turn their attention to Prince Harry due to his military service and deployment to Afghanistan. These rare shots show the prince on the frontlines highlighting his devotion to the UK.

Camilla Parker-Bowles

#16 out of 20

camilla parker bowles most photographed celebrity

Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall and one of the most popular members of the British royal family. Photographers enjoy shooting her because of her active life, which provides multiple photographic moments. She is being captured while visiting official engagements, during charity work, and her service as a supportive consort to Prince Charles

Speaking about famous photographers that shot the Duchess, Hugo Burnand is probably the right person to mention. He conducted an official wedding photoshoot of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, and the coronation of Charles III and Camilla.

There a lot of pet photographs with the Duchess of Cornwall, as she is involved in animal rescue campaigns. Camilla is often captured when interacting with dogs, cats, and other animals.

Cristiano Ronaldo

#8 out of 20

cristiano ronaldo most photographed celebrity

Cristiano Ronaldo is known and loved by fans all over the world because of his charisma and athletic prowess. As one of the most successful soccer players, he became one of the main subjects of soccer photography.

Pics with Ronaldo feature him while boasting his attractive figure or striding through the fashion world present him as the icon of global sports.

The most popular and published shots of Ronaldo showcase him leaping with an incredible hang time, which proves his perfect athletic forms and extreme precision in mid-air shots.

Roger Federer

#9 out of 20

roger federer most photographed celebrity

Roger Federer is one of the most elegant tennis players who excelled over many other sportsmen in this field, therefore he is one of the most popular models of tennis photography.

Each photo of Federer has an artistic feel and celebrates his enduring legacy featuring him when doing his iconic one-handed backhand or gracefully hitting the ball on the court.

The sportsman amazes sports fans with his ability to win a set with both hands, particularly his forehand and backhand, which is often captured by photographers and results in impressive shots featuring his professionalism.

Andy Murray

#10 out of 20

andy murray most photographed celebrity

Andy Murray reached the pinnacle of tennis by winning Wimbledon, after which he became the pride of the nation. These are the reasons why he has become a subject of multiple sports photographs. Without a doubt, he is often considered the most photographed person of today.

British sports enthusiasts and photographers adore Murray because of his determined expressions, powerful serves, and victories full of sincere emotions.

The majority of amazing photos featuring Andy have been taken by Julian Finney who is one of the best sports photographers of all times.

Andy Murray is in focus of many media not only because of his success in tennis but also due to his emotional responses to becoming a winner of various championships, which resulted in genuine and amazing pics.

Serena Williams

#14 out of 20

serena williams most photographed celebrity

Serena Williams is a famous athlete who has proved that women do not yield to men in sports. Her pics appeared in various magazines, news outlets, and other publications.

Her powerful serves, fierce determination and emotional moments on the court have created a photographic legacy that reflects her remarkable journey in tennis.

Action photographs featuring Serena Willians show her hitting her spectacular serves. Shooters manage to capture the blur of the racket and the ball highlighting her professionalism as a tennis player.

Elton John

#13 out of 20

elton john most photographed celebrity

Fans and photographers revel in Elton John’s striking performances full of bright scenes that are worth being captured.

The singer has made a furor with his extravagant costumes, piano mastery, and spectacular concerts providing photographers with excellent opportunities for taking amazing shots representing John’s successful career.

Terry O'Neill is a photographer who has collaborated with the singer and taken a wealth of iconic photos, showcasing Elton’s original style and passion for music. One of the most famous pics displays Elton John playing the piano in Los Angeles with a boa constrictor draped around his neck.

Jennifer Lopez

#15 out of 20 

jennifer lopez most photographed celebrity

JLo is a celebrity with many talents. She has tried her skills in music, film, and fashion getting to the top in all these fields. Such a multifaceted career has made Jennifer a favorite model for photographers who are chasing the singer to capture her iconic style and talent.

The pics with JLo show her stepping on the red carpet, sultry music videos, or engaging film roles, supporting her status as a global pop star.

Jennifer’s shot featuring her in a fantastic green Versace dress, which she chose to wear for the Grammy Awards in 2000, is one of the most searched-for fashion photography pics on the web at the time.


#19 out of 20

rihanna most photographed celebrity

Having a Barbados origin, Rihanna has become a symbol of fashion and music providing photographers with multiple scenarios to shoot her in.

Fashionable clothes, dynamic performances, and original music are the main reasons why people from around the world consider her a trendsetter, whereas fashion and stage photographers are always chasing her to take incredible shots.

Rihanna's outfits are always state of the art and every look of a singer generates memorable photo moments, while also promoting body positivity. For instance, the iconic "naked dress" she wore to the CFDA Awards made a splash causing much delight.

Jimmy Kimmel

#17 out of 20

jimmy kimmel most photographed celebrity

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the icons of the humor and satire of our times and his prowess in the comedy genre has made the talk show host one of the most important figures in the world of entertainment.

There is a wealth of photos featuring Jimmy's humorous monologues, celebrity interviews, and memorable sketches. All these shots highlight the entertaining nature of pop culture.

Kimmel’s wit tricks and pranks over celebrities during his shows are under a close look of photographers as well. Such spontaneous scenes create amusing and lively photo moments worth being snapped.

Paris Hilton

#18 out of 20

paris hilton most photographed celebrity

Paris Hilton is one of the most photographed celebrities who attract paparazzi with her extravagant lifestyle. She is a socialite, media personality, and businesswoman who is a frequent guest at glamorous and business events, as well as TV shows where she demonstrates the essence of celebrity lifestyle.

A famous "Stars Are Blind" music clip, which is full of beach photos and scenes, has created a real furor, making Paris one of the most popular figures in the pop culture landscape.

Bill Murray

#20 out of 20

bill murray most photographed celebrity

Bill Murray’s multifaceted actor career as well as his spontaneous and whimsical appearances have made him an extremely popular subject for the bravest photojournalism ideas.

The pics featuring Bill when visiting the warm meetings with fans, participating in quirky events, or playing in one of his famous movies show his unique nature and endearing personality.

Murray’s impromptu appearances at various events like photobombing engagement photos or crashing bachelor parties led to amusing and spontaneous photo opportunities stirring up the interest of his fans and other people making him one of the most discussed celebrities of our times.


  • • What are the most photographed star families in the world?

The Obamas – 100,437 photos

The Clintons – 72,542 photos

The Trumps – 68,613 photos

British Royal Family – 68,146 photos

The Hiltons – 34,466 photos

  • • What are the most photographed celebrity couples in the world?

Donald Trump and Melania Trump – 250,430 pictures per person

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama – 194,419 pictures per person

Prince William and Kate Middleton – 152,145 pictures per person

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip – 151,167 pictures per person

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – 83,171 pictures per person

  • • Who was the most photographed person of the 18th century?

George Washington. Although the photography we know today did not exist at that time, America’s first president was very popular and would be definitely a winner.

Benjamin Franklin. His many talents in writing, science, and engineering fields as well as his love of hats earned Franklin a spot as the second most photographed individual in the 18th century.

John Adams. America’s second official president probably wins the third place in this ranking.

  • • Who was the most photographed celebrity of the 19th century?

Frederick Douglas. There are over 150 portraits of this famous person.

Queen Victoria. Queens are always at the center of attention so it is not a surprise that Queen Victoria gains this title.

Teddy Roosevelt. He is known as America’s youngest elected leader to date.

  • • Who was the most photographed person of the 20th century?

Princess Diana. As a member of the monarch family and because of universal love, Princess Diana is usually thought of as the most frequently pictured person in the 20th century.

Marilyn Monroe. The second place goes to this pinup icon who turned the heads of many influential men.

Elvis Presley. Being a symbol of rock and roll and an incredibly talented singer, Elvis gets to the third position on this list.