12 Trendy Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas To Feel The Love

To organize a photo shoot for Valentine's Day, so that it will disclose the romantic mood of this special day and, at the same time, will be done not dull but originally, is no easy.

Whether you want to photograph yourselves together with your loved one, or maybe some good solo portrait photos, interesting still life or just make a couple of pictures of you together with your other single friends – below you surely will find inspiration.

So, here comes the ultimate list of Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas from me with the adequate options for all relevant locations, genres, and subjects!

1. Golden Hour and Sundown

valentines day photoshoot golden hour

The golden hour is the most opportune moment for any kind of romantic or uplifting photo, as it paints the scenery in golden, fairytale-like hues. Finding a suitable location allows you to encompass more of the sky, which is why a lot of beach photo ideas, as well as pictures taken in fields and empty city streets, capitalize on such lighting.

Experiment with different backlight options to achieve breathtaking colors, capture eye-catching silhouettes, and ensure the model’s skin has a beautiful, warm glow to it. You can also employ golden hour photography to take some dramatic side-lit close-up portraits.

valentines day photoshoot sunset

Even after the golden hour has passed, you should continue taking pictures, as the sunset is also perfectly suited for immortalizing the love of a passionate couple. You can’t come up with a better shot for Valentine’s Day than a backlit portrait of a kissing couple.

Such an environment isn’t exclusive to lovers. Invite your friends and create some wonderful memories together while also taking some sensual portraits that you can fondly revisit later.

2. Relive Your First Date

valentines day photoshoot first date

The first date is a special moment for most couples. It’s unlikely you took a lot of photos back then since you had other things on your mind. It’s time to remedy that fact by planning a Valentine’s photoshoot that replicates the location, mood, and atmosphere of your first date.

valentines day photoshoot recreate first date

Think about what you enjoyed the most on that day or what little details stuck in your memory. If possible, you can even wear the same clothes you did back then.

The more tiny details you can recreate, the more nostalgic and romantic your photos will end up looking.

3. Engaged in Your Favorite Hobby

valentines day photoshoot favorite activity

If you want your photos to look sincere, you need to forget about the camera and focus on something that brings you joy. Write down a list of activities that you enjoy doing with your significant other. Whether it’s horse riding, basketball, board games, or just a nice picnic.

Consider getting a zoom lens to focus all of the viewer’s attention on yourselves. You can also employ a tripod, a remote shutter, and a camera timer to ensure you never miss an opportune moment. This way, you can be certain your outdoor portrait photos look candid.

valentines day photoshoot activity

It’s also a good idea to add some Valentine-themed props to the scene. Potential options include heart-shaped balloons, bokeh, or other types of romantic items.

4. Memorable Locations

valentines day photoshoot your spot

Regardless of whether you’re doing a couples photoshoot, trying out different best friend picture ideas, or simply taking solo portrait photos, there’s bound to be a location in town that you cherish dearly, so why not visit it on this special day?

You can consider a broad range of possible Valentine’s Day photo shoot location ideas like the place that serves the coffee you love most, your favorite cinema, or even the local park that you like to visit every weekend.

valentines day photoshoot favorite spot

You can also bring your children to an amusement park and focus the photoshoot on your family. Alternatively, if you’re taking pictures with your friend, you can head out to your favorite fashion or makeup outlet. Snap pictures of trying out different items, buying each other presents, and generally just goofing around.

The more time you spend at a place you like, the more candid and cheerful your photos will be.

5. Candid Moments

valentines day photoshoot candid

Ask the photographer to spend several hours with you and take photos of your joint leisure time during the Valentine's Day photoshoot. The shots of you having lunch or lying in bed will look especially cozy and cute.

Simply go about your day as you normally would while getting touchy-feely with your significant other, as you kiss, hug, and have fun – giving plenty of memorable material to the photographer.

valentines day photoshoot indoor candid

Remember to invite the children and pets into the shoot as well, as there are plenty of dog photography ideas that you can try out to take some memorable photos. Show your love to them during the photoshoot.

6. Boudoir Valentine’s Day Session

valentines day photoshoot boudoir

Boudoir photo ideas can be incredibly helpful for teaching you how to feel confident in your body.

Such a setup is great for both couples and individuals, and it’s also a great theme for Valentine’s Day.

valentines day photoshoot boudoir couple

Try out different boudoir poses, lighting, relevant props, and backdrops. Choose elements that speak to you and you’ll ensure your photos convey your unique energy and beauty.

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7. Valentine's Day Nighttime Visit

valentines day photoshoot sleepover

Regardless of whether you pick a hotel room or one of your houses for this Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea for adults and teenagers, you can create an unforgettable atmosphere by using themed props, getting some drinks and snacks, and having fun while wearing PJs or other sleepwear.

valentines day photoshoot sleepover party

To diversify your photos, you can add more action and allow yourself to act like children. A pillow fight is a great idea. You may also play games and fool around a bit.

This indoor photography idea is incredibly versatile, as it’s suitable for couples, friends, and even individuals who want to have a fun night alone!

8. Flat-Lay Valentine’s Photography

valentines day photoshoot flat lay

If you’re looking for simple, creative Valentine's photoshoot ideas, then you can always arrange a scene of you lying on the floor surrounded by themed props and relevant items while the photographer takes pictures of you from above.

If you don’t have access to a photographer or a friend willing to give a helping head, you can simply use a tripod instead.

valentines day photoshoot flat lay couple

Possible props include red or pink blankets, adorable and sparkly props, and other items like wine, cupcakes, flowers, and relevant signs.

You can also try this out if you’re looking for Instagram photo ideas that will ensure your social media feed looks fun and trendy!

9. Heart-Shaped Items

valentines day photoshoot heart shaped props

Including heart-shaped Valentine photography props will ensure your pictures convey a romantic mood. You can create hearts out of flowers, petals, your hands, or even a piece of fabric. You can also implement this idea outdoors by drawing hearts in the sand or snow.

valentines day photoshoot heart shaped decorations

Including kids in your photoshoot? You can place them inside a heart to take an endearing Valentine’s-themed picture.

10. Valentine’s Day Presents

valentines day photoshoot gifts

Presents are always a great, eye-catching inclusion in a Valentine's photoshoot. It can take a lot of time to come up with a gift idea for your loved one or friend, so taking a picture of the moment they’re unpacking the present ensures you’ll forever remember the raw, unfiltered emotions they’ve felt seeing it for the first time.

You can also snap a couple of shots of the gift up close. Such an idea is also suitable for gifting photo-related presents like printed portraits or mugs.

valentines day photoshoot photos with gifts

If you’ve gifted a ring, consider taking some macro photos of the ring in the box or on the wearer’s finger. Alternatively, you can experiment with shadow photography by putting the ring on the opened book. Lastly, if you decide to gift a huge teddy bear, be sure to take a couple of full-length pictures with it.

11. Floral Compositions

valentines day photoshoot flowers

What can serve as a better, more appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day than some beautiful flowers? They will enhance the look of any picture, whether you’re posing with a significant other or alone.

If you’re doing a couples Valentine’s Day photoshoot, you can simply hold the flowers while kissing, hugging, or looking at each other.

valentines day photoshoot bouquet

Remember to try out a couple of macro photography ideas with the flowers. You can put a ring on the petals, add some confetti, or capture the moment some snowflakes land on the bouquet outdoors.

If you’re taking pictures alone, a fun idea is to employ the flowers as a top! Simply tuck the bouquet into your pants and snap some cool, floral-themed pictures.

12. Making DIY Crafts Together

valentines day photoshoot crafting props

A great idea is to have you and your loved one both work on the props you’ll later use in Valentine’s Day photoshoot. It’s bound to be a fun process that will help further convey the romantic mood of the day.

Just remember to act naturally when creating the decorations and let your genuine emotions shine through. Additionally, this couple photo idea can also be used for friends or even individual photos.

valentines day photoshoot crafting diy props

You can create heart-shaped cardboard cutouts, garlands, and other accessories that will be added to the background of your photos.

Lastly, you can take a bunch of vintage newspapers and use them to cover the wall in the background while also decorating it with red, white, or pink heart-shaped balloons. Just make sure the whole scene comes together and nothing feels out of place.

Freebies for Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

free cards by fixthephoto

If you are not sure about which poses to choose or if you don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, try out these poses beforehand.

They're very easy to learn and they'll ensure you look flattering, visually appealing, and confident while emphasizing your most attractive features.