20 Valentine Photography Props: From Classic To Creative

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photography Tips

If you have already searched for Valentine photography props, you definitely saw numerous variations of red paper hearts, but this idea is far from original. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere without using standard items, this article will come in handy.

Top 20 Valentine Photography Props

From heart-shaped balloons to one-of-a-kind thematic props – you’ll find many nice options in this review. Either you are going to organize a romantic dinner, a relaxed wake-up photo session, or a joyful shooting with kids, there are many nice Valentine photography props you can use to highlight the mood.

1. Heart Shape Balloons

valentine photography props balloons

Heart shape balloons are definitely the most popular props for couple photography. You can hold one balloon in every hand, inflate them with helium and let them go up to the ceiling, or fill the whole room with gorgeous red, pink, and white heart-shaped balloons. Anyway, even one large and bright balloon adds a festive mood to the shooting. 

2. Heart Shape Lollipops

valentine photography props lollipops

The falling-in-love state is often associated with something sweet and tasty, so sweets and lollipops are wonderful Valentines Day photography props. It is even a better idea to use heart shape lollipops and experiment with romantic couple poses. The result is bound to satisfy you.

3. Heart Hanging Garland

children in the toy photography

A heart hanging garland can turn any place into an eye-pleasing shooting spot without much effort on your part. You can hang this one or several garlands on branches, ceilings, walls, tables, backdrops, and whatnot.

Remember about complementing colors, so that the garlands and other elements of the scene will be balanced. If you have a tight budget and look for cheap photography props, this is a perfect option.

4. Rose Frame

valentine photography props frame

Putting flowers in a vase seems very trivial. You should opt for a more creative idea and decorate different objects with buds or even create a rose frame.

5. Backlit Letters and Figures

valentine photography props figures

Such letters are great for making words, phrases, and names of lovers. Thematic backlit figures can perfectly complement a festive scene.

6. Kissing Booth

valentine photography props kissing booth

A photo of a couple in love posing in a kissing booth will definitely cause awe. Desserts, flowers, drinks, and candles are the best Valentine photo booth props you can use in this situation.

Of course, there are many other photo booth props you can find, but much depends on the place where you will arrange a photo booth – inside or in the open air. 

7. String Lights Bulbs

valentine photography props bulbs

In addition to the paper garlands, you can also decorate the place with string lights bulbs. They perfectly match the theme of Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

8. Red Gift Boxes

valentine photography props gift box

Gift boxes are always associated with a pleasant surprise, so make sure to use these Valentines props for photography. Don’t throw a red gift box when the shooting is over, as this universal item is suitable for a variety of other photo sessions (graduation and birthday parties, Christmas celebration, etc.) If you are engaged in wedding photography, you can also make good use of such boxes.

9. Silk Rose Petals

valentine photography props rose petals

Scattering rose petals on a white bed sheet is one of the sweetest couple photography ideas that is super easy to bring to life. However, the petals of natural flowers can greatly stain the fabric, and they lose their beautiful look very quickly. Therefore, photographers recommend using fabric (the most lifelike are silk rose petals) as props.

Rose petals are also popular among wedding photographers, but if you use artificial petals, you need to devote more time to image editing. If you are pressed for time, address professional wedding photo retouching services.

10. Heart Shape Necklace

valentine photography props necklace

If you are planning to present your beloved with jewelry for Valentine's Day, be sure to include this moment in your holiday photoshoot plan. A beautiful heart-shaped necklace will act both as a gift and as a Valentine prop.

11. Flameless Candles

valentine photography props candles

Candles are one of the best Valentine photography props if you decided to take images during a romantic dinner. If you specialize in dark food photography, you can locate candles on the table so that they cast interesting shadows. You have to remember about safety during the shooting or use flameless candles with batteries that cause a fire.

12. Classic Champagne Glasses

valentine photography props champagne glasses

Glasses with a sparkling drink are a common attribute of romantic dates and holidays. Besides, they are wonderful wedding photography props and can also serve for a Valentine’s Day photo session. Combine glasses with traditional details for a more interesting result.

13. Red Lipstick

valentine photography props lipstick

Red is associated with passion and love, so it makes sense to use red lipstick. Moreover, you can write something on a mirror or window with the help of red lipstick.

14. Stitched Hearts

valentine photography props stitched heart

If you decide to organize a thematic photoshoot outdoors, and the weather is snowy and frosty, you should choose clothes and Valentines Day photography props very mindfully. For example, stitched felt hearts better fit a winter atmosphere than balloons and a kissing booth. Soft fabric hearts evoke an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, especially in combination with garlands of light bulbs and warm blankets.

15. White Feathers

valentine photography props feathers

Another great idea for a photo shoot in bed is to use white feathers. You can choose natural or artificial feathers. Such Valentine photo props are suitable for both a playful pillow fight and a romantic photoshoot.

16. Decorative Pillows

valentine photography props pillows

Decorative pillows can also be used as Valentine’s Day photo booth props. Besides, a set of miniature red pillows can perfectly fit the interior of a cozy home.

17. Valentine’s Cups

valentine photography props cups

Get teacups for a couple with a thematic decor. Besides, you can use these cups in the future.

18. Printed Pajamas

valentine photography props pajama

Using clothes with a “heart” print, you automatically add a romantic vibe to the scene. Pajamas with hearts will become a wonderful prop for boudoir photography, and you can also put them on at night.

19. Baby Bodysuit

valentine photography props bodysuit

In most cases, main models at Valentine’s Day photo sessions are couples, but if you have a baby, why not bring to life newborn photography ideas? You can use a baby bodysuit and a red bow-knot to match the theme.

20. Heart-Shapes Glasses

valentine photography props heart shapes glasses

Heart-shaped glasses are great Valentine prop for kids, as they fully reveal the atmosphere of this holiday. You can also use such glasses for family photography.

Bonus Tools

collection for retouchers

No matter how hard you try to take perfect images and what Valentine photography props you use, photos always require professional editing. However, there are many nuances to remember about, and fixing defects on your own may become very difficult, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why it is better to download ready-made presets created by experts for fast and trouble-free color grading.