13 Best Shopify Development Companies for eCommerce Businesses

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Building a successful e-commerce brand on your own is a tedious task, therefore many start-uppers look for Shopify development companies to delegate this job to professionals. They can help register your domain, develop optimal page layout designs, and launch advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website and stimulate sales. Fulfilling this task alone might result in an ineffective and unprofessional shop that won’t bring you any profit.

In this review, I’ll tell you about reliable Shopify and e-commerce experts who know this marketplace and the industry perfectly well.

Top 13 Shopify Development Companies

  1. Sunrise Integration - Continuous Shopify support
  2. Pivofy - Shopify migration option
  3. Mageplaza - Customer-focused approach
  4. BSS Commerce - Automates all the routine tasks
  5. Lounge Lizard - Top-notch digital marketing services
  6. Lantern Sol - Team of well-trained professionals
  7. Webdesk Solution - Development of custom Shopify stores
  8. Superco - Design and development for bringing income
  9. WebFX - Great delivery speed
  10. Codup - Original Shopify templates
  11. Whole Design Studios - The team of skillful Shopify consultants
  12. DigitalSuits - Mobile-friendly e-stores
  13. DOIT Software - Adaptable hiring structures offered

As nowadays many companies help businesses design and develop ecommerce platforms, choosing a suitable service is donkey work. So, when looking for professionals to accomplish your project, check their portfolio first to see how good their works are.

As you are likely to communicate with a developer quite often, timely and comprehensive answers are what you expect from an expert. The website of the service you are going to turn to should feature reviews from content customers, if not, you should consider your choice one more time. After finding the developer that can handle your project, ask for a quote and references.

1. Sunrise Integration - Our Choice

Continuous Shopify support
  • API integration services
  • Has been developing Shopify stores for more than 10 years
  • Designs custom themes
  • Skillful staff
  • Absent

Verdict: If you are looking for a Shopify web development company for promoting your business, Sunrise Integration should be the first option to consider. These guys provide a vast selection of services like app development, API, and liquid programming. Besides, they can customize your website and offer support for third-party integrations.

The company has more than ten years of experience in this industry, so the result is sure to please you. By developing a reliable and sophisticated Shopify or POS app, they can help your business become flourishing and popular. Not only that, building, certifying, and launching your application in Shopify App Store is also on their list of duties. Besides, this company can host your Shopify app on the AWS platform without problems.

sunrise integration shopify development company interface

2. Pivofy

Shopify migration option
  • Allows customizing and fixing already developed Shopify apps
  • Supports integration with third-party software
  • Client-focused services
  • Moderate prices
  • Sometimes communication is not smooth

Verdict: Pivofy is one of the most popular web development agencies in the USA. If you need a successful, functional, and profitable e-commerce platform, this company will get you covered. Considered to be one of the top Shopify web developers in 2021–2022, Pivofy provides services to businesses of various sizes and from different fields enabling them to distribute their products on the web effectively.

Thanks to many years of experience, the company’s designers know well how to build a top-rated website with enough potential to become a world-famous selling platform. Moreover, its staff is constantly learning to be aware of the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. This knowledge and great level of expertise help them create excellent e-commerce sites. Besides, the developers use A/B testing, segmentation, and heat maps to produce data-driven resources.

pivofy shopify development company interface

3. Mageplaza

Customer-focused approach
  • Seamless integration
  • Impressive customization
  • Building a store with simple navigation and multiple features
  • Developing scalable applications
  • No exact prices

Verdict: For specialists of Mageplaza, developing a functional Shopify store is a quick and worry-free task. They can help you with installation so you won't need to worry about errors that might occur during your e-shop setup. If you want to migrate your e-commerce website to Shopify, you should be ready to make all the required adjustments to ensure it will run on a new platform properly. Fortunately, the company’s team of developers will do all the necessary changes and manipulations for you.

Moreover, these guys can fix the already developed Shopify app and customize it to your taste. As you probably know, connecting your store to third-party software is beneficial, but it can also cause some conflicts. The service simplifies this process to ensure seamless integration.

mageplaza shopify development company interface

4. BSS Commerce

Automates all the routine tasks
  • Universal channel for commerce
  • Supports other systems with ease
  • Customized workflows
  • Adjustable platform
  • Not appropriate for beginners
bss commerce shopify development company logo
BSS Commerce

Verdict: BSS Commerce is a certified Shopify partner, who supports great ecommerce brands in fostering their ecommerce platforms with efficient full ecommerce solution on Shopify Plus. It allows to connect already known systems like ERP, CRM using Shopify APIs, SDKs, and Shopify Plus affiliate.

This intuitive platform lets automize manual tasks to help you manage all of your stores uninterruptedly. You can include discounts and promotions for your customers, and shipping cost to your checkout.

Shopify Plus enables you to process and keep track of all your online and offline operations in one place, run the tools across all of your spots to prevent running out of stock.

bss commerce shopify development company website

5. Lounge Lizard

Top-notch digital marketing services
  • Full-service e-commerce platform
  • Allows integrating your site with 1500+ marketing apps
  • High level of security
  • Provides managed hosting service
  • Responsive round-the-clock customer support
  • Exact prices are not revealed
lounge lizard shopify development company logo
Lounge Lizard

Verdict: If you are a business owner who is struggling to build effective e-commerce Shopify store, delegate this task to the Lounge Lizard agency. The specialists of the company develop top-rated websites and apps and also devote much time to analyzing clients’ objectives to make sure the final product will increase their online presence.

Lounge Lizard has been delivering web development services for 18 years now, helping both start-up firms and established companies to achieve their marketing goals. They can cover all your merchant needs: from designing a custom storefront to getting a profit through ad campaigns and SEO.

lounge lizard shopify development company interface

6. Lantern Sol

Team of well-trained professionals
  • Minimal response time
  • Stunning store customization
  • Specializes in integrations
  • Accomplishes projects very fast
  • Unclear pricing policy
lantern sol shopify development company logo
Lantern Sol

Verdict: Given that Lantern Sol has helped their clients get $100,000,000 in online sales by only optimizing their storefronts, you can be reasonably confident in the professionalism of this Shopify web development company. I like that before starting to build a web store, the company’s specialists analyze the position of the client’s business in the industry and its competitors. This info is needed to create an eye-catching design for an online shop implementing the latest practices for online conversion.

Besides, you can request revisions twice or even more times depending on your package. Other stages that should be completed before the release of a final product are confirmation of design, implementation, and development.

lantern sol shopify development company interface

7. Webdesk Solution

Development of custom Shopify stores
  • Lets you migrate your e-commerce website to Shopify
  • One-month support after development for free
  • Services of excellent quality
  • More than 500 content clients
  • Hidden pricing policy
webdesk solution shopify development company logo
Webdesk Solution

Verdict: WebDesk Solution is a full-fledged ecommerce development company that provides solutions for Shopify, BigCommerce, Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart), Volusion, Prestashop, and other platforms. Their team of professionals not only develops great projects but also conducts a thorough analysis of your industry, rivals, and intended audience.

As a certified Shopify partner, they know the platform inside and out and can assist you in any aspect you might be interested in. The company’s specialists do their best to design eye-catching storefronts to attract more clients ensuring a successful start for those who are just developing their business. Moreover, established merchants also choose the agency to sustain their e-commerce site.

webdesk solution shopify development company interface

8. Superco

Design and development for bringing income
  • Superior communication with clients
  • Broad eCommerce experience
  • Worry-free and intuitive workflow
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Confusing pricing policy
superco shopify development company logo

Verdict: Superco is considered one of the best Shopify development companies for many reasons. First of all, it has a professional and effective web development team consisting of skillful designers, technologists, and e-commerce strategists who always orient to clients’ needs to develop a successful e-store.

Besides, they are easy to cooperate with, organized, and provide top-rated services at a reasonable cost. No matter how complex your project is or how ambitious your aims are, Superco’s specialists who know all the intricacies of Shopify and consumer psychology will get you covered. To improve the functionality of your platform, you may also contact a well-established company that specializes in developing lightweight WooCommerce plugins and Shopify apps.

superco shopify development company interface

9. WebFX

Great delivery speed
  • Top-rated customer support
  • Speedy project completion
  • Provides a plethora of services
  • Excellent results
  • Expensive
webfx shopify development company logo

Verdict: WebFX is one of the most popular digital marketing agencies that offer a comprehensive approach to Shopify optimization helping big and small businesses on Shopify achieve their goals. Their diligent team does their best to optimize your web store setup, customize your theme, set up conversion tracking, and push your website to the top positions in Google search results.

Having many years of experience in the industry, WebFX experts develop excellent sites from scratch and optimize the existing ones Their holistic marketing approach to Shopify optimization is also a great plus. The company’s pros improve the back-end and front-end of your site to drive more traffic, provide a better UX, and save time for their customers. However, these services are rather expensive, so startups and freelancers may lack the money to order them. If you also have a tight budget, you can try Koala Apps instead and always be informed about the state of your online store.

webfx shopify development company interface

10. Codup

Original Shopify templates
  • Implement ecommerce best practices
  • More than 8 years in the industry
  • Timezone overlap
  • Speedy project completion
  • Does not provide a list of prices
codup shopify development company logo

Verdict: Codup’s team of experts have a deep knowledge of the Shopify system, so setting up and configuring the store is not a problem for them. Also, they consider all your requirements and preferences to tailor the webshop you might ever dream of. With their services, you will have your e-commerce website launched in the shortest possible time.

Another strength of this web-development company is that their developers know Liquid, which is a template language, that allows creating even sophisticated designs and top-notch functionality. No matter whether you want a new theme or need to adjust the existing one, Codup will fulfill all your wishes. Seamless API integrations are another argument in favor of this Shopify web development company.

codup shopify development company interface

11. Whole Design Studios

The team of skillful Shopify consultants
  • Hands-on Communication Services
  • Designs custom themes
  • Promotes on social media organically
  • Improve your store loading time
  • Does not reveal the prices
whole design studios shopify development company logo
Whole Design Studios

Verdict: Whole Design Studio has been helping its clients with Shopify brand development since 2012. The scope of services provided by the company’s specialists is quite vast: they can develop custom themes, redesign the existing ones, and migrate your business website to Shopify. The agency has already completed over 500 website projects, so you can be sure that their employees are true e-commerce experts.

Their professionalism is beyond doubt and their urge to implement innovative techniques when working on the design is above all praise. In my opinion, this service is more suitable for established businesses that need to increase their web presence and customer understanding.

whole design studios shopify development company interface

12. DigitalSuits

Mobile-friendly e-stores
  • Makes your site load faster
  • Integrations with third-party apps
  • Continuing support and consulting
  • Original UI/UX design
  • The cost of services is not provided
digitalsuits shopify development company logo

Verdict: The first advantage of DigitalSuit I would like to mention is that they optimize web shops for mobile devices. Also, the company’s specialists can replatform your existing e-commerce store to Shopify fast and error-free. Surely, you won’t have to deal with any data loss or similar issues.

Integrations with third-party apps, marketing software, inventory and order management platforms, as well as ERPs are another strong point of this service. Excellent resource support and consultation services will help your business run smoothly without failures and forced delays.

digitalsuits shopify development company interface

13. DOIT Software

Adaptable hiring structures offered
  • On-demand scaling
  • Quick turnaround for faster product launch
  • Global talent pool
  • Diverse skill set
  • Possible time zone difficulties
  • Restricted variety
doit software logo
DOIT Software

Verdict: DOIT Software excels in the realm of eCommerce, offering an unparalleled solution for businesses in need of Shopify development services.

Their handpicked team of Shopify experts embodies excellence, ensuring clients receive nothing short of the best. With a swift project turnaround and cost-effective collaboration, DOIT Software simplifies the development process.

Furthermore, their flexible hiring models, which encompass hourly, part-time, and full-time options, allow businesses to cater to their project-specific requirements with ease.

doit software services image