AMZ One Step Amazon Marketing Review 2022: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

AMZ One Step

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Verdict: AMZ One Step strives to offer a reasonable pricing policy, high image quality, and reliable customer support. For me, an important part of what the company brings to the table is the ability to order an integrated service. They provide a long list of services for Amazon entrepreneurs including Listing Optimization, Product images, Enhanced Brand Content, and PPC management.

I like that AMZ doesn’t just create quality listings for your Amazon storefront but also helps elevate your entire brand. Their employees excel at delivering professional, optimized listings that will support your online business framework. 

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  • Quick results
  • Real-life photography
  • Over-the-phone customer service
  • More than 4 years of experience
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AMZ One Step employs a team of copywriters, optimization professionals, graphic designers, and photographers that all specialize in elevating brand value. Their employees know the ins and outs of Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm and are ready to provide everything you need to reach the top spots in your niche.

By relying on the company's skill set, experience, and professionalism, you’ll have a much easier time releasing a new product to the market.

AMZ One Step – Main Features

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AMZ has been on the market since 2017, starting as a small team of e-commerce experts. Throughout its existence, the company has worked on 784 campaigns while collaborating with startups, medium businesses, and international brands, servicing clients from all around the globe.

Advanced and Unconventional Image Creation

amz one step image creation services

AMZ One Step excels at doing product shoots for businesses on Amazon. Their photographers and editors masterfully produce images that show the product in the best possible light while conveying your brand’s vision in the process. I wanted to receive professional photos that will increase the number of sales I’m getting, which is why I decided to order their Amazon Product Photography services.

I first contacted their manager using their website’s chat feature. I was asked for my phone number and was called back in 10 minutes. I explained what kind of results I want to receive, while their specialist consulted me and answered all my questions. Afterward, I filled out a questionnaire form regarding my order. Their employees protect the client’s privacy and ensure the provided information doesn’t get leaked anywhere.

Next, their experts researched my brand and products to devise a content strategy that will provide the most fruitful results for my business. I liked that whether I wanted real-life photos or quality stock images, their employees provided the content I needed without any delays. Their studios are supplied with professional cameras and gear that is perfectly suited for working with products against a white backdrop or in a lifestyle setting.

Quick Turnaround and Revisions for your Convenience

Their team deserves props for being open to revisions, as you can request up to 3 of them. I needed only one. I was also pleasantly surprised by the speed of their Amazon product photography services. On average, it takes them between 7 to 10 business days to deliver the first draft of photos. I’ve received mine within a week.

Having used their service, I was fully satisfied with the image quality as well as the professionalism and creativity shown by AMZ’s exerts throughout our cooperation.

Premium Videography as Per Your Needs

Videography services provided by this company are focused on producing content that is aimed specifically at your product and target audience. Before ordering the service, I’ve looked at the presented examples and I’ve liked that all product videos are centered around helping the consumer understand its uses and advantages.

After studying the website, I’ve scheduled a call with one of AMZ's consultants to talk about my order. Ordinarily, it takes their team 3 to 4 business days to review, edit, and finalize the first version of the video. I’ve received mine after 4 days and since I was completely happy with the result, I didn’t need any revisions.

Their experts rely on top video cameras and accessories to ensure your product is advertised in a cinematic and professional manner, as research has shown that video content is currently the most efficient way to promote your products and spread the word about your brand.

Listing Optimization to Rank Higher and Boost Sales

amz one step listing optimization

The AMZ One Step Amazon listing optimization services are a key area of expertise for the company. Their experts will ensure Amazon’s ranking algorithm places your listings on top of search results to help you get a leg on your competition.

I’ve liked that AMZ's content team provided me with a comprehensive optimization roadmap that included stages like Product/Brand Research, Extensive Keyword Research, and Copywriting.

The order I placed included the Title (200 characters), Features (5 points), Description, Backend Search Terms (250 characters), Subject Matter (250 characters), and extensive Keyword Research that was conducted using 3 reputable and modern keywording tools. Their employees completed the project in three workdays.

AMZ also offers a free listing optimization audit. To take advantage of it, you merely need to copy your listing's link or ASIN, type in your name and email and wait until the company's experts respond to you within three business days. Their employees will study your market segment and rate your listing after analyzing all its relevant aspects like photos, keyword relevancy, and usage, etc.

Packaging Design Services that Protect your Product

amz one step packaging design

AMZ One Step offer product packaging design services that can help you attract even more customers. During the design process, their experts account for both your brand’s identity and current trends to come up with a result that will set you apart from competitors. Additionally, their experts understand that packaging’s main goal is to protect the product itself rather than simply look good.

To order this service, you have to complete the appropriate website form and wait unit the company responds to you within 24 hours. Next, you’ll go over all the details of your project to ensure not a single detail is amiss, which gives you the freedom to implement your vision to the letter.

Afterward, their design team performs research and starts crafting the packaging. You’ll receive the finished box within 3 to 4 business days as well as a free revision (or multiple revisions if agreed upon when placing the order) once you review the result.

Useful Blog with Real Readership

amz one step blog

The company’s website has a useful, informative blog. There you’ll find interesting articles on how to take product photos, how to deal with negative Amazon reviews, the secret of growing your Amazon storefront, how to create a product that sells, and so on. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to be notified about new posts.

24/7 Express Customer Support

AMZ One Step prides itself on its fast and reliable client support team that serves to guarantee their customers are always satisfied with the results.

The company offers a large number of potential communication options. You can contact them via email, online chat, or request a call. Their phone support is particularly efficient at explaining the ins and outs of what their services bring to the table while answering all specific questions a client might have.

AMZ One Step Prices

The company’s official websites features this pricing information:

You can choose from four Packages. Standard, Real Life, Super, and Conversion Booster. If you want to find out their exact pricing, you have to ask for a quote.

Full Listing Optimization Package prices range between $195 and $595. This service covers keyword research, the product title, CTR and algorithm-optimized content, 5 bullet points, HTML description, research report, competition evaluation, and so on.

Standard Packaging Design will send you back $195. This service includes all AI images, the original design, copyright, 2 revisions, and a quick turnaround.

Amazon Virtual Assistants from $10 per hour.

To learn the prices of other services, you have to contact the company directly.

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