Bankey Digital Solutions Web Design Agency Review 2023

Bankey Digital Solutions

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Verdict: Bankey Digital Solutions provides web design and content marketing services. When working on various projects, they always keep in touch with their clients and fully meet all their requirements. Besides, they provide their clients with expert advice to help them develop their businesses and grow their online presence.

The services provided by the company are in high demand among beginners, experienced photographers, small and mid-size businesses. The agency provides a wide range of design and marketing services, which allows you to save tons of money.

  • A full range of services for photographers
  • Available 24/7
  • Implement creative ideas for different industries
  • Team of experienced analytics and marketing professionals
  • Work with experienced designers
  • Prices are calculated individually
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Bankey Digital Solutions specializes in digital marketing, web development, design and optimization. Its team can help you improve your search engine ranking and reach out to your target audience. They can create a logo and develop your brand. In this Bankey Digital Solutions review, I will tell you about the content marketing, graphic design, web hosting, web design and development services provided by the company.

The team consists of experienced professionals who have a knack for creating engaging web designs and building sites that increase your sales. They work with seasoned designers who can implement even the most complex ideas.

Bankey Digital Solutions — Main Features

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Bankey Digital Solutions is a Toronto-based agency that provides digital marketing services and helps businesses improve their online recognition. They provide a full range of services for beginners and professionals from different industries and countries.

The company has an experienced team of design and marketing professionals. They worked on projects for well-established brands, including The Broadview Hotel, Ricarda’s Toronto, Sane Motion Moto, 880 Cities, and M Element Events. 

Create the Brand for Your Photography Business

bankey digital solutions branding

If you want to develop your brand, you need to do more than just order a new logo, select a suitable name and slogan. Your brand should embody your company’s vision and values. Bankey Design Solutions will help you define your brand and see what makes it stand out among the others.

I contacted the agency and asked it to create a logo design. First, I filled out an online form and sent them several photography logo templates as a reference point.

As the result, the agency designed a great logo with well-balanced colors, lines, and shapes. It fully embodies the core values of my business. My target audience liked it as well, which helped me improve the online recognition of my brand.

Innovative Design for Your Industry

bankey digital solutions web design

While I already have a website, I still wanted to check whether this web design company provides high-quality web development services. I asked them to create a design for a one-page portfolio site. The team created a responsive design with an intuitive layout and a well-structured interface. You can fully entrust them with the task of building a site and creating a web design that will help you drive new clients.

The team approaches web development and design in several steps. First, it learns more about your brand and identifies the issues that need to be addressed. Then, the developers create an effective strategy for building a new site that meets your business needs.

After developing the design of a site, they test it and send a mock-up to a client. If no further improvements are necessary, the team uploads the site to a domain. The agency uses the newest digital marketing techniques to promote your products and drive more traffic to your site.

The team includes in-house designers and a developer. They use the best web design software to build an intuitive site that can promote your products and services. They created websites of different types, including complex eCommerce platforms.

Creates Images that Are Visually Appealing

bankey digital solutions graphic design

The agency specializes in graphic design and can create pro-level visuals that will help you stand out among the rest. Its team knows what types of visuals and media can engage your target audience.

The graphic designers will create brand elements in a consistent style to make your brand more memorable. You can use the digital assets created by the team for email marketing campaigns, social media ads, and blogs.

Content Marketing Services for Improving Brand Recognition

The experts advised me to regularly update my blog and keep in touch with my clients via email and on social networks. Thanks to their content marketing services, you can improve your online recognition, build brand authority, and increase sales.

The agency has an experienced content marketing team that can create different types of content. It will develop and launch a successful marketing campaign to grow your brand’s online presence.

The Right Service to Host Your Site

Whether you work as a freelance photographer or have your own company, Bankey Digital Solutions can help you select the right website hosting for photographers. For instance, you can host your WordPress site with the WP Engine. After building a site and creating its design, the agency will help it function without any lags.

Thanks to their hosting services, your site will be always available online. If it gets hacked, the support team will quickly delete any malware to protect your data from being compromised. Their sites have fast load times, which allows your potential clients to access your listings and other content quickly.

Close Cooperation with Clients to Achieve Success

John Bancoro, the founder of the Bankey Digital Solutions web design agency, is fully convinced that the team can succeed only by keeping in touch with clients when working on a project. It ensures that a client will get a site that fully meets their needs and requirements.

This is why the team thoroughly analyzes a client’s business, competitors, and niche. The managers and other professionals get back in touch quickly. You just need to contact them via email, phone, or text to receive a prompt reply.

Bankey Digital Solutions Prices

The company doesn’t have a fixed price list on the official website, so you will need to contact the agency directly to get a price quote. The price depends on the complexity of a project.