10 Advanced Scrivener Alternatives for Writers

If your budget does not allow downloading a licensed version of Scrivener or the program's built-in capabilities for writing scripts and novels are not enough for you - check out the list of the best Scrivener alternatives.

Some of the options include extended support for cloud services, while others boast character templates and a handy timeline for scheduling.

Top 10 Scrivener Alternatives for Writing and Managing Text

  1. Atticus - Customizable workplace layout
  2. Quoll Writer - Comes with character profiles
  3. Plottr - Embedded templates for various genres
  4. iA Writer - Integration with cloud services
  5. Dabble - Customizable interface
  6. Squibler - Open-source
  7. Ulysses - Customizable areas for writing
  8. Living Writer - Storyboard support
  9. Final Draft - Automated formatting
  10. Bibisco - Convenient management of scenes and chapters

This list of Scrivener alternatives contains both premium programs with character profiles and extended databases and online editors, as well as open-source software for worry-free note-taking or scripting. All programs support the most popular formats, including PDF HTML, and Word.

1. Atticus

Sophisticated functions of text arrangement
  • Intuitive interface
  • Synchronization with a cloud allows getting access to files from any place
  • Powerful organization and structuring features
  • Extensive export capabilities
  • Requires stable connection to the web
  • Lacks project management panel

Verdict: Atticus is a powerful writing and productivity tool that offers an elegant and user-friendly interface. It allows customizing your workspace template, including font size, color, and background. It lets you personalize the area for writing and create a convenient and productive working space.

Besides, the program offers a wealth of exporting options, allowing users to download the finished docs in PDF, HTML, and ePub formats. A license costs $15/month or $120/year, meaning that it is one of the greatest affordable and feature-packed alternatives to Scrivener.

atticus alternative to scrivener interface

2. Quoll Writer

Comes with character profiles
  • Open-source
  • Handy time scale
  • Character profiles
  • Location database
  • Complex settings for Quoll Writer's
  • Does not integrate with cloud services

Verdict: Quoll Writer is a free writing software designed for authors of novels and other large-scale projects. It comes with character profiles, which make it the best free typing software.

It also has other handy functions like the ability to organize and manage your writing by chapter, a built-in dictionary, location profiles, and a project dashboard that provides an overview of your progress, making it a great option for writers on a budget.

quoll writer alternative to scrivener interface

3. Plottr

The advanced time scale for planning
  • Advanced visual planning of scenarios
  • Dozens of templates for various genres
  • Extensive exporting options
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • The most expensive among the alternatives
  • Adaptation to its visual design may take time

Verdict: Plottr is a planning and scheduling tool designed for writers of novels, screenplays, and other high-volume projects. It offers a visual timeline, which is great for organizing your story and tracking the progress of your plot, as well as customizable story templates, character profiles, and world-building tools.

Plottr costs $25/year or $6/month, making it an affordable option for writers who need help in planning and organizing.

plottr alternative to scrivener interface

4. iA Writer

Supports many text formats
  • Minimalist design
  • Support for Markdown and focus mode
  • Seamless integration with cloud services
  • Sophisticated exporting options
  • Lacks organizing tools
  • No Windows version
ia writer logo
iA Writer

Verdict: iA Writer is one of the most popular Scrivener alternatives, which boasts an uncluttered minimalistic interface, customizable typography, and full integration with cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

It also offers a focus mode that only highlights the sentence you are currently writing. The price of iA Writer for Mac is $29.99 and $19.99 for iOS.

ia writer alternative to scrivener interface

5. Dabble

Easy scene and chapter management
  • Powerful planning tools
  • Cloud services are not included
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Supports all popular formats for exporting
  • A very large organization toolkit is a bit confusing
  • No Markdown support
dabble logo

Verdict: Dabble is a cloud-based software for writing texts, which boasts an array of functions like scene and chapter management, graphing tool, character and world creation options, and full integration with cloud services.

Moreover, the program supports many third-party formats, so you can easily use it along with speech to text software.

Its writing mode "without distractions" is what appeals to many users. It allows a writer to focus on the sentence he/she is working on at the moment to achieve a high-quality design in a jiffy. Dabble is priced at $15/month or $150/year, making it an affordable option for users looking for a reliable planning and writing tool.

dabble alternative to scrivener interface

6. Squibler

Handy drag-to-drag interface
  • Open-source
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Embedded trackers to count words and paragraphs
  • Cutting-edge scene management options
  • The design may seem to be outdated
  • No integration with cloud services
squibler logo

Verdict: Squibler is a great web application similar to Scrinever, specifically designed for writers and screenwriters. The wealth of functions offered by this tool is really amazing: it allows users to manage scenes and chapters, character profiles, and a timescale for following the development of your plot.

“Without distractions” writing mode and seamless integration with cloud services are among the most considerable advantage of this program. Squibler costs $14/month or $99/year, however, developers often give discounts on their app, so you can purchase an annual plan for up to 60% off.

squibler alternative to scrivener interface

7. Ulysses

Supports cloud services
  • Powerful tool for creating plans and profiles
  • Supports cloud services
  • Embedded character profiles
  • Customizable areas for writing
  • No timeline and storyboard
  • Only for Apple devices
unlysses logo

Verdict: Ulysses is a powerful writing app that offers a variety of functions including customizable writing areas, focus mode, and seamless integration with unlimited cloud services for photos and documents such as Dropbox and iCloud.

Ulysses also includes a powerful organization tool that allows you to easily manage and structure your writing projects. It is priced at $4.99/month or $39.99/year, so the program is one of the most affordable Scrivener alternatives.

unlysses alternative to scrivener interface

8. Living Writer

Handy character profiles
  • Built-in character profiles and storyboard support
  • Integration with cloud services
  • PDF, Word, and HTML support
  • Intuitive and customizable interface
  • Too many organizational tools
  • $19 monthly fee is too much considering the program's performance
living writer logo
Living Writer

Verdict: Living Writer is a web-based tool developed for writers and screenwriters. It offers features such as scene and chapter management, character profiles, and a timeline that allows you to keep track of your plot's progress.

The program also includes a unique "story map" that gives you an overview of your project and makes it easy for you to navigate and organize your writing. The Living Writer license will set you back $19/month or $190/year, making it a premium and feature-packed Scrivener alternative.

living writer alternative to scrivener interface

9. Final Draft

For creating scenarios
  • Advanced formatting scenarios
  • Character creation
  • Integration with cloud services
  • Embedded templates
  • Overpriced
  • Specifically developed for screenwriters therefore may be not suitable for other types of work
final draft logo
Final Draft

Verdict: Final Draft is a pro-level tool for creating scenarios, which is very popular among Hollywood writers. Like many other Scinever alternatives, the program offers an array of functions like automated formatting, collaboration option, and script tag system.

The software has a range of templates and instruments, specially developed for screenwriters. The price of Final Draft is $249,99, meaning that it is more expensive and at the same time a more popular program than Scrivener. In addition, the editor is designed not only for Windows, but also for mobile devices, which makes Final Draft also the best among writing apps for android.

final draft alternative to scrivener interface

10. Bibisco

  • Open-source
  • Embedded words tracker
  • PDF, Word, and HTML support
  • Easy-to-customize UI according to your tasks
  • The interface does not look attractive
  • Absence of cloud-based functionality
bibisco logo

Verdict: Bibisco is a free software designed for writers, offering features such as scene and chapter management, character and location profiles, and a timeline tool to visualize plot progression.

The program also includes a built-in novel writing course that provides guidance on topics such as character development and plot structure. Bibisco is available for free, meaning that it is a great option for writers on a budget.

bibsco alternative to scrivener interface