7 Best Apps for Pregnancy Photos of 2023: Free & Paid

By Tani Adams 23 days ago, Apps and Software

If you’re interested in finding the best app for pregnancy photos that will help you immortalize your journey on the path of becoming a mother, then this overview goes over top-tier photo editing apps that allow you to upload images, take pictures using your phone’s camera, and edit them all in one place.

Top 7 Apps for Pregnancy Images

  1. Back Then - Automatic timeline
  2. Cinemama - Integrated belly grid
  3. Pregnancy Pics - Cute maternity artistic photos
  4. Baby Pics - Convenient sharing
  5. Baby Story - Broad range of customization options
  6. Baby Pic Studio - Adorable stickers
  7. Gigly - Integrated tracker

Some pregnancy photo apps can be used for free while others require you to get a subscription (prices range from $2 to $34 a month) or offer additional in-app purchases that can include extra features like the ability to create collages or apply stickers to your photos.

If your main goal is to receive a professionally edited photo, then you can simply get the FixThePhoto app for Android or iOS and receive the enhanced versions of your images in no time.

1. Back Then - Our Choice

Automatic timeline
  • Zero ads
  • Secure
  • Family sharing
  • Convenient search feature
  • Limited free functionality
  • Storage capped at 200GB

Verdict: Back Then is a terrific application for saving all your important moments as photos or videos. You can use it to implement your maternity photo ideas with your camera as well as upload one or multiple pictures into albums or collages.

I also like the ability to invite your loved ones to follow your pregnancy timeline while allowing them to like and comment on your photos.

This application has a convenient search system that lets you find images based on date, category, or life period. It’s also a fantastic weekly pregnancy photo app as it creates an automatic timeline that allows you to see how your belly grows with each month and which you can fill with content as you see fit.

The free edition limits you to 1GB of storage space. If you need more, you’ll need to get the paid subscription for $4.99 and then you’ll be able to enjoy a total of 200GB of storage.

back then app for pregnancy photos interface

2. Cinemama

Integrated belly grid
  • Free
  • User-friendly
  • Allows uploading both images and videos
  • Calendar feature
  • Small number of reviews
  • Doesn’t allow you to customize your results

Verdict: Cinemama is arguably the best app for pregnancy photos if you want to show how your baby bump is gradually growing. It organizes your daily photos into a convenient calendar that is simple to browse through. It can also be used as a time lapse editing app to produce a time-lapse of your entire pregnancy with your chosen soundtrack playing in the background.

The provided functionality allows you to align your bump to the same angle and position every day and you can also add notes to ensure you remember all the important details about this period of your life.

Cinemama is available completely for free and doesn’t have any premium locked features.

cinemama app for pregnancy photos interface

3. Pregnancy Pics

Cute maternity artistic filters
  • Cross-platform
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Nice selection of basic features
  • Fun stickers
  • Ads
  • Restricted feature set in the free version

Verdict: Pregnancy Pics was designed to help you track your trimester and weekly pregnancy progress while creating unique and funny size comparisons for the baby. It can also be employed as a cropping picture app that lets you resize an image, rotate or flip it, and enhance it with filters.

However, the best feature is the hundreds of unique stickers that can help you you’re your photos even funnier and original. You can take advantage of the free one-week trial version that grants access to all available features and assets.

Afterward, you can continue benefitting from premium content by paying $4.99 for a monthly subscription.

pregnancy pics app for pregnancy photos interface

4. Baby Pics

Convenient sharing
  • Intuitive UI
  • 1000+ artwork overlays
  • Super easy installation
  • Text tools
  • Fails sometimes
  • No video
baby pics app for pregnancy photos logos
Baby Pics

Verdict: Baby pics is a wholesome application that comes with a huge library of fun artwork that you can use for your bump and pregnancy photos. It's also a convenient solution for adding, monitoring and sharing all your milestones. Furthermore, you can add and edit text elements to the images to share your thoughts on certain poignant moments.

This app lets you showcase your baby bump growth every week in different maternity photography poses while also capturing the first kick, smile, steps, and other poignant moments.

This pregnancy picture editor also comes with filters, different artwork, and the ability to post your photos on social networks. You can get Baby Pics for $5.99 or start by downloading the 7-day free trial.

baby pics app for pregnancy photos interface
fixthephoto baby photo editing before after fixthephoto baby photo editing before after

Want Your Baby Photo to Stand Out?

If you want your baby's pictures to look perfect, you have to reach out to professional retouchers.

Our experts will edit all your photos in a single style, get rid of all flaws, even out the skin tone, and will make sure the baby and the background look harmonious.

5. Baby Story

Broad range of customization options
  • User-friendly interface
  • 450 artworks
  • 15 filters
  • Stickers are grouped into themes
  • Inconvenient navigation
baby story app for pregnancy photos logo
Baby Story

Verdict: Baby Story lets you enhance your belly pictures with hundreds of unique illustrations. It can also be used for adding text elements while picking from more than 100 fonts to ensure the pictures you save and share look exactly how you imagined them.

This filter app provides unique filters designed to make your photos even more eye-catching.

You can get Baby Store on Apple Store and Google Play for either a $4.99 monthly or $39.99 annual subscription.

baby story app for pregnancy photos interface

6. Baby Pic Studio

Adorable stickers
  • Allows adjusting the colors
  • Easy sharing
  • Instant downloads
  • Various sticker styles
  • Apple exclusive
  • Requires iOS 11.0 or newer
baby pic studio app for pregnancy photos logo
Baby Pic Studio

Verdict: Baby Pic Studio is possibly the best app for pregnancy photos if you want to make your pictures more eye-catching with different professionally made stickers. The provided variety of assets will ensure all important milestones of your journey are covered including the pregnancy announcement, number of weeks, and all other essential newborn photo ideas.

The sticker library includes artwork for week and month numbers, hashtags, baby names, dates, etc. Additionally, the app lets you tweak the sticker's color, opacity, and size.

You can download Baby Pic Studio for free and take advantage of either a 3-day trial (followed by a monthly subscription for $4.99) or a 1-week trial (followed by a subscription plan for $34.99) that provides access to all stickers and design elements while eliminating all ads from the app.

baby pic studio app for pregnancy photos interface

7. Gigly

Integrated tracker
  • 500 stickers
  • 100 fonts
  • Shape masks
  • Easy picture sharing
  • Lacks crucial basic features
gigly app for pregnancy photos logo

Verdict: Gigly is one of the most attractive options on the market if you’re interested in user-friendly maternity photo apps that allow you to keep a pregnancy journal with a convenient timeline feature. It lets you take and tag photos of your baby bump, the first kick, and other poignant moments.

Additionally, you can use this application as a digital baby scrapbook that stores and showcases all photos and important moments of your newborn’s life while allowing you to document your own thoughts and feelings in the process.

Another appealing feature offered by Gigly is the ability to refer 3 friends to receive access to premium functionality for free. Alternatively, you can get a subscription to this app for $2.99 a week.

gigly app for pregnancy photos interface