Myzesty App for Work with Photos and Videos Review: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: MyZesty created a handy photo enhancement and sharing app. Very attracted by a wide range of photo-enhancement features, including pre-installed presets, customizable filters, and color correction options.

Whether you are a professional photographer or beginner, you can use this photo editing app for Android and iOS to enhance your images with the help of basic and advanced tools.

An attractive point is that MyZesty allows you to give rein to your imagination and enhance your photos while maintaining their high resolution. You can also mirror your photos when previewing them on big displays.

  • A wide selection of tools
  • An easy app for photographers
  • For enhancing photos in various genres
  • Allows creating videos quickly
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to sign up
  • The app takes up too much space and has age restrictions (12+)
myzesty interface

MyZesty is one of the best free video and photo editing apps to install on your device. It comes with a set of standard and advanced photo-enhancement tools. The app has an easy-to-use UI and supports extensive sharing options, which makes it a perfect fit for those who use social media for photographers.

Complete MyZesty Review

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MyZesty allows you to create high-quality photo and video content while maintaining your signature style. You can use this app to enhance your media files with the help of professional tools. For instance, this convenient app for photographers has unique underwater filters that allow you to improve the quality of your images, make them brighter and more vivid.

The professional developers of this tool have put a lot of effort and all their experience so that you can create your own albums with this app and share your vision with the entire world. Join this community to share your content created with the help of this professional photo and video editor for Instagram with other users on such social networks as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Powerful Tool for Photographers

myzesty interface features

MyZesty has a set of extensive features that allow you to enhance your images with little to no effort. You can adjust the white balance, saturation and intensity of each tint and color. In addition, you can adjust the tones with the help of Curves.

Draw images and add text with various fonts and styles. You can crop, flip, mirror, tile, rotate your images and add various stickers. Use vertical, radial, or horizontal blur to change the focus and improve the overall composition.

MyZesty also allows you to add frames to photos, create posters or merge several images to create collages. To make your images even more unique, you can add text or stickers to them.

Easy and Fast Video Enhancement

MyZesty video editor allows you to easily enhance videos for MyZesty, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. You can crop your videos, apply presets, create various effects, change volume or turn off sound with one click.

Add such effects as Glitch, Mirror, Gradient, Artistic, Colors to give a cinematic feel to your videos and make them more engaging. You can also use dedicated filters to enhance your underwater videos. These filters will help you enhance your regular videos to make them clearer.

Wide Range of Advanced Tools

myzesty interface toolset

MyZesty enables you to use a variety of tools, including stickers, curves, overlays, and vignettes. With the help of the Custom feature, you can tweak colors, transparency and intensity to customize the color gradient, and also adjust the lighting.

Even if you are a beginner, you can easily use this app thanks to a range of fantastic presets, overlays, and the Magic Touch tool that will help you professionally embellish your pictures in one tap.

In addition, you can replace the green background with another one. This allows you to create stunning images using the MyZesty Chroma feature. The Blend feature was created for merging images, creating a double-exposure effect and using various blend modes to make your images look more natural.

Use of Various Filters and Overlays

MyZesty has a wide range of overlay effects. For instance, you can use underwater filters to delete blue or blurry tones to create a clear image. They will help you get brighter images with rich colors.

You can create over 100 versions of filters and presets, including presets with gradients that can be further customized by adjusting their transparency. This way, you can get a bright and colorful image.

In this app, you will find a huge collection of stunning trendy presets, that will make a photo look vintage or convert it to a black-and-white image. Besides, you can apply HDR, oil paint, glitch, multi-color gradients to create a moody atmosphere.

Get Inspired by Works of Other Creative Professionals

myzesty interface portfolio

Besides sharing your works with other users, you can find inspiration in photos and videos created by other people. You can follow professional Instagram photographers who share their experience, comment on projects created by other people and learn how to improve your videos by studying videos created by other professionals. Find similarly-minded people and new friends to share your knowledge and find inspiration.

Convenient Photo and Video Sharing

MyZesty is one of the best photo sharing apps that allows you to quickly share and organize your photos. When you finish working, a copy of your image will be saved on your device. The source image won’t be affected.

In addition, MyZesty video editor has a convenient, customizable user interface with in-built sharing options. You can set the output video quality to SD, HD, and Full HD, which makes it easier for you to share your works on social networks.

Useful Tips in a Blog

myzesty interface blog

If you are a novice, make sure to read the official blog with many tips and tricks from experienced professionals. Here, you will learn how to take and enhance your photos. These articles will come in handy for seasoned photographers as well.

The articles are written in a simple and concise language. The detailed tutorials will help you learn more about different types and genres of photography. Besides, you will see before-after samples, which will help you understand what you can achieve with this app.

Quick Sign Up and Mobile App Installation

To use an online version, you need to register via Facebook, Google, or Apple ID. Besides, you can sign up with your email and password.

In addition, you can download and install MyZesty for iOS or MyZesty for Android on your device. The app has a streamlined interface, so you can easily start using it right away even without any prior experience in working with photos.  

MyZesty Prices

MyZesty is a free app that you can download and install with little to no effort. To learn more about them, contact the developers directly.

To get in touch with the team, you need to register on the website and use the Help tab to contact managers. You can also contact them via the email indicated on their website. 

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