5 Best Audio Ducking Software Relevant in 2023

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software reviews

Whether you're performing live, streaming on a radio station or Twitch, or simply editing your recordings, with the best audio ducking software at hand, you can easily control audio levels, keep tabs on all components of your mix, and ensure your voice is loud and clear regardless of the scene being played or broadcasted.

Thanks to flexible settings, you can play around with mute effects to focus listeners’ attention on advertising, your comments, or a musical pause without resorting to third-party free audio editing software.

Top 5 Audio Ducking Software for Automatic Control

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro - detailed adjustments of all audio tracks
  2. Pinnacle Studio - unlimited number of audio tracks
  3. Wondershare Filmora - mute preview
  4. OBS - for streamers
  5. Auto Duck - for weak computers

By fine-tuning the sensitivity, fade-out, and release times in software for ducking audio, you can use an unlimited number of audio tracks and automatically adjust the volume in real-time.

Some programs from this list can be used as a plugin for your Twitch streaming software, while others allow you to automatically mute the sound when editing complex scenes in real-time.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

The most precise ducking settings
  • Ultra-precise sensitivity settings
  • Auto-control of all tracks
  • Integrated templates and audio effects
  • Guest mode is displayed in real-time on the timeline
  • Paid
  • For video editing only

Verdict: Adobe Premiere Pro allows not only editing complex scenes but also has a full set of functions for sound muting. You can precisely adjust the sensitivity, fade-out time, and release time to 1/100 of a second, and take advantage of automatic controls of volume in all your audio tracks.

In addition, this audio ducking software has a real-time preview of the chosen effect.

There are also various templates and sound effects in the program. You can create sound transitions in one click, imitate radio dubbing or apply a studio preset that automatically muffles noise. With such a rich toolset, Adobe Premium Pro is a wonderful upgrade from a free video editor for YouTube.

premiere pro audio ducking software interface

2. Pinnacle Studio

Visual representation of the muting effect
  • Detailed ducking and release threshold settings
  • Visual representation of the muting effect
  • You can set auto muting based on the voiceover
  • Intuitive customization
  • Few sound effects
  • For iOS only

Verdict: Pinnacle Studio is a reliable video editing and audio ducking program. You can easily adjust audio based on the level of the voice-over track.

You can also adjust muting parameters such as muting threshold, fade-out time, and release time to achieve the desired effect. In addition, this software for ducking audio provides a visual representation of the muting effect, allowing you to discern how the muting process will affect your audio tracks without the need to use a third-party audio editor for Mac.

pinnacle studio audio ducking software interface

3. Wondershare Filmora

Muting effect preview
  • Muting sync with the preview panel
  • Instant fade and release time adjustment
  • Library of built-in sound effects
  • Suitable for weak PCs
  • Watermarks in a free version
  • Poor accuracy of mute adjustment compared to Premiere Pro

Verdict: Wondershare Filmora attracts users with a real-time preview of the muting effect, so you can see how different parameters will be manifested in your audio. You can add recorded voice-over, replace/cut off the original audio in a video, split and adjust audio to match the video.

Users claim this is the best audio ducking software for automatic controlling of the background music. This feature is especially popular among radio hosts and streamers. As for mute threshold customizations, you can change sensitivity, fade-out time, and release time.

wondershare filmora audio ducking software interface

4. OBS

For muting sound in live streams
  • Auto muting of unlimited audio tracks
  • Detailed manual mute settings for streamers
  • Minimum load on the system
  • You can connect third-party plug-ins to control ducking
  • Proper adjustments require prowess
  • Occasional lags and crashes

Verdict: OBS is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming on the most popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc. OBS has a ducking function that allows you to automatically adjust the volume of audio tracks and background music.

For example, you can set the automatic muting of background music when you comment on something.

This audio ducking software allows you to create an unlimited number of tracks. You can adjust the mute settings manually or automatically, customize the sensitivity and fade time, as well as connect various plugins to improve audio tracks and streaming images.

Considering how powerful and feature-rich OBS is, no wonder, many users consider it to be among the best free screen recording software.

obs audio ducking software interface

5. Auto Duck

Automated plugin
  • For weak computers
  • Can work as an auxiliary mute plugin
  • Supports hotkeys for quick ducking
  • User-friendly
  • No library of integrated effects
  • Rare updates and poor support
auto duck logo
Auto Duck

Verdict: Auto Duck is a free audio ducking software that can sync with third-party streaming/recording software like OBS, Streamlabs, vMix, XSplit, and TwitchStudio, to name a few. The program runs on a modern muting algorithm that automatically adjusts the volume of your audio tracks and background music.

Besides, it supports unlimited channels and offers full fading control. In addition, there is a set of hotkeys and customizable parameters such as fade threshold, fade time, and release time that you can use to achieve the desired effect.

auto duck audio ducking software interface