Types of Vlogs: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

By Tata Rossi 24 days ago, Software reviews

Instead of rushing off to immediately begin recording vlogs, you should first determine what types of vlogs you want to produce. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, consider examining the currently trending Youtube photography channels to get inspired with ideas for creating your own content.

1. Travel Vlogs

travel vlog

If you love traveling and do it often, simply take a camera with you on your next trip. Most of your followers are bound to appreciate your adventure vlogs since it’s pretty much impossible to find a person who doesn’t have “see the world” as one of the first items on their bucket list.

Potential vlogs content for this genre includes regular b-roll montages of various interesting locations that you’ve visited as well as more educational videos, talking about the history and local attractions of different areas, cities, and countries.

Channels to Follow: Mark Wiens, Wolters World, Sonia's Travels, etc.

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Suggestions on how to travel with minimal expenses
  • Travel episodes
  • Summer/winter travel essentials
  • Educational videos
  • Personal impressions
  • What’s in your luggage
travel vlog example

Pro tip: While you can get by with your smartphone, it won’t ever reach the quality level provided by a premium-grade video camera like the Panasonic X1500, Sony FDRAX700, Canon PowerShot G7X or a smaller model like the GoPro HERO8. Shaky videos are unappealing to watch so a gimbal is necessary to make sure your vlogs are stable and clear. is ugly.

It’s also a good idea to get a DSLR microphone like the Canon DM-E1, Rode VideoMic Pro, or the Rode VideoMic GO. You can pair it with your camera or phone to enjoy vastly superior audio quality without significantly increasing the weight of your equipment.

2. Daily Vlogs

daily vlog

Such videos represent the most widely spread types of vlogs that you’ll find online today. This type of content is essentially a daily video diary that acquaints your audience with your daily routine and various interesting events in your life.

Show them the challenges you’re facing each day, record a Q&A session, show yourself doing sports or going shopping, etc.

Remember to talk to your followers – it can be as simple as inquiring about their opinions regarding the subjects covered in your vlogs.

Channels to Follow: Louise Pentland, Nicole Guerriero, Samantha Maria, etc.

daily vlog example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • A single day of my life
  • Morning/Evening routine
  • Bucket list
  • My daily menu
  • House cleanup

Pro tip: If you want to ensure your vlogs are more memorable, come up with an engaging intro. The perfect intro shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds. You can employ YouTube intro makers like Adobe Express, Filmora, Canva, Animaker, or Renderforest.

3. How-to Vlogs

how-to vlogs

Ordinarily, this type of content includes tips, guides, and techniques on how you can employ a certain tool or asset. For instance, you might record a video explaining the ins and outs of using Adobe software, how to choose tags for your posts, how to create engaging visual content on social media, and so on.

If you’re not seeing the level of engagement for your vlogs that you’ve hoped for, take advantage of professional editing services. Ensuring your vlogs look crisp and clean can do wonders for improving your marketability.

vlog video editing services before after by fixthephoto vlog video editing services before after by fixthephoto

Want Professional Vlog Video Editing?

FixThePhoto experts have over 15 years of experience in handling clip editing tasks of all kinds. You can entrust them with any type of vlog and rest assured the delivered results will look professional.

Channels to Follow: Jeven Dovey, Think Media, Skills Factory, etc.

how-to vlogs example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Tutorials
  • DIY
  • Concept explanation vlogs
  • Cooking guides

Pro tip: People frequently look for specific how-to videos on Google and YouTube. By using appropriate keywords in the description and title of your vlog, you’ll significantly increase the discoverability of your video and make sure you get a lot more views.

4. Tech Vlogs

tech vlog

Tech vlogs can be dedicated to all kinds of technology-related topics. However, it’s important to get to the point within the first half-minute of the video or the viewers will try to find the information they’re interested in elsewhere.

For example, if you’re filming a camera review, begin the vlog by stating which specific model you’re reviewing and what you’re going to cover.

Channels to Follow: Techlinked, Marques Brownlee, MrWhoseTheBoss, etc.

tech vlog example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Various gadgets
  • Industry news
  • Suggestions and tricks for tech users
  • Setup tutorials
  • Overviews and reviews of different technological solutions

Pro tip: You can find plenty of suitable ideas by checking out the YouTube comments under popular videos. It’s typical for commenters to provide video suggestions, leave feedback, and mention what can be improved so pay close attention to such comments, as they are invaluable in helping your channel grow. It’s also a good idea to respond to comments under each vlog whenever you can.

5. Family Vlogs

family vlogs

If you’re interested in the more personal types of vlog content, then you should consider recording videos about the daily life of your family members.

Such channels typically cover family outings, showcases of different interesting skills and hobbies, and regular day-to-day occurrences.

Channels to Follow: The LaBrant Fam, The Bee Family, Daily Bumps, etc.

family vlogs example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Q&A sessions
  • Family cookouts and meals
  • Sports event
  • Family trips
  • Child involvement
  • Nature getaways
  • Family game time

Pro tip: Enhance your videos with quality sound. Adding background music to your footage will make it more engaging and help convey the desired atmosphere. You can download tracks from royalty free music sites like Icons8, Filmstro, Hooksounds, Purple Planet, Audio Jungle, and so on.

6. Fitness and Health Vlogs

fitness and health vlogs

Sports and fitness channels mainly focus on producing videos related to how you can keep your body and diet in check. Many such vloggers are personal trainers who discuss and show different exercises that help the viewers lead an active lifestyle or lose some extra weight.

Different protein shakes and bar recipes and reviews are also popular video topics among fitness vloggers.

Channels to Follow: HealthNut Nutrition, Healthy Grocery Girl, POPSUGAR Fitness, etc.

fitness and health vlogs examples

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Demonstrate your workout routine
  • Healthy food
  • How to do X
  • Transformation montage
  • Jogging recommendations

If you want to improve the structure of your vlog, break a single topic into multiple episodes and ensure each video covers something specific.

Strive to establish a connection with your viewers by explaining the benefits of the exercises you're showing instead of just drowning them in a sea of workout success examples.

Pro tip: This type of content requires a bit of trimming since the unedited footage is likely to be too long and boring. As such, you need to get a user-friendly video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro, Movavi, Canva, Blender, or DaVinci Resolve to ensure you don’t spend hours of your time editing your vlogs before posting them.

7. Personal Growth Vlogs

personal growth vlogs

When pondering over various topics in your videos, you just might deliver the exact message someone needs to move forward on their life journey. The personal growth genre is very wide in scope, so feel free to focus on only a couple of subjects instead of trying to tackle everything life can offer.

Channels to Follow: Muchelle B, Lavendaire, Amy Landino.

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Public speaking suggestions
  • Lessons to live by
  • How to stop stressing over unimportant things
  • Effective stress relief tips

personal growth vlogs example

If you need more inspiration for your vlogs content, consider reading a bunch of self-help books beforehand. Some good examples are Thinking Fast And Slow by Daniel Kahneman, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, Best Self by Mike Bayer, 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson, and so on.

8. Musical Vlogs

musical vlogs

Music attracts different types of vloggers from industry professionals and cover musicians to regular listeners who want to share their thoughts on their favorite artists in an interesting, engaging manner.

Alternatively, you can start an educational vlog that you’ll use for providing online guitar or piano lessons to all your subscribers.

Channels to Follow: Andrew Huan, Stephen Taylor, Michael New, etc.

musical vlogs example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Song and album reviews
  • Sharing your own songs
  • “Making of” videos
  • Tutorials
  • Tips and suggestions on how to improve

If you have a knack for singing, experiment with various music video ideas, share your creations with the subscribers, let them know how you write your music, what drives you, how the recording process is organized, and whether you collaborate with other musicians.

9. Funny Vlogs

funny vlogs

Before you begin recording, you have to take care of a couple of things first. Start by making sure everyone involved as well as all the expensive gear is safe. Next, if you plan to film a prank, carefully think about where the camera should be placed to provide the best angle.

If the camera is going to be placed facing bright lighting, your footage is likely to suffer from glares. Account for all the aforementioned factors and make sure the target of your prank won't be able to see the camera the moment they enter the "scene" since that can ruin the entire thing.

Channels to Follow: Fake Pranks TV, Julien Magic, GilstrapTV, etc.

funny vlogs example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Pranks
  • Hilarious fails
  • Reaction videos
  • Parodies

Take advantage of funny editing apps that can help make your vlogs more humorous with personalized filters, audio effects, and background music.

Popular applications of this kind include Face Booth, Video Lab, Touch Effects, Touch Photo Editor, and Lamebook.

10. Reviews Vlogs

reviews vlogs

If you’re a master of shaping public opinion on different products and entertainment media, then review vlogs are probably the optimal choice for you.

Strive to remain honest to yourself and your audience as much as possible. It’s also recommended to focus on features that make the product/service/movie/book you’re reviewing unique or interesting since those are the aspects that your viewers will be most interested to hear about.

Channels to Follow: Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, Jack Edwards, etc.

reviews vlogs example

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Movie reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Theater reviews

Pro tip: Advertise your content on social networks. If you’re actively updating the feeds of your social media profiles, it would be a missed opportunity to not use them for promoting each new vlog upload. You can also consider reaching out to a social media marketing company to expand your reach even further.

Another idea is to end each video with a call to action that prompts your audience to comment, view your other reviews, and subscribe to your profile.

A lot of successful vloggers also ask the audience to follow them on their social network accounts.

11. Beauty & Makeup Vlogs

beauty makeup vlogs

If you love the beauty industry, you can record different kinds of vlogs related to makeup products, skincare, fashion, and other similar subjects.

You can dedicate your videos to all kinds of topics including which makeup manufacturers to trust, how to apply different products, how to create specific hairstyles, and so on.

Channels to Follow: Leah Halton, Denitslava Makeup, Kelly Strack, etc.

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • Makeup guides for amateurs
  • Makeup unboxing
  • Helpful skincare routines
  • “Look of the day” videos
  • What to carry in your bag
  • No mirror makeup challenge

If you get a camera with a flip screen, it will come in handy when recording beauty videos since you can conveniently tweak the angle when applying makeup while also changing your own positioning when needed without skipping a beat.

beauty makeup vlogs example

Pro tip: Employ quality light sources. Get LEDs and reflectors that will ensure your makeup looks popping and visually appealing. Most YouTubers rely on ring lights when recording their vlogs since they come closest to natural lighting, with products like the Selfie Ring Light being particularly popular.

LED lights can emulate natural daylight while providing a soft glow with a color temperature of 54,000k. Keep in mind that light sources shouldn’t only be aimed at highlighting the makeup but all of your beauty as well.

12. Educational Vlogs

educational vlogs

Consider dedicating your vlogs to teaching your audience new skills. Possible options range from the aforementioned piano and guitar tutorials to different construction and DIY life-hacks, language lessons, and anything else useful that you can come up with.

Channels to Follow: TED-Ed, CrashCourse, Speak English With Vanessa.

Vlog Ideas for Inspiration:

  • School subjects
  • Language lessons
  • Vocal coach
  • Cooking recipes

Employ cropping software like Filmora, Movavi, Davinci Resolve, iMovie if you want to easily get rid of black bars and other unnecessary parts of your footage.

educational vlogs example

Pro tip: If your goal is building a steady source of income, design visually appealing banner ads, and use attention-grabbing titles and descriptions to continuously grow your viewer base and boost its engagement.

Paid vlog sponsorships are also a useful tool for monetizing your content. A lot of influencers include a short sponsor ad in their post that advertises a service or product and in return they receive a certain amount of money.