Movavi Video Editor Review

Movavi Video Editor 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: FREE or $39.95 one-time payment

VERDICT: Movavi is a video editor that even inexperienced users can quickly figure out and use to fulfill their potential in video post-production. The cost of the program is noticeably cheaper than Vegas or Premiere have. Read this Movavi video editor review till the end to see that it offers a good set of functions.

  • Intuitive interface with no clutter
  • An extensive number of transitions, filters and preset titles
  • Fast video rendering
  • Allows adding figures and explanatory signs for instructional videos
  • Direct YouTube upload
  • The color grading instrument is too simple
  • No histogram, vectorscope, color wheel
  • No LUT support
  • A watermark appears in the center of the screen in Trial Version
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This Movavi Video Editor review shows that it’s not entirely fit for professional work but nonetheless has enough tools to generate high-quality footage. In the program, you can create presentations, perform basic video editing operations, improve the quality of the clip and images, sound the movie, add subtitles.

Movavi Video Editor Review

The video-editing program has a rather impressive set of tools for a wide variety of purposes in its arsenal. You can create a video as well as work with sound.

Convenient and Non-Overloaded Interface

non-overloaded movavi video editor interface

An advantage of the program is its non-overloaded interface. So it will not scare away the novice user. But at the same time, the logic of the arrangement of the elements is similar to that of the professional video editors. Therefore, with Movavi Video Editor, the transition to a higher level of the software will be guaranteed. At the bottom of the program window, you will see a timeline where you can add videos, music, titles.

You can edit each object (adjust the equalizer, add color correction, change speed, size, crop, apply chromakey, etc.).

Extensive Media Library

It contains pretty high-quality footages, stickers, as well as various melodies and sound effects that you can apply to your videos. All of them simplify the video editing process and save time on searching for suitable files.

If the standard library seems insufficient for you, additional effects can be found in the Movavi Effect Store. There are various sets that can come in handy when creating projects.

Advanced and Simplified Modes

movavi video editor modes

The developers make sure everyone can use their programs. Since any newcomer naturally becomes a competent user after some time, this video editor has two levels of difficulty: advanced and simplified.

In Advanced mode, Movavi works like a classic program for video editing – you have a timeline, the ability to trim, edit audio, add various effects. You perform all the settings and all the work yourself, without automatic configuration. This Movavi software mode is suitable for projects which require full control of the process.

In Simple mode, the user will be taken to a step-by-step wizard to automatically create a movie. The first stage is to fill the project with the material – videos, photographs. Any file that gets into the piggy bank is immediately analyzed by the program.

Then you select one of the musical pieces built into the program, which are divided into styles, or add your own. Any imported audio is also analyzed by the program in order to search for beats for subsequent clip editing.

Great Sound Features

The built-in tools allow you to normalize (equalize) the volume of the audio track, edit the frequency characteristics using the equalizer, remove noise, distort the voice, add music or the voice of the speaker.

You can even start automatic recognition of beats (the tempo of musical accompaniment), which is useful when creating a dynamic movie. The program quickly analyzing the audio, determines the rhythm of the music, and affixes appropriate marks on the top of the timeline. Now, clips can be trimmed based on these marks.

Ability to Animate Objects

Starting with the 14th version of the editor, it has the ability to animate objects. Such functions are more common in professional video editors. So in this case, it is a nice bonus that should help you answer the question “Is Movavi good enough for you?”. Using this tool, you can add any object to the video and make it move the way you want.

Stabilization Tool

movavi video editor stabilization

If you want to stabilize a video shot from your hands or while walking, use the Stabilization tool. The program will launch a special built-in module where, using the settings, you can increase or decrease the degree of movement smoothing.

However, the Movavi video editor reviews claim that the standard settings applied in the program by default are engineered in such a way as to optimally smooth out the shaking in most videos recorded in different conditions.

Camera Capture

This tool is most often used to record video from a web camera. It comes in handy when you need to create video tutorials or just to record a video message. In the program, you select a recording device, resolution, frame rate, and audio capture device. The recorded video can be opened and altered using the same program.

movavi video editor screen video recording

Movavi Video Editor’s Price

Many professionals agree that the offer from Movavi is truly cost-effective. A similar type of software with professional features could easily cost you several hundred dollars. So getting Movavi for only $59.95 is a great deal. For a business, the cost would be $119.95.

  • Video Editor (Video Editor, Default media pack) - $39.95
  • Video Editor Plus (Video Editor, Extended media pack, 4K videos, Timeline markers) - $59.95
  • Super Video Bundle (Video Editor, Extended media pack, 4K videos, Screen recording) - $79.95

If after reading the Movavi free review you’ve decided that you should get the Pro version, you would be happy to learn that the program itself is lightweight and well-designed. It means that the program can perform well on a weaker computer, saving you money on the need to upgrade some details. This fact only emphasizes that this software is a good option.

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Conclusion ‒ Is Movavi Video Editor Worth Trying?

Movavi allows you to run the free version and test it properly for 7 days. The Plus version drops the time limit and removes the watermark. Since it is feature-packed, the product is definitely worth the money.

You get all the video editing essentials, plus some stunning and highly convenient features like Beat Detection, Noise Removal, Quick Video Creation, which turn video-making into an easy process. No software in this price range can beat the offer with a better toolkit.

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