20 Best Free Screen Recording Software in 2023

20 Best Free Screen Recording Software

Screen recording software is designed to record educational videos, presentations, capture media content and save videos in various formats. So, if you want to record any desktop activities, this list of the free screen recording software will come especially in handy.

1. OBS Studio

For long-time recording
  • Unlimited time for video recording
  • Webcam sync
  • Supports various filters
  • Real-time video streaming
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Verdict: This is an excellent open-source software for screen recording or video streaming. Since OBS Studio can capture video directly from your PC, you can record games in full-screen mode using customizable hotkeys. The main advantage of this free video recorder is that you can control the recording process without worrying about the length of the video.

With OBS Studio, you can quickly switch between scenes, as well as stream webcam or chat videos and use many other functions during the streaming. Also, it is possible to save the recorded video in MP4 format.

  • obs studio interface
  • obs studio interface

    2. Camtasia

    For professionals
    • Large asset of tools
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
    • Multiple tracks recording
    • Exports videos at 60 frames per second
    • Complicated UI
    • Requires a lot of hard drive space

    Verdict: Camtasia is one of the best free screen recorders available on the market. It allows you to customize the size of the screen or window that you want to capture. It is also possible to adjust parameters for video recording.

    You can record both audio and video from a desktop computer as well as add webcam footage to your recording. Camtasia features a built-in video editor that will allow you to add a distinct touch to your videos.

    • camtasia interface
    • camtasia interface

      3. Debut Video Capture

      Supports various files
      • Supports various video formats
      • Can record from external cameras
      • Unlimited video recording time
      • Ability to add your own text captions
      • No video editor
      • Doesn’t have the ability to upload videos on YouTube or Facebook

      Verdict: Using this free screen video capture software, you can record everything happening on the screen of your PC and use various interesting functions. Apart from capturing video of your computer screen, it is possible to record from webcams and security cameras. Moreover, the recording time is unlimited.

      You can add various filters and watermarks to your footage. A very useful feature of Debut Video Capture is that you can export video to the most common formats.

      • debut video capture interface
      • debut video capture interface

        4. TweakShot

        Great for Educational Purposes
        • Various screen capture options
        • Screen recording feature
        • Complete set of tools for editing screenshots
        • Only basic editing options

        Verdict: TweakShot is a great program for capturing a full screen, its part or a rectangular area, and save the result as a graphic file. If you want to modify the screenshot further, you can use cropping, highlighting, and resizing options, as well as basic editing features.

        The program is also suitable for recording a screen. Thus, you can record your actions on the screen (how you use keys, mouse, scroll, etc.) or record the video that is currently playing. Moreover, TweakShot allows recording voice comments and webcam videos, which is amazing if you need to prepare various tutorials, webinars, online conferences, etc.

        tweakshot screen recording software interface

        5. Vidmore Screen Recorder

        For YouTubers & Vloggers
        • Scheduled recording
        • Real-time drawings
        • Mouse effects
        • Supports hotkeys
        • Records GIFs
        • Quite demanding on system requirements

        Verdict: Vidmore Screen Recorder is a convenient and easy-to-use screen recording software that allows you to capture any part of your screen, record HD video and audio, and take screenshots any time you like.

        Powered by industry-leading video editing tools, Vidmore Screen Recorder provides great convenience for YouTubers and vloggers to record and edit video materials before sharing. You can add text, arrows and shapes to your recording or screenshot, and add mouse click and mouse area effects. For fast access, the software allows you to set hotkeys for start record, pause record, screen capture, etc.

        • vidmore free screen recording software interface
        • vidmore free screen recording software interface

          6. Apeaksoft

          Creates high-quality game snapshots
          • Intuitive video recorder for creating high-quality clips
          • User-friendly sound recorder with clear and accurate sound
          • Useful snapshots
          • The trial version adds a watermark

          Verdict: Apeaksoft Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen of your PC. You can record games, create tutorials, take screenshots, and capture videos from the webcam. The program enables you to use a text box and other tools for annotating clips. You can customize the settings based on your needs. This option is extremely helpful if you plan to record multiple screen actions. With this screen recorder, you can also record the lock window. If you are using multiple screens, you can choose which screen you want to capture.

          Apeaksoft Screen Recorder allows you to record high-quality sound from system audio and microphone. The program supports different formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, Ogg, Opus, etc. If the recording has any noise, you can use the program to improve the sound quality. To get better results, you can test sound before recording.

          apeaksoft interface

          7. Screencast-O-Matic

          No need to download
          • Easy to use
          • Ability to quickly upload videos on YouTube
          • Can save videos in various formats
          • Features video editor
          • Video loses its quality
          • Maximum time to record is 15 minutes

          Verdict: Screencast-O-Matic lets you record videos in lower resolutions, which makes it the best option for those who want to speed up their footage.

          You can also use the built-in video editor to instantly tweak your recordings. The strong advantage of Screencast-O-Matic is that you can share your clips on YouTube without downloading the software on your computer.

          • screencast-o-matic interface
          • screencast-o-matic interface

            8. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

            Lock window feature
            • Records mouse movements
            • Customizable shortcuts
            • Supports numerous formats
            • Area selection feature
            • Without watermark
            • 3-minute limitation in a trial version

            Verdict: If you are engaged in activities that require capturing videos, games, webinars, lectures, presentations, video calls, conferences, or webcam videos, you need a reliable screen recorder. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is exactly like this.

            By utilizing this tool, you can highlight the cursor movement and easily track it. Aiseesoft is powered by the “Blue-light” real-time HD video encoding technology that ensures impressive image and sound quality. Thanks to the lock window capture, you may record content in a selected window. This way screen recording will not interrupt other operations.

            The recorder supports different formats. You can save captured videos in MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, GIF, TS formats, which makes it easier to share them.

            • aiseesoft free screen recording software interface
            • aiseesoft free screen recording software interface

              9. iTop Screen Recorder

              Record PC Screen with No Time Limit
              • Flexibly capture any area of your screen
              • Record video, audio, and webcam & Recording schedule
              • Smooth game recording & Add mouse click effects
              • Plenty of popular video & audio formats
              • Available only on Windows
              • Offer only basic video editing features

              Verdict: iTop Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use tool for recording and online broadcasting your computer activity like games, lessons, etc. iTop Screen Recorder covers many features. It is so much more than a recorder. You can schedule recordings, set up preferences, save videos in different formats, change video formats, edit them, and much more. Moreover, it provides you with a user guide if you don't know how to use various features.

              itop free screen recording software

              10. AceThinker

              Sports events recording
              • Intuitive interface
              • Ability to quickly upload videos on YouTube
              • Ability to choose the specific area of your screen you want to record
              • Multiple output formats
              • Videos can lose their quality
              • For the Mac version, the output format is limited to MOV

              Verdict: This is a convenient software that allows you to capture a computer screen using several modes. Moreover, it has the ability to instantly share the videos. With AceThinker, you can record sound from a microphone and computer simultaneously. Also, this free video screen recorder will allow you to save your footage in all popular formats.

              The downside of AceThinker is the lack of a built-in video editor or filters. However, you can still get a high-quality video. I recommend you to use this software to record various sporting events.

              • acethinker interface
              • acethinker interface

                11. Filmora Scrn

                For beginners
                • No limitation in recording time
                • Built-in video editor
                • Windows and Mac OS compatibility
                • Easy to use
                • Has a watermark
                • Requires a long time to load

                Verdict: It is possible to use this software to record a webcam video, computer screen and audio simultaneously. You can produce unique videos without worrying about their duration.

                This free screen video recorder has a built-in video editor with a wide range of tools that will help enhance your footage. Filmora Scrn is extremely user-friendly software, so even beginners will easily cope with all its features.

                Complete Filmora Video Editor Review

                • filmora scrn interface
                • filmora scrn interface

                  12. FlashBack Express

                  Quality recording
                  • Ability to select the output format
                  • Webcam sync
                  • Intuitive interface
                  • Small file size
                  • Lacks some useful tool
                  • Requires a long time to load

                  Verdict: Using this screen recorder, you can not only capture a screen or webcam. You can also create a video for YouTube since it is possible to edit footage in a special video editor.

                  Due to its simple interface, FlashBack Express will be a great choice for beginners.

                  • flashback express interface
                  • flashback express interface

                    13. ShareX

                    For online streaming
                    • Open-source software
                    • Features tools for video editing
                    • High-quality video recording
                    • Hotkeys
                    • May seem difficult to customize recording settings
                    • Can’t sync with Instagram

                    Verdict: This freeware screen recorder has an open-source code. It allows you to capture screenshots and screen videos. ShareX is a rather user-friendly and convenient software due to its intuitive interface. All the main functions are located on the left panel.

                    One of the strongest benefits of ShareX is the ability to send captured images and videos directly to social media websites. The only downside of this software is that it does not support recording games in full-screen mode.

                    • sharex interface
                    • sharex interface

                      14. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

                      Without installation
                      • No recording time limitations
                      • Webcam recording
                      • Various video exporting options
                      • HD and FHD output formats
                      • Not suitable for game recording
                      • Requires stable internet connection

                      Verdict: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder will let you capture your PC screen activity without any hassle. Since it is a web-based screen recorder, you can use it without installing the software on your computer.

                      All you need is one click of a button to capture the entire screen or its specific area. Also, Apowersoft has a feature that allows you to add your webcam into screen recording.

                      • apowersoft free online screen recorder interface
                      • apowersoft free online screen recorder interface

                        15. Ezvid

                        YouTube sync
                        • Built-in video editor
                        • Quick configurations
                        • YouTube sync
                        • Records videos in multiple formats
                        • Requires a lot of hard drive space
                        • Loads slowly

                        Verdict: Using this free screen recorder for PC, you can record high-resolution screen videos in a few clicks. Also, this software allows you to draw on the screen and capture its specific area.

                        With the help of a built-in video editor, you can add various effects, sound and video to your footage. A great feature of Ezvid is the ability to upload files on YouTube.

                        • ezvid interface
                        • ezvid interface

                          16. Loom

                          For different systems
                          • Can record both screen and webcam videos
                          • High-quality video
                          • Ability to export videos in different formats
                          • Compatible with all operating systems
                          • Lacks video editor
                          • Can’t capture a specific screen area

                          Verdict: It is easy to use software for quick video recording and file sharing. This screen capture tool allows you to record your camera and screen with audio and upload your clips on social media sites.

                          Loom is suitable for creating simple videos. Also, beginners can use this tool to practice working with video. The distinctive feature of this software is that it works on Windows, Mac OS and iOS. If you want a program with more extensive functionality to tackle professional tasks, you can try EaseUS RecExperts Screen Recorder.

                          • loom interface
                          • loom interface

                            17. Bandicam Screen Recorder

                            For short recordings
                            • Saves videos in AVI and MP4
                            • Offers real-time voice recording
                            • Ability to add drawings while recording
                            • Simple interface
                            • Impossible to remove a watermark
                            • Lacks video editor

                            Verdict: This screen recorder for Windows lets you record everything that is happening on the screen. Moreover, it produces high-quality video.

                            I recommend using this software to record fast games or interesting videos. Bandicam Screen Recorder has several modes, such as Screen Recording, Game Recording and Device Recording. To improve your videos, you can draw or add your own logo in real-time.

                            • bandicam screen recorder interface
                            • bandicam screen recorder interface

                              18. Icecream Screen Recorder

                              Best speed
                              • User-friendly interface
                              • Records videos from a webcam
                              • Ability to zoom in the video during the screen capture process
                              • Has a timer
                              • Video recording lasts no more than 10 minutes
                              • Free version has limited editing options

                              Verdict: Using Icecream Screen Recorder, you can choose which part of the screen you need to capture as a screenshot or video. You can record games, video conferences or any other application and process. Another great feature of Icecream is that you can use keyboard shortcuts for different commands, including starting and pausing the recording.

                              This software boasts many important and useful features, such as drawing and the ability to make notes in a separate area of ​​the screen in real-time.

                              • icecream screen recorder interface
                              • icecream screen recorder interface

                                19. Tinytake

                                Best interface
                                • Customizable hotkeys
                                • Easy to use
                                • The ability to choose screen area for recording
                                • Supports creating custom keys
                                • Offers only 5 minutes of recording
                                • Lacks video editing tools

                                Verdict: This is a good free screen recorder with rich functionality. TinyTake enables you to capture videos from your computer screen, add comments and share them. The intuitive and simple interface allows you to achieve the desired result without much effort.

                                This software lets you record both the webcam and screen videos as well as edit images and footage. However, it offers only up to 5 minutes of video recording.

                                • tinytake interface
                                • tinytake interface

                                  20. Screenpresso

                                  Best quality
                                  • Ability to change formats
                                  • Records audio and webcam videos
                                  • Video editing capabilities
                                  • Ability to adjust recording areas
                                  • Recording time is limited to 3 minutes
                                  • Impossible to remove a watermark

                                  Verdict: With Screenpresso, you can record and capture the screen fully or partially. The software allows you to record a screen video in high resolution and save it in MP4, WMV, WebM, OGG and HTML5 formats.

                                  Also, Screenpresso features video editing capabilities, so you can easily add a unique touch to your footage.

                                  • screenpresso interface
                                  • screenpresso interface

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