Wedio Camera Sharing Community Review 2023: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: Wedio is a fast-developing European equipment-sharing service, where filmmakers and photographers can rent, or rent out gear for their shooting sessions. I find it very convenient that anyone can create a listing to rent out their unused gear. I also like that here you can find different types of equipment, starting with cameras, lenses, tripods, and ending with drones and device kits.

Another advantage, is that here, you’ll find much more competitive offers than when using a regular rental service, since people set a daily price and multiple price offers themselves. Moreover, they offer flexible rental conditions and agile delivery. The highlight of Wedio is the availability of subscription options.

Photographers can’t afford to buy new high-end equipment, or studio lighting kits for a one-time project, so an equipment-sharing company like Wedio is a perfect option for them. Besides, it is a great way to test gear before buying it.

The company has lots of returning clients namely because of a broad range of high-quality devices that you can get without spending a fortune.

  • Free delivery within 1-3 working days
  • Monthly payment
  • Gear that finances itself
  • Without hidden fees
  • Different packages
  • Includes support equipment
  • Narrow range of equipment
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When you are engaged in a specific project, you may need purpose-built gear, which will become needless once the shooting is over. For such cases, you’d better address Wedio and rent particular cameras, lenses, or studio lighting kit. The gear is being provided by many photographers across Europe.

Due to the growing need for such services, numerous gear sharing communities like Wedio are appearing on the market. Photographers can’t afford to buy new high-end equipment for a one-time project, so a rental company is a perfect option for them. Besides, it is a great way to test gear before buying it. Finally, by renting gear, beginner shooters can experiment with different types of equipment.

Wedio Review: Main Features

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If you are currently on the lookout for high-quality shooting equipment, you may address Wedio and rent the needed equipment. Thus, you don’t have to pay a full cost of a device but can spend less covering the rental fee. In addition to photography gear, you can also find systems for filming.

It has over 10 000 listings created by photographers and filmmakers across Europe, and you can become one of the contributors in under a minute, if you own some gear. Encompassing everything from Canon cameras to drones for filming, you are bound to find a device for your needs.

Rent Gear to Test It Before Your Purchase

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Cameras for photography aren’t cheap. So, it’s better to test a specific camera before buying it. Of course, you can read dozens of reviews and watch numerous YouTube videos but it’s not compared to real hands-on experience.

Even if you are a seasoned shooter with a broad toolset, one day you may need to rent equipment. Let’s imagine you are a real estate shooter invited to document a sports event. Of course, you don’t have special equipment to photograph fast-moving objects. In this case, you can just rent everything needed without spending money on equipment you are unlikely to use again.

Besides, at Wedio you can rent the most expensive cameras. This is a wonderful offer, especially if you need gear for your current project, but don’t feel like shelling out a hefty sum.

Lens Rental that Makes Special Lenses Accessible

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Why do photographers need camera renting services? First off, it’s a great opportunity to try with photo equipment you can’t afford. Moreover, a spare lens may come in handy in case something happens to the main one at the important event.

Why deny yourself the pleasure to take awesome shots with the 600mm lens? It is a 4-kilogram image-stabilized and full-frame glass that costs $12,000. It is an ideal lens for wildlife photography.

Of course, only professional wildlife and sports photographers should invest in such a piece of equipment. Yet, with the Wedio rental agency, everyone can test it for a moderate fee.

Lighting Equipment for Professional Photography and Filming

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Wedio also offers lighting equipment for filming. They have various lighting kits for different filming projects, like LED RGB, Halogen, HMI, Fluorescent lighting, dynamic and on-camera light, as well as ballasts and batteries.

Besides, the company constantly adds new lighting gear for rent. For now, they have the latest equipment including light boxes and camera flashes. If you are not sure what lighting kit you need, the company’s specialist can help you make the right choice.

Sound Equipment for TV, Cinema, Music Videos and Advertising Projects

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Along with photo gear, Wedio offers a wide range of high-cost audio equipment for rent. Companies involved in the AV production and staging industry address Wedio when they need audio tools for various projects, starting with a single mixer and ending with an audio recorder.

What’s more, they have a special room for customizing wired and wireless solutions, push-to-talk and conference-style microphones, passive and powered speakers, podcast equipment, etc. Everything is available for rent at an affordable price.

It’s convenient that you can rent all the necessary equipment for a long period without any limitations. Plus, Wedio offers different pro accessories to help you start working as fast as possible.

Flexible Subscription Options for Your Needs

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Getting photo gear from Wedio, you can rent it out to other professionals if the equipment isn’t requested. A monthly subscription will be paid off in 2-5 days. Besides, with a Wedio subscription, you won’t face hidden costs throughout the rental period.

When your monthly subscription is over, you can return equipment, buy it, or prolong the subscription. Each subscription is insured so you shouldn’t worry in case something happens to the equipment.

Wedio Prices

Wedio stands out from competitors with its subscription options. Unlike a standard rental fee, opting for a subscription, you have to pay a monthly fraction of the full price for the equipment. So, at the end of your 3 months subscription, you can pay off the rest to own the gear. The subscription price varies depending on the chosen products. Prices for cameras start at $63, for lenses ‒ at $69, for tripods ‒ at $15, and for drones ‒ at $108.

You can rent gear on a daily or monthly basis. The longer the rental period, the less expensive the monthly payment is. For example, you want to rent Sirui Anamorphic Lens 1,33x 50mm F1.8. The monthly rent is $179, but if you take it for 3 months, it will cost $108 per month, for 6 months ‒ $69 per month.

If you have the Wedio Subscription, you can use various equipment every month provided that it is within the value of your order limit. Your order limit is calculated through an internal credit check along with other factors. If you are a returning client, your order limit is reviewed on a regular basis.

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