Studio Lighting Kit

Studio Lighting Kit

Do you need a reliable studio lighting kit to set professional light at affordable price? I’ve found top 10 best studio lighting kits, so you can easily find the best option for your needs and budget.

studio lighting kit

What Is the Best Studio Lighting Kit?

In case you decided to take up a photography career or simply need to upgrade your lighting equipment, you have to be very attentive to all the options available on the market.

best studio lighting kits

Modern manufacturers produce numerous studio lighting kits, so you can easily get lost in this variety. I want to share some secrets on how to use photography lights, what brands to trust and why.

Best Studio Lighting Kit in 2024

1. Fovitec Photography Studio Lighting Kit

fovitec complete studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 1 backdrop support stand, 3 backdrops, 3 softboxes, 3 heads, 3 light stands, 15 bulbs, carry bag

Either you practice photography or videography, you’ll find this studio photography lighting kit very handy. You get 3 softboxes with light bulbs that provide 90+ CRI. They are energy efficient, with the general output equal to 3000W of fluorescent lights.

Personally, I like this photo studio lighting kit, as it takes only several minutes to get everything assembled. You don’t even need tools. Don’t worry about color rendering, as all colors in photos are accurate and vibrant.

If you like working with natural lighting but don’t want to be limited in time, you can get this studio lighting kit and take images whenever you want.

2. Neewer Photography Studio Lighting Kit

neewer studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 4 light stand, 2 light holders, 4 bulbs, 2 umbrellas, 2 softboxes, 3 backdrops, 6 backdrop clamps, 1 backdrop support system, carry bag

This home studio lighting kit consists of light umbrellas, softboxes, bulbs, light holders and clips. All the elements are very durable, which makes Neewer Background Lighting Kit a great option for such an affordable price.

A nice addition is a collection of backdrops (green, black and white), which ensure that your photos will be of professional quality. The kit may help both newbie and professional photographers create the basic photography lighting setup that is convenient to work with.

3. Emart Photography Studio Lighting Kit

emart studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 1 backdrop stand support system, 3 backdrops, 4 light stands, 2 softboxes with diffuser, 2 light holders, 2 umbrellas, 4 bulbs, 6 backdrop clamps, carry bag

If you need something universal, affordable and easy-to-use in terms of studio photography lighting setup, you won’t find a more suitable option than this one. This is a perfect kit for beginning photographers, who barely understand how to position lights for photography but want to take beautiful pictures.

It includes all the necessary components for effective work and also comes with instructions, which makes assembling very easy. If needed, you can regulate the height of the umbrella reflector and light stand. Manufacturers added a durable carry bag in the kit.

4. Fovitec StudioPro Photography Studio Lighting Kit

fovitec studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 3 softboxes, 3 stands, 11 bulbs, carry bag

You may think that this studio lighting kit is too cheap to serve you for many years, but, actually, it is a durable set, which is great for any type of indoor shooting. If you have never dealt with studio photography setup, it may take you some time to figure everything out.

But using the detailed instructions that come with this kit, you will do it rather fast. Softboxes work perfectly producing bright and even light. So, if you have a limited budget, but want to get decent lighting gear, hurry up to buy this kit.

5. LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit

limostudio studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 3 softboxes, 3 stands, 11 bulbs, carry bag

This is one of the most popular lighting kits due to its affordable cost and great shooting opportunities. You get the light that is evenly spread, so you may take vibrant and lively studio photos.

Though, it is initially designed for studio use, you can benefit from it during outdoor shooting as well. Manufacturers also included a carry bag, which is a nice bonus. No need to read tutorials as it takes you several minutes to arrange everything and start shooting.

6. StudioFX Photography Studio Lighting Kit

studiofx studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 3 softboxes, 3 light stands, 3 light heads, 12 bulbs, carry bag

StudioFX is ideal for ecommerce photography. There are 3 constant light softboxes with 4 bulbs in each of them. Manufacturers positioned it as a product studio lighting kit, though you can try it for other genres as well.

It is super easy to set up and use. You can achieve the best results if you combine this kit with DSLR cameras. Both novice and experienced photographers can use StudioFX in their work.

7. Mount Dog Photography Studio Lighting Kit

mount dog studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 4 bulbs, 3 softboxes and diffusers, 1 carry bag, 3 softbox stands, 1 cross bar, 1 sandbag, 1 service card

Is it possible to get cheap but reliable photography studio lighting kit? Easily. Mount Dog is great proof that durable photography kit can be lightweight, easy to assemble, and affordable at the same time.

The cool feature of this kit is spare bulbs, so there won’t be expenses if the original one is damaged. You can simply change it. Studio photography lighting produced by these softboxes is bright enough and white (not yellow). This is perfect for product and food photography. All in all, this is a decent option for such money.

8. Linco Lincostore Photography Studio Lighting Kit

linco lincostore studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 3 softboxes, 3 4-Socket light banks, 3 light stands, 12 bulbs, 1 arm reflector holder kit, 1 carry bag, 1 backdrop stand support system, 3 backdrops

First time assembling may cause some difficulties, but after doing it several times, you will cope with the process very quickly. This studio light kit consists of 3 softboxes with 4 bulbs on each of them. Such powerful lighting kit guarantees that colors in the picture will be crisp and true-to-life. To achieve even better results, combine it with window, ambient light.

9. Fositan Photography Studio Lighting Kit

fositan studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 3 softboxes, 11 bulbs, 3 stands, 2 5 socket heads, 1 1 socket head, 1 cantilever stick with sandbag, 1 Carry Bag

Studio lighting photography becomes a real pleasure if you properly arrange your working space. Purchasing this kit, you get everything necessary for successful work. It is really universal and becomes helpful in poorly-lit (almost dark) places.

Anyway, you will get luminous and properly exposed pictures. This studio light kit is lightweight and portable, while adjustable stands allow shooting from various angles.

10. CRAPHY Photography Studio Lighting Kit

craphy photography studio lighting kit View Prices on Amazon

Includes: 3 softboxes, 3 4-socket light heads, 12 bulbs. 3 backdrops, 2 carry bags

This is a wonderful home studio lighting kit if you are only starting your photography career and can’t spend much money on equipment. Actually, all the components in this kit will cost more if you decide to buy them separately. So, this is a smart choice.

The bundle takes little space in an average carry bag, so won’t cause any inconveniences during transportation. The nice bonus is a collection of backdrops.

How to Choose a Studio Light Kit?

Even if you have enough money to buy the newest studio light kit, think twice before doing it. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best one.

Photography Type

The first criterion to take into account is your specialization. Do you photograph people? Products? Maybe you take fashions shot? No matter, what the answer is, it greatly affects the studio lighting kit type you need.

Depending on the genre, you will buy a bundle with a different number of lights, softboxes, diffusers, etc. For instance, you won’t do without a professional kit for fashion shooting, while you can create a simple DIY light box for product photography.

Your Budget

The financial aspect is no less important when it comes to photography lighting equipment. After you’ve figured out what kit meets your requirements, you need to look for this variant in a suitable price range.

Try to find the balance between quality and cost.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

studio light kit cri

Color Rendering Index is used to define the light’s ability to reveal accurate colors, hues and skin tones. To learn the CRI of a studio lighting kit, look through its technical characteristic.

The higher CRI is, the better light you will get. Don’t even think about lighting kits with Color Rendering Index lower than 80.

Light Color Temperature

studio light kit color temperature

We perceive light as something white, but it can be of different colors. Since sensors in cameras can capture color cast, it is necessary to learn studio lighting basics and color temperature diagram before choosing a suitable light kit.

Just think about the light bulb type you are using. What is its temperature? Since the color temperature of the daylight is approximately 5500 degrees, I recommend buying a studio light kit with a similar value.

Power Output

studio light kit power

The best option is energy efficient lighting kits with great power output. Energy-saving bulbs can work for a long time without getting too hot. Besides, they are affordable and environment-friendly.

Studio Light Setup Ideas

After you have bought the light kit, you need to learn how to use it properly. I have prepared several useful ideas.

“Butterfly Lighting” Setup

butterfly studio light setup Nikon D7100 + Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

Butterfly or paramount light setup is organized in such a way that one bulb is placed in front of and above your subject, which results in slight shadow under the nose, which resembles a flying butterfly.

Since it makes the face thinner, while highlighting cheekbones, photographers use this studio photography setup for women portraits. Keep in mind that it won’t suit photographing model with deep-set eyes.

“Rembrandt Lighting” Setup

rembrandt studio light setup Canon EOS 80D + Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

This is undoubtedly one of the best studio lighting techniques. Everything is arranged in such a way that there appears a small triangle-shaped light on the model’s face. Actually, you can use a single light source placed at 45 offset from the person to get this effect.

Sometimes, photographers add another light source 45 to the dark side of the face and a reflector for a more artistic look.

“Split Lighting” Setup

split studio light setup Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM

This type belongs to side studio lighting setup examples, which hits the model from the side at a 90 angle. It is easily recognizable in pictures, as one half of the person’s face is dark, while the second one is beautifully lit. You can also see a shadow line going down the middle of the forehead, nose and chin.

“Clamshell” Lighting Setup

portrait lighting setup 2 lights Nikon D850 + Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G

This is the perfect studio lighting setup for fashion photography, as you get even and flattering light. Just locate 2 softboxes on both sides of your model. Remember to place them at the same angle and at an equal distance. Check if the power is identical from each bulb. To bounce light up on the model’s face, place a reflector under it.

3 Lights Setup

portrait lighting setup 3 lights Canon EOS 7D Mark II + Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM

It is the method to illuminate your subject from 3 angles. The key light is directed upon the model, functioning as a basic illuminator. The fill light is at a side angle and lower than the key source. The back light is directed at the subject from behind. Thus you will get a photo with a subject separated from the background.

FREEBIES for Studio Photography Color Correction

Even if you get a cool studio lighting kit and managed to set everything up correctly, you won’t do without image color correction.

Free Lightroom Preset "Contrast"

Achieve perfect contrast and make your portrait photos pop with this helpful Lightroom preset. It’s an indispensable preset for working with studio shots.

Free Lightroom Preset "Fashion"

Give your images a glamorous touch with this free LR preset. They will resemble the covers from fashion magazines.

Free Lightroom Preset "Pure"

This is the perfect preset for all kinds of portraits. It affects the blacks, making them softer and adds a gentle split toning effect.

Free Lightroom Preset "Old Style"

Need to draw attention to the model, keeping the background blurred? Apply this preset. It also helps accentuate facial features in a beautiful way.

Free Lightroom Preset "Cinematic"

Add moody look to your shots by dint of this preset. It works well for portrait photos, making them pop.

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