Photo Light Box

Photo Light Box

To get high quality photos that look professional and clean, you need to use a photo light box. However, choosing the appropriate light box for photos can be quite confusing, especially if you are a beginner. In this article, I will tell you about how to choose the best photo box or make it on your own to take amazing photos with nice backgrounds.

photo light box

Why Do You Need a Photography Light Box?

light box for photography before after

A photo light box or light tent is a special construction with translucent walls that photographers use to get diffuse light from several sources. Thanks to this, you get light that has virtually no shadows. It is evenly distributed on a simple solid background. A lightbox is often used for Amazon product photography which many experts call lightbox photography.

Top 10 Best Photo Boxes

best light boxes for photography

I have prepared a brief overview of the best models that you can purchase online. The light boxes described below represent different price slots so you can easily find one that fits your budget, working area size, and requirements.

1. Foldio3+Halo Bars Photo Light Box

foldio 3 photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 25” x 25” x 22” inches - When Opened | 25” x 15” x 2.6 inches - When Closed
Weight: 7.28 lbs
Light Types: Dimmable LED Lights
Number of Lights: 3 Lights + 2 halo bars
Color Temperature: 5500 K

Foldio3 is an excellent photography light box. It allows you to take stunning 360 product photography and use it in various situations. The design is very convenient. You can easily and quickly fold the lightbox and carry it anywhere. Besides, 10 seconds will be enough to prepare the photo tent for shooting due to the special magnetic structure.

2. FOSITAN Photo Light Box

fositan photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 19.1 x 18.4 x 2.4 inches
Weight: 5.2 lbs
Light Types: LED Lights
Number of Lights: 2 Ring Lights
Brightness: 2x900 Lumens
Color Temperature: 3200 K-5500 K-9000 K

For shooting, you can choose one of several background color options of this light box for photos (Black, Red, White, Blue). Blue, yellow, and white filters are also available. You get a smooth and soft light that helps take better pictures. As a result, you can save time typically spent on color correction.

This lightbox is easy and comfortable to use. Thanks to the folding design, you can easily carry it and it does not require a lot of storage space. The fabric is wrinkled easily, especially if you keep your portable light box in a case. Therefore, do not forget to iron it before you start taking pictures.

3. MyStudio MS20 Photo Light Box

mystudio ms20 photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 18 inches
Weight: 6 lbs
Light Types: Fluorescent Lights
Number of Lights: 1 Tube
Brightness: 1350 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5000 K

This model has a fixed radius and a single piece of hard cyclorama background. It does not bend and, unlike many other boxes, it does not have seams which you have to remove during photo editing. This seamless light box for photos gives you the opportunity to use infinity background without limiting the shooting angles.

4. HAVOX Photo Light Box

havox photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 16 inches
Weight: 7.63 lbs
Light Types: Dimmable LED Lights
Number of Lights: 120 Lights
Brightness: 26000 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5500 K

A distinctive feature of this model is premium LED lights. They provide you with the opportunity to take professional pictures. You don’t watch any product photography tutorial as this photo lightbox can be easily customized depending on the object’s dimensions. Another advantage of this model is the light-scattering tissue. As a result, you will not have any reflections. In addition, the even distribution of light will help you get great photos. It also has a nice handy bag that you can use to carry and store the light box.

5. Elviros Professional Light Box

elviros professional light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 24 inches - When Opened | 14 x 14 x 25 inches - When Closed
Weight: 8.2 lbs
Light Types: LED lights
Number of Lights: 60 LEDs on both side
Brightness: 13000 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5500 K

This cool light box is made from high-quality materials. You can easily install it and take awesome flatlay photos for Instagram. This light box for photography has a top shoot-through allowing shooting from above. The set consists of two cardboard boards for the background and a carrying bag. Cardboard boards can be used in various conditions. They do not wrinkle and you can easily wash them.

6. LimoStudio Photo Light Box

LimoStudio photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 25 inches - When Opened | 25 x 30 x 2.6 inches - When Closed
Weight: 4.25 lbs
Light Types: LED Lights
Number of Lights: 2 Lights
Brightness: 570-600 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5500 K

Perhaps, a low price will make you doubt the ability of this equipment to meet your requirements. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary functions of the best photo light box that allows you to achieve excellent results in eCommerce photography. The kit consists of a background, replaceable bulbs, tripod, and light stands.

  • Choose one of these table top tripods to take high-quality photos for your website or Instagram.

7. Ortery Photosimile 200 Professional Photo Light Box

ortery photosimile 200 photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 28” inches
Weight: 69 pounds
Light Types: Fluorescent Lights
Number of Lights: 12 Lights
Brightness: 2400 Lumens
Color Temperature: 6500 K

Photosimile 200 consists of a photo studio, system control software, and lighting. Patented lighting control combined with powerful software allows you to take almost web-ready e-commerce shots in the shortest possible time. I recommend using Canon or Nikon cameras which compatible with this photography tabletop studio. Thus, you can speed up and automate the process of shooting, image editing, and saving the results.

8. Amzdeal Photo Light Box

amzdeal photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 22.7 x 6.8 x 5.1 inches
Weight: 6.45 pounds
Light Types: LED Lights
Number of Lights: 20x2 strips
Brightness: 1000 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5500 K

This is one of the best and cheapest light boxes for photography that has a folding design with several color backgrounds and a heat-resistant silver reflector. You can use 3 shooting angles to get professional-level photos. You can take pictures not only with a DSLR camera but even with your smartphone and you will get incredible iPhone product photos.

9. Emart Photo Light Box

emart photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 4 inches
Weight: 6 lbs
Light Types: LED Lights
Number of Lights: 2 Lights
Brightness: 600 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5500 K

This lightbox should definitely be in your kit. The box is made of high-quality waterproof material. You can easily install or close it. Using this photo light box you should not worry about highlights or spots in your images. The set consists of the box itself, 4 color backgrounds and powerful but compact light source. Backgrounds crumple a bit when stored in a folded form. Besides, they are not transparent and thin.

10. AmazonBasics Photo Light Box

amazonbasics photo light box View Prices on Amazon

Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 25 inches - When Opened | 25 x 30 x 2.6 inches - When Closed
Weight: 14 lbs
Light Types: LED Lights
Number of Lights: 2 Lights
Brightness: 1350 Lumens
Color Temperature: 5600 K

This portable light box is compact and very easy to use. It is spacious enough for various objects and you can easily set it up. You even don't need to read any guidelines to understand how to use it in the best way. The box has two lights. The main light is responsible for filling the box with even soft lighting. The second one helps you highlight the shooting subject and draw attention to it.

Professional Presets

premium product photography lightroom presetspremium product photography lightroom presets

To make photo editing faster, download these Presets for Color COrrection to make photo color grading fast and professional.

How to Choose the Best Photo Light Box?

If you decided to buy a photo light box, it is necessary to do thorough research in advance. It is very important to choose the most suitable model since you can’t purchase a new one every day.

1. Size

photo light box size

photo light box size


Since there are a lot of portable light boxes for photography on the market, it is important to carefully consider and decide what is most suitable for you. The size and the shape of a light box depend on the object you are going to shoot. It is necessary to consider the width, the height as well as the depth of the object. If you are going to take professional pictures, do not forget to measure any details that you want to photograph together with the objects, for example, display hooks, cases, and a jewelry stand.

2. Power Supply

Today you don’t need to plug the devices into electricity. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to use the rechargeable battery. By means of a USB cable plug, your battery will be fully charged using a laptop, a tablet or other devices.

3. Your Budget

photography light box

There is a diversity of lightbox kits at very different prices. Depending on the complicity of the setup, the price ranges from $30 to $300. However, you should clearly understand that quality costs more money. If you intend to save money, without taking into account the cost of a specific box, you can miss the benefits of some additional features and accessories offered by more expensive models. You can pay a little more and purchase a durable and high-quality light box photography kit.

4. Portability

photo light box portability

photo light box portability


It is very important to have a compact bag where you can put your photo light box. The high-quality bag either facilitates transportation or ensures safe storage. Light tents will be helpful for those photographers who travel a lot. Fold flat options will be convenient for transportation and storage.

5. Eye Protection

It is advisable to have a photo lightbox with easily adjustable brightness. Otherwise, you may injure your eyes. Actually, light is subdivided into natural light and white light. White light is very effective for getting images with high accuracy. Natural light is necessary for our eyesight.

DIY Lightbox

diy lightbox

Also known as a lightweight tent, the DIY Light box can be made of fabric, cardboard or wood. Your home photography studio will quickly become your great assistant as its consistent and even lighting makes it possible to take stunning images without leaving your home.

  • If you want to build a light box for $10, follow my step-by-step DIY light box guide.

FREEBIES for Lightbox Photography

Using a light box, you get a chance to take more attractive and attention-grabbing photos, but there are still some things to enhance in Lightroom. I collected the presets that allow you to enhance your pictures easily.

1. Free Preset "Clean White"

This is a standard LR preset for professional apparel photography. You can use it as a base or alone. It affects colors so that they look purer and perkier. This effective filter removes a dirty and gloomy cover from the photo, so you will be able to see accurate colors.

2. Free Preset "Colorful"

This plugin enhances clear colors and a white background. It makes the object more vivid with deep and saturated colors.

3. Free Preset "Brightening"

This Lightroom filter removes all the details from objects as well as helps create a clean and bright whitewashed background. It won’t distort the colors but makes them accurate and more saturated. Each side of the object looks illuminated as if a ray of light is directed at it.

4. Free Preset "Clarity"

This Lightroom preset is a great way out if you want to make some part of your object glossier adding brightness and improving white color. This plugin removes blurring and the effect of gray film from the object.

5. Free Preset "Matte"

If you are planning to upload your tabletop picture on the website or catalog, it is necessary to adjust its size and to make it wider. This plugin supplements the image with slight roughness, makes the colors more saturated and clears the frame from the effect of the faded film.

I tried to choose the best options of lightboxes for you. Whether you need budget or professional equipment, there is a good product on the list for you. Everything depends on your needs. If you need studio lightbox, then this buying guide should help you find something for you.

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