7 Best Amazon Product Photography Services to Refer in 2024

By Tata Rossi 2 days ago, Software Reviews

There are many Amazon product photography services, but it’s quite challenging to find one that can deliver pictures that will induce people to buy those products. You can see many Amazon images of poor quality on the net.

Not to get in a trap, you need to choose a service carefully. We have collected 7 services that help you demonstrate your products in the best way possible.

Top 7 Amazon Product Photography Services

  1. Fiverr - Best freelance platform
  2. RMP - Service with a recognizable name
  3. AMZ One Step - Best for EBC designs
  4. Studio Peck - If you have creative ideas
  5. VladVisual Studio - Individual approach to each image
  6. Photo + Design Company - Best value for money
  7. Thriveproductstudio - White background photos in a short time

If you've ever sold or bought something on Amazon, you've probably paid attention to the quality of images. If you don’t know how to take product photo or you simply lack time to do that, you can simply contact Amazon photography services. Keep in mind that you can also save some time with the help of product retouching services.

1. Fiverr – Our Choice

Best freelance service
  • Many freelancers
  • Fast support
  • Additional money
  • Negative reviews are available
  • Unreliable sellers
  • High-end service is expensive
fiverr logo

Verdict: Fiverr is known worldwide as the best freelance service for business with various services, top-rated sellers, and buyers. I perceive this platform as a reliable service where I can order professional Amazon product images. Though the choice of performers is great, you can check reviews about them to make the right decision. Besides, you will find ratings based on the results of their work.

Before placing an order, I recommend familiarizing yourself with a portfolio and collecting references from either their works or from the net. If a buyer and a seller achieve maximum mutual understanding, it’s already 50% of the successful cooperation.

Not everyone on Fiverr is a pleasure to work with. However, most Fiverr users are honest people, who provide good services.

fiverr interface

2. RMP

Service with a recognizable name
  • Multi-genre works
  • Cooperation with famous brands
  • Excellent work samples
  • Contract price
rmp logo

Verdict: RMP provides images that you see on Amazon when ordering from popular brands like Timberland, The North Face, Vans, etc. They have prepared images for all these companies and can do the same for you! RMP is based in Milan and has a team of photographers, stylists, and retouchers, who work together, so you always get beautiful shots.

This is not only about standard photos for Amazon listing with white background; it can be lifestyle photos with a plot, live photos when it comes to sports goods, photos with models, and in general they can bring to life any product photography ideas.

rmp interface

3. AMZ One Step

Best for EBC designs
  • Help at all stages of creating and promoting goods on Amazon
  • 3D imaging services
  • No clear price list
  • Low-quality lifestyle photos
amz one step logo
AMZ One Step

Verdict: It is one of the best services for creating EBC designs and infographics for your products. This service is good from various scopes of working with Amazon and can also be used as an SEO service for photographers. While looking through their portfolio, you’ll see that their images are often featured on Amazon product pages. They usually create lifestyle, infographic, and 3D pictures to give your advertising a competitive edge over others.

They can also create Amazon commercial. It helps you fully demonstrate a product and increase the conversion rate in the popular categories. Specialists who work on product videos are considered to be great industry experts.

amz one step interface

4. Studio Peck

For the embodiment of creative ideas
  • Extensive gallery
  • Communication via social networks
  • Works in different genres
  • No price list
  • Lifestyle works are inferior to what competitors offer
studio peck logo
Studio Peck

Verdict: This service creates images that are easy to fall in love with even before you buy a product. They take cool flat-lay shots of multiple objects, create Amazon product photos with colored backgrounds, and experiment with light and shadow. This service most often deals with pictures of kitchen accessories and food, so if your product is somehow related to this, Studio Peck is your choice.

Their portfolio includes various photos like travel, lifestyle, food, macro, nature, all of which are of the highest quality. In my opinion, the ability to work in different genres proves their professionalism and excellent taste.

studio peck interface

5. VladVisual Studio

Easily expandable
  • Each image as a masterpiece
  • Affordable prices compared to competitors
  • 3D visualization of a product
  • Not suitable if you need to make a batch of images with a white background
vladvisual studio logo
VladVisual Studio

Verdict: These guys create promotional photos to showcase your product in motion, demonstrate how you can use it, and introduce it all around. They offer an individual approach to each photography project.

Before taking Amazon product images, they make careful research for recent trends, plan the plot and take into account every detail to get a special shot. Thanks to such attitude, resulted images excel those offered by competitors moving you one step ahead.

By using the latest equipment, high-quality lighting, and software, the service is capable of delivering photos that outperform competitors and even surpass Amazon's recommendations.

vladvisual studio interface

6. Photo + Design Company

Value for money
  • Working with lifestyle, white background and infographics
  • Affordable service packages
  • Design services
  • Design examples are not as good as we would like
photo design company logo
Photo + Design Company

Verdict: If you need creative shots with a white/transparent background to advertise a product on Amazon, then Photo + Design Company is perfect for you. This service was created by a woman who has been working as a portrait photographer for 8 years but eventually switched to Amazon product photography.

She works with clients to take images that aim not only to increase sales but also showcase the features of each item. Her main goal is to help clients promote their business and create cohesion in product listings.

Before becoming a photographer and designer, she worked in retail management, mainly engaged in the creation of visual effects and presentations, which helped her understand clients’ goals to give an objective assessment of products.

photo design company interface

7. Thriveproductstudio

White background images in a short time
  • A detailed price list
  • Fast turnaround
  • Many work examples
  • High-priced
  • Poor-quality lifestyle photos
thriveproductstudio logo

Verdict: They specialize in the fast creation of photos for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify that meet the requirements set by platforms. You can even find information on their website that a price depends on speed – the longer, the cheaper. If they take pictures for more than 6 days, you will get them for free.

Most of their Amazon product images are photos with a white background and basic edits that can be immediately uploaded to an e-commerce site. When it comes to lifestyle shots, they are inferior to what competitors offer. The examples they have on their website are terrible and resemble amateurish pictures on Facebook. Therefore, we’d recommend turning to the service only if you need product images with a white background.

thriveproductstudio interface