Amazon Product Photography

Amazon Product Photography

Are you sure that your Amazon product photography lures people with its professional look? If not, you might be constantly losing an important amount of possible sales! The average person reads only 20% of a web page, but views every image.

amazon product photography

So, if your aim as a product photographer is to get a greater amount of clicks, impressing would-be customers or increasing conversion rates, you need to make dazzling Amazon product photos and here is an answer how!

Amazon Product Photography Guidelines

Actually, all Amazon product photo requirements are not so complicated as you might have guessed. But the problem is in other aspect. Amazon has displayed its photo rules on multiple webpages. Very often they even contradict each other leading to a huge number of misunderstandings. For this fact for a beginning seller it is quite difficult to put them together.

This well-known website has even unique guides for style for each of the 35 presented website product photography categories. So, will you easily get overwhelmed? Of course you will!

Why Professional Product Photography is Critical for Amazon Listings:

Let`s clear everything out and start with technical Amazon product photo requirements.For the software to accept your uploaded picture, it certainly should meet some basic requirements. Here the first thing you should know is that always more restrictions are applied to main photos while secondary Amazon product photography will not face so strict uploading requirements.

Technical Requirement

  • Image Size: 500px - 10,000px
  • Format: jpeg, tiff or gif
  • Color Space: sRGB
  • Max File Size: 10 Mb
  • Crap Ratio: 1:1 - 5:1
  • Picture dimension in minimal figure should be 500px in terms of longest side
  • On the contrary the maximum dimension figure may be 10,000px or time for uploading will be too long
  • If we are concentrated on picture zoom, notice that the longest side may be 1000 px and the shortest 500px.
  • Varied formats can be accepted (we talk about TIFF, GIF and JPEG), but the last in always in favor
  • sRGB is the only color space
  • The size of uploaded file should not be more than 10mb
  • Best Amazon image aspect ratio is 1:1. Still, depending on purpose it can be 5:1.

Now, let`s focus on the most suitable photo settings:

Suitable Photo Settings:

  • 2000px by 2000px, Square
  • Cropped to Product Edge
  • JPEG, 100% compression
  • Max zoom for Amazon product photos will be not more than 2000 by 2000 px (so that will be square picture)
  • To get the biggest possible place for listing and image description, just crop photos as close to the product as you can
  • While saving your file, choose 100% compression, or Amazon will again compress it during the process of uploading
  • If you are given an option, save a file as sRGB color space. But still it is almost always the default.

Definitely there are more possible requirements for Amazon product photography, but these are just basic for the start.

Amazon Product Photo Requirements to Images of Main Listing:

Requirements to Images of Main Listing:

  • Only product that's for sale and out of packaging
  • Pure 255 White Background around product
  • Fill at least 85% of image area
  • Must be clear and without blurring
  • Only clear white backdrop is accepted (The best choice from RGb is 255)
  • Not less than 85% of total space must be covered with a product on sale
  • Uploaded Amazon product photos must represent clearly the product on sale. Additionally, it must show only the product without its packaging or other products

What is Forbidden to be Used with Main Listing Photos:

product photography for amazon sellers

A website product photography must be only real. You are not allowed to upload illustration or graphic images.

amazon product photography

Photos must not should those accessories that are not included or a customer cannot buy

product photography for amazon

Images cannot contain logos, texts of description or watermarks

product photography amazon

Multiple view of a product is allowed.

professional amazon product photography

According to latest Amazon clothing image requirements items must not be shown on visible mannequin (the only exception is socks and stockings) only ghost mannequin photography is accepted.

product photography for amazon sellers

No brand tags must be visible (again only socks and stockings are an exception)

amazon product photography

For preserving high-quality, uploaded pictures cannot be blurred, have jagged or torn edges, have visible pixels or be cropped in the wrong way.
Clothing Requirements According to Amazon Photo Resolution:

Clothing Requirements:

  • Two options: on model or flat
  • Flat photography for accessories
  • No obscebe and sexually explicit photos
  • There are only two possible to shoot clothing photography for Amazon: on model or flat;
  • Accessories must be photographed flat (we mean belts, scarves, ties, hats or other accessories for cold weather)
  • In terms of kids clothes should also be photographed on model or flat
  • Images of special intimate apparel, swimwear or lingerie should not be obscene and sexually explicit

How to Take Product Pictures for Amazon?

To be honest, great and high-quality Amazon product photography is quite complicated to be achieved. Still, this thing should not scare you. On the contrary it may comfort you. Thus, if you struggle to get professional photos, but the result does not satisfy you, this is not your fall.

1. How to Set Up a Product in Sale with White Backdrop

Coming back to technical photo requirements, you will know that only white background is accepted.

product photography amazon

The best budget solution can be just a white sheet of paper, white fabric. Also ironed bedsheets may also be in using.

2. Lightning

Surely, there is no best solution for professional light than soft white lightning. For your Amazon product photography, you can buy a light box on Amazon (its cost will be from $15 to $150). If you are not eager to do this, create your own home photography studio.

DIY Soft Box:

Surely, one soft box will not be enough for larger products. Usually you will need up to three samples. They will create diffuse light and eliminated shadows, even without professional Amazon product photo studio. One more variant to economize, is to substitute fancy photography lamp or flash with common desk lamp (any portable light source may be used to). Besides, LED light is always the best.

3. Frame

It`s difficult for small products occupy 85% of an image. For instance, knives. They are too long and thin.Still, Amazon will accept your photo, if you crop it as close to the presented item as possible.

  • Try playing with photo angles. You will understand which way is the best to show product in dynamic range.
  • Surely you can crop photos later, but it`s better to check beforehand that no edges will be cut off.
  • Pay attention to lines. Not to cause disruption, vertical and horizontal lines must be straight. If you don't know how to do it, watch product photography tutorial on YouTube.
  • Shoot from the very beginning in square crop in order not to crop it later.

Types of Amazon Product Photography You Need to Sell the Product

1. Competitor Comparison Chart

Recently, competition on Amazon has become more active due to the fact that this service has lowered the introductory barriers for new sellers. Now, in order to actively sell goods and be in the top, you need to realize some unique goods or produce really great Amazon seller photography. In order to show that your product is special and to highlight its main advantages, we suggest that you use a competitor comparison chart, which is quite simple to create.

Unfortunately, at the moment few sellers use the charts in the Amazon listings. And this is very strange, considering that with an abundance of a huge number of goods similar for the buyer, you can show with one Amazon product photography all the advantages of your products, comparing them with the closest competitors.

For example, you sell standard kitchen scales. There are the huge amount of similar scales at about the same price in the Amazon listings. However, your scales have convenient touch buttons that react even to a damp touch, they can zero tare, and have programs for calculating the calories. None of the closest competitors has such features, so you just need to deport this information to the customer by additional Amazon seller photography such as charts. Such charts do the work for the client, he/she no longer has to compare the goods himself/herself. The comparison in your favor will only make him/her click on "Add to cart" faster.

professional amazon product photography

product photography for amazon sellers

2. Sale Promotions

Discounts, coupons, free shipping and much more are being actively used by sellers on Amazon to attract as many potential buyers as possible and increase their sales. But what do you say about creating special product photos for Amazon that will only draw your customers' attention to the discounts?

It can be professional Amazon photos with the word "Action" or a discount percentage. However, be careful, these images can not be inserted as the main, otherwise, you will be blocked. Usually, images with descriptions of discounts and other amenities for the client are displayed as the last photo.

amazon product photography

3. Instructions

Amazon product photos serve not only to provide the right visual image but also serve as an important tool for communicating with the consumer directly from the online store web page.

Each detail of photography for Amazon should be presented in the best way, and especially the instructions. It often happens when the customer does not understand the given instruction on the use of the product skips it or perceives it as too complicated. In such cases, he will most likely leave a negative feedback.

Due to the verbose and complicated instructions, you can spoil your rating. Do you think that's fair? However, let's figure out how to fix this problem!

Professional Amazon photos with carefully written and well-presented instructions increase the level of quality of product operation, and, consequently, increase the quality of the product itself. A great way to do this is to use Amazon product photography with high-quality graphics and bullet points that highlight the main aspects of use.

Below you will find Amazon product photography tips on how to do the instruction:

product photography for amazon

product photography amazon

4. Infographics

For a successful Amazon product photographer, it is worth understanding how to make descriptions better. Imagine yourself as s potential buyer, do you have time to read the excessively detailed dry text or even interesting but massive bullet points? Of course, detailed information about the product, keyword usage and bullet points are also important. However, what if you choose the most important thing and imagine it in Amazon product photography? Agree, infographics will work better.

During the process of finding the right product the choice of the client will soon fall to page with all the necessary information which is presented in the explanatory Amazon product photography. It can be a photo with pricing or text-based photography for products, which presents all the benefits of a product.

See below the examples for using infographics as Amazon product photography:

professional amazon product photography

product photography for amazon sellers

5. Lifestyle

For such things that we use every day like clothes, cosmetics, accessories, various personal devices, it is important to do Amazon lifestyle product photos. This will help you better understand how this product looks like in life, rather than a boring studio photo with a white background for Amazon.

Using a white background for Amazon will allow you to make affordable product photography, because it is cheaper, but it's not about the cost, but about the quality of the sale. Amazon lifestyle photography will help the buyer quickly understand if he/she needs this product.

If you want to demonstrate the goods of women's clothing, take a picture of it on a model walking on the street. Then buyers will be able to better understand the features of seeing the product lifestyle, and not in the studio. Demonstration of goods in an environment in which they can be used creates a certain atmosphere and offers the idea of using this thing.

amazon product photography

product photography for amazon

Examples of Bad Main Amazon Product Photography

There is no better way to understand how main Amazon product photos should not look like, than see real “not-do-like-this” examples.

1. Blurred Picture with Wrong Filters

product photography amazon

2. Vignette

professional amazon product photography

3. Too Much Visible Editing

product photography for amazon sellers

Sometimes even professional product photographers do this for commercials or for exhibitions, but it’s not OK for online stores.

4. Mind not to Add Lifestyle Photos or Collage of “Different Angle” Pictures

amazon product photography

5. Props that Are Unnecessary

product photography for amazon

Every Amazon product photographer knows that viewer`s attention should be concentrating only on products on sale. For what to add extra items?

6. Having Text is Also Not the Best Idea

product photography amazon

7. The Product Occupies Less than 85% of Photo Space

professional amazon product photography

8. Right Amazon Product Photography Means Displaying an Item Outside of a Box

product photography for amazon sellers

9. No Visible Mannequins are Accepted

amazon product photography

10. This Amazon product photography has a bundle of problems.They are poor lightning, not white background and visible mannequin.

product photography for amazon

11. And the last thing to forget about is text descriptions.

product photography amazon

Please note that these Amazon product photos are bad for the main images that are displayed in the catalog. However, some of them are more than acceptable as additional. Remember that you can upload up to nine different photos of the product.

Tips for Professional Amazon Photos

1. Mind Zoom Rollover Option

One of the perpetuated stereotypes is that a photographer will need a 3000px photo in order to maximize the effect of zoom. But that is not exactly so. For instance, if to download three different pictures at 3000, 2000 and 1000 px, you can easily test the zoom effect. You will not notice difference between 3000 and 2000px photos.
Tip: You may use Amazon product photography that is from 1000 to 2000px. More will be extra. 2000 px is more than enough for enjoying full capabilities of the listing.
A sample of zoom of 1000px:

professional amazon product photography

A sample of zooming of 2000px image:

product photography for amazon sellers

A sample of zooming of 3000px. Have you noticed any difference between the second and the third sample of photography for Amazon products?

2. Mind that Seller Central will Process and Compress Picture

When you upload Amazon product photos, this center automatically creates 1:1 500px square jpeg. That is important not to forget about, because double compression always leads to compression artifacts and that destroys a picture.
Tip: While saving file in Photoshop, set compression to 12. Under condition of using other product photography services, set maximal possible compression.

amazon product photography

3. Crop Photography for Products to Square

See how longer arrangements visibly make photographed products smaller.The biggest problem is that if did not make an image square, Amazon will do this automatically. In the photo above you see red areas that have been added, but in reality they will be white.
Tip: Think about the future form of Amazon product photography beforehand.

product photography for amazon

4. Set Photos to sRGB

On the left you can see CMYK photo version opened in Photoshop. On the right you see the result of Amazon rendering. Have you noticed the change of colors?

product photography amazon

The problem is that some pages on Amazon claim that an Amazon product photographer is allowed to use CMYK. SRGB is only accepted and in case of using something else, colors will not be rendered in a correct way, no matter what some pages assure. Remember that CMYK will show off colors correctly only for printing press of CMYK.
Tip: Save photos only in SRGB. Notice that if after uploading images have wrong coloring, it means that color space is not SRGB.

5. In terms of Slots, There Are Only 8 of Them, not 9

Seller center really presents opportunity to add 9 professional Amazon photos. But mind that only 7 secondary and 1 main will be visible in listing. The 9th picture will be hidden up to the moment a customer goes to gallery. So, there is no use planning for more than 8 photos, because hidden picture will doubtfully improve your sales. Moreover, you will economize money, because creating high-quality photos always cost much.

professional amazon product photography

Tip: Use only 8 slots

6. More than 15 Minutes are Taken to Update a Picture

The final step is always uploading photography for Amazon. This process is always exiting, but be ready that it will take you nearly 15 minutes. In case you do not know about this special delay, you may easily get into panic and think there is something wrong.
Tip: Upload chosen photography and go to have a cup of coffee.

7. 300 DPI is Incorrect

Amazon product photography guidelines claim that 300 DPI is a requirement. However, you may simply ignore that. It is the measurement for modern computer screens. There is a mistaken belief that DPI is connected with size of a photo. Still, know that it is related to printed pictures. Here pixel length is converted with physical length.
Tip: Ignore this reference

8. Main Photo is Super Important

That is the most important picture for any Amazon product photographer. Located next to price this element increases sales and traffic. Generally professional pictures compared with DIY photos enjoy 20% more sales.
Tip: the biggest amount of attention is paid to main listing photo.

Editing for Amazon Product Photography

No matter of your skills, Amazon product photography always requires cleaning up.As pictures are ready, open any photo editing app or program and do few adjusting. Mind that even Picasa or other free programs will suit.Tweaks you might want to perform:

1. Cropping

It is not always possible to frame professional Amazon photos in a correct way, so it`s high time you did this. Crop professionally and straighten your images.

product photography for amazon sellers

2. Exposure

With exposure slider you may correct too dark or too light Amazon product photography. But don`t overdo!

amazon product photography

3. Photo Retouching

Remove dust, spots and other blob. You do not need professional program. Windows Live Photo Gallery will be a quite suitable Amazon product photography service.

product photography for amazon

Apps for Amazon Product Photography

If you are active and want to use your smartphone or tablet in order to quickly take professional Amazon photos, you need to be aware that there are a huge number of different applications that will help you to shoot, process and download ready images right away. Here are some of them:


product photography amazon

Compatible with: iOS, Android and Windows
Price: $0.99, $1.49
Photographers actively use this application in order to get rid of unnecessary objects on the image. It does this quickly and efficiently, you do not even need to use Photoshop on the desktop, which, of course, will take much longer. It is used routinely in order to get rid of unnecessary cars, buildings, people in the photo and get the most concentrated on one thing shot. Product photographer can use it to get rid of stains, specks, fingerprints and other annoyances that can significantly spoil the look of the Amazon seller photography.

Autodesk Pixlr

professional amazon product photography

Compatible with: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free; $1.99/month; $14.99/year
This application is a mobile version of the famous program for the desktops. In the mobile application, you get even more, because you can impose effects and filters on the image immediately while shooting. This is very convenient, because it saves you time and you understand immediately how Amazon product photography will look after image retouching.

In order to use the application, download it from the official source and install it. All newcomers are given a starter account, which they can use to fully get acquainted with the service. The next step is to choose a subscription. You can pay monthly or immediately subscribe for a whole year. After payment, you will receive additional installments, which will perfectly suit image retouching of Amazon product photos.


product photography for amazon sellers

Compatible with: iOS devices
Price: $2.99/iPhone; $4.99/iPad
What tools can Camera + offer to create the perfect Amazon product photography? The first thing you need to know about Camera + is that it is one of the most widely used apps with over 10 million users worldwide. This application can be used on an iPhone or iPad.

Using Camera +, you can follow any Amazon product photography guidelines and create your own great photo. You can easily adjust exposure and focus, or normalize shadows and highlight. In addition, you will be able to use devices such as timer, burst mode, stabilizer, excellent frontal and continuous flash, and, of course, a 6x digital zoom, which will also help in creating amazing Amazon product photography. With this application, you can forget about the curved horizon. With the clarity setting, you can add the required detail and volume.

Camera + is a universal application: different shooting modes will make it easy to create Amazon product photography of various objects and situations, ranging from food photo and ending up with heavy shots with artificial light. Camera + is a kind of photography app for Amazon product photographer not only to take pictures, but also do photo editing, improving the image with a large number of filters, and sending the result to the Internet. Camera + is a great solution to the question of how to take product pictures for Amazon qualitatively.

Aviary Photo Editor

amazon product photography

Compatible with: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free
Another wonderful assistant in the creation of Amazon product photography is the Aviary Photo Editor. The main advantage is that this Amazon product photography service is absolutely free

However, Aviary offers a large number of editing tools: photo orientation change, 8 ways to crop a photo, tools for "automatic" image enhancement ad etc. On the other hand, the camera connected to Aviary does not have the ability to change the exposure and adjust the ISO, but it does not look so critical in the background of further possibilities.

In addition, the maximum cost of filters reaches $ 0.99, which allows you to create affordable product photography.

Use optimized Amazon product photos to raise popularity of your brand. The number of clients depends on it, as they are visual. So, make them look at your pictures and think “I need to buy it”.

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