10 Most Expensive Cameras in the World

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10 Most Expensive Cameras in the World

Have you ever thought about what are the most expensive cameras in the world? Study this rundown of 10 super expensive cameras, learn their characteristics and decide whether the cost is really justified. The cost of cameras and lenses described below may be shocking and far from what we are used to spending on such gear.

10 Most Expensive Cameras

Every camera in this post has something unique that immensely raised its price. Sometimes, it is the design or specifications, while in other cases - the history.

1. Leica 0-Series no. 122

Most expensive camera ever sold

  • leica 0-series no. 122 most expensive cameras

    This is a truly outstanding sample of unique Leica 0-series that were designed as test cameras by Ernst Leitz in 1923, two years before the official release of Leica devices.

    It is believed that the total number of these cameras is 25, while only 3 of them are in the original state. One of them appeared at Vienna’s world-known WestLicht auction house and attracted the attention of a private collector. He bought this rare item for $2.97M, which is a very good price for such an amazing camera. It is called the world most expensive camera ever sold on an auction.

    2. Susse Frères Daguerreotype

    The oldest camera sold

    susse frères daquerreotype most expensive cameras

    Price: $978,000.00

    An antique Susse Frères daguerreotype camera was the most expensive device until the release of Leica 0-Series Nr.107. It first appeared in Paris in 1839 thanks to the efforts of the company named Susse Frères. This camera is known as the oldest model ever sold on an auction.

    Susse Frères Daguerreotype is desired by many collectors, because it reflects the daguerreotype process and has an oval stamp signed by its creator, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre. If you want to have a closer look at this model, you can visit an exhibition at Westlicht in Vienna, Austria.

    3. Hasselblad 500EL

    Camera that was taken to space

    • hasselblad 500 el most expensive cameras

      Hasselblad 500EL is one of the most expensive cameras and its price is explained by a unique history. This is the first camera ever taken to space and brought back to the Earth.

      Astronaut Walter “Wally” Schirra took this camera on NASA’s Mercury-Atlas 8 mission and used to take professional, detailed images of the Earth from space. That happened on October 3, 1962. The astronaut asked photographers from LIFE and National Geographic magazine concerning the best camera for this task and later bought Hasselblad 500EL in a store in Houston.

      The first camera of the Hasselblad brand used in space was valued for $275,000 and sold to a British collector. He believed that buying such a rare artifact was a good deal.

      4. Phase One XF IQ4 150MP

      Most expensive modern camera

      • phase one xf iq4 150mp most expensive cameras

        Phase One XF IQ4 150MP is a high-end medium-format camera with durable construction and many remarkable features. It has a 150MP sensor, which is twice bigger than a sensor of the best mirrorless cameras. Thanks to such a large sensor, photos turn out sharp and clear, being almost identical to what we see with our own eyes.

        In some respects, this expensive professional camera resembles a mini-computer. It comes with an integrated photo editing software, Capture One. You can enhance RAW files directly in the camera, without interrupting the process by switching to separate programs.

        5. Hasselblad H6D-400C MS

        Expensive medium-format camera

        • hasselblad h6d-400c ms most expensive cameras

          The main attraction of this medium-format camera is the possibility to perform a multi-shot capture. In other words, you can shoot 4-6 exposures and then merge them into a single photo. This results in pictures with heightened colors, sharpness and clarity that are typical for a 400MP photo.

          If you are mainly interested in producing regular shots, you can take advantage of a 100MP high-res CMOS sensor and 15 stops of dynamic range that allows preserving a high percentage of details in shadows and highlights. Though Hasselblad H6D-400C MS isn’t designed as an expensive movie camera, it boasts Ultra HD 4K video recording capabilities.

          6. Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic

          Most expensive 360 camera

          panoscan mk-3 panoramic most expensive cameras

          Panoscan MK-3 Panasonic is highly-praised by specialists engaged in birds-eye view photography because of its ability to instantly scan 360 images into one photo with no stitching.

          You can use this device to capture flat views and panoramic photos. It also offers smooth compatibility with a variety of VR players, such as Flash VR, QuickTime VR and JAVA-based players. This is one of the most expensive cameras used by police CIS for forensic crime scene tasks and by the army for tactical mapping.

          7. Seitz 6×17

          Camera that takes the largest pictures in the world

          • seitz 6x17 most expensive cameras

            This camera was created by a Swiss manufacturer Seitz in 1955 and named after him. Actually, this isn’t a camera in common sense, but more of a scanner. You can’t take a standard photo, but to move the camera slowly while it scans the surrounding. Seitz 6x17 “creates” a single 16MP photo.

            The developer claims that his invention is the first camera in the world that generates high resolution 6x17 inch pictures with such a range and color. The fastest exposure speed is 1/2000 sec per pixel.

            8. Mamiya Leaf Credo 80MP Digital Back

            Most expensive DSLR camera in the world

            • mamiya leaf credo 80mp most expensive cameras

              Leaf Credo 80MP is the most expensive professional camera of a digital type. It is the newest and most advanced model on the current market. It was the result of a 20-year work and persistence of the company that presented the first medium format DLSR to the photography community.

              Credo backs are designed to ensure max image quality and ease of use, coming with 40, 60 and 80 megapixel CCD sensors. They allow taking crisp images with realistic, beautiful skin tones, gentle details, minimum noise and precise color reproduction. The distinguishable features include bi-directional spirit level, a wide viewing angle and high-resolution Live View capabilities.

              9. Canon EOS C700

              Most expensive movie camera

              • canon eos c700 most expensive cameras

                Canon EOS C700 was designed to satisfy the most diversified video recording needs, but the price of this model makes many enthusiasts frustrated. This is the most expensive video camera with a full-frame sensor and a locking EF mount. It is initially oriented on pro users and comes with all “obligatory” features that you can expect from a device of such a class.

                Those recording videos dream of getting this camera because of a 5.9K Full-Frame CMOS sensor with DAF, Triple Digic DV5 with a high physical resolution, dual pixel AF, and a dynamic range of 15 stops.

                10. Leica S (Typ 007)

                Most expensive Leica camera

                • leica s typ 007 most expensive cameras

                  This advanced medium format camera has a CMOS sensor and boasts a range of impressive features. Among them are Live View, high burst shooting speed, 1080p and 4K, integrated Wi-Fi and GPS. Leica is known as the most expensive camera brand and this device is no exception. It has a recognizable manufacturer’s design and adherence to traditions.

                  The sensor has new microlenses, which have been added to ensure even light distribution and clarity across the entire frame. The quality of the construction is out of the question, as the camera is put in a dust-proof, water-resistant magnesium alloy body. Thanks to the anti-slip rubberized cover, you can be sure that the camera is firmly sat in your hand.

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