7 Cheapest Full Frame Cameras in 2023: Ranked & Reviews

By Tati Taylor 7 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Top-rated cheapest full frame cameras popular among novices.

top 3 cheapest full frame cameras

Cheapest full frame camera is a great investment for any photographer, as it offers magnificent image quality, wider dynamic range, fast continuous shooting speed. Such budget camera is a great way to start your photography business without having to spend too much money.

Top 7 Cheapest Full Frame Cameras to Buy

  1. Canon EOS RP - Our choice
  2. Nikon D750 - 51-point autofocus system
  3. Panasonic LUMIX S5 - Compact
  4. Sony Alpha A7 III - Good battery life
  5. Canon EOS 6D Mark II - Compatible with many lenses
  6. Pentax K-1 Mark II - Rugged design
  7. Sigma fp - Weather-sealed

Initially, the cameras that supported the 35-millimeter “full-frame” sensor were mainly popular among professionals. Today, thanks to the price reductions, everyone can fully enjoy all the advantages of the cheapest full frame DLSR or mirrorless camera with a very high image quality.

1. Canon EOS RP – Our Choice

Great value for money
canon eos rp cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 26MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 5fps | Video: 4K

  • ✚ Excellent high-ISO image clarity
  • ✚ Weather-sealing capabilities
  • ✚ Good performance in most situations
  • ✚ Accurate autofocus
  • Limited continuous shooting speed
  • Dual Pixel AF not available in 4K mode

As a photographer, I've had the chance to test out the Canon EOS RP, which is being touted as the cheapest full frame mirrorless camera on the market. Now, let me tell you, it's definitely a great option for anyone looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot camera.

canon eos rp cheapest full frame camera photo sample

The sensor in the EOS RP is similar to the one used in the 6D Mark II, which means it offers great performance in low light situations. The weather-sealing capabilities are also a huge plus. The RP carries a class-leading rating of IP68, which means it's built to withstand tough conditions.

However, there are a few downsides to the EOS RP as well. One of them is the limited continuous shooting speed, which can be a problem for action photographers.

Another downside is the fact that it can't shoot continuously at a high frame rate, which can be a limitation for some photographers.

2. Nikon D750

51-point autofocus system
nikon d750 cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 24MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 6.5fps | Video: Full HD

  • ✚ Great for action photos
  • ✚ Supports Flat Picture Control feature
  • ✚ Vari-angle LCD
  • ✚ Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Autofocus can be a little slow
  • A bit heavy compared to other models
  • Video capabilities are limited

One of the main characteristics that sets this model apart from other budget full frame cameras is the 51-point autofocus system, which is a significant improvement over the previous D600. It also has a 6.5-fps continuous shooting rate, making it a significant benefit when you're trying to capture action photos.

nikon d750 cheapest full frame camera photo sample

It also has an articulated vari-angle LCD, which is a first for Nikon cameras, allowing you to see your image from different angles without having to rotate the camera.

The D750 also has a range of special effects modes, including Night Vision, Color Sketch, Miniature Effect, Selective Color, and Silhouette, making it useful when you're trying to create fun scenes and backgrounds in your photos.

However, the D750's video capabilities are limited, with a slow frame rate, making it not ideal for capturing long-format footage. But for those who do a lot of post-production work, the D750 is a good option as it supports the new Flat Picture Control feature that can simplify color grading in post.

3. Panasonic LUMIX S5

panasonic lumix s5 cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 24MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 7fps | Video: 4K

  • ✚ Good image quality
  • ✚ Fast continuous shooting
  • ✚ In-body image stabilization system
  • ✚ Excellent at tracking moving subjects
  • Can't record 4K60 footage
  • Max frame rate is limited
  • No shutter angle option for videographers

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 is a great option for photographers who need to save money without losing too much quality. It has a 24-megapixel sensor and an articulated touchscreen that provide excellent image quality with lots of detail. It's a great choice for capturing images of people, places, and animals with the added bonus of being fully weather-sealed.

panasonic lumix s5 cheapest full frame camera photo sample

Furthermore, this Panasonic camera also offers fast continuous shooting, a range of autofocus modes, and an in-body image stabilization system that's ideal for video shooters.

The new hybrid autofocus system that combines phase-detect and contrast-detect technology is faster and more accurate than the DFD contrast-detect AF in many other Lumix S-series models.

4. Sony Alpha A7 III

Good battery life
sony alpha a7 iii cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 24MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 10fps | Video: 4K

  • ✚ Improved light gathering
  • ✚ Effective autofocus system
  • ✚ 4K video capabilities
  • ✚ Lightweight body
  • Bulky when paired with lenses
  • Overheating when recording videos

This Sony camera is packed with features that make it a versatile tool for both professional and enthusiast photographers. It offers a high-resolution sensor and an excellent touchscreen display, making it easy to use and navigate cheap full frame camera.

sony alpha a7 iii cheapest full frame camera photo sample

The autofocus system is one of its standout features, with a variety of modes to choose from and fast response times. It's also great for video, with high-quality 4K capabilities and a fast-continuous shooting speed.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider. While the camera is small and light, it can become bulky when paired with premium Sony lenses, especially if you need to add a telephoto lens. Additionally, some users have reported issues with overheating during extended video recording sessions.

5. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Compatible with a large number of lenses
canon eos 6d mark ii cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 26MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 6.5fps | Video: Full HD

  • ✚ Fully articulated touchscreen LCD
  • ✚ Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor
  • ✚ Scene detection
  • ✚ Expanded ISO range
  • Small buttons
  • No built-in flash
  • Only one SD card slot

One of the main advantages of this Canon camera is its sensor, which produces sharp images with vibrant colors and accurate exposure. The DIGIC 7 image processor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF also contribute to the camera's high-quality image output.

Additionally, the camera has an expanded ISO range, making it easier to capture clean files even in low-light situations.

canon eos 6d mark ii cheapest full frame camera photo sample

Another great feature of the 6D Mark II is its fully articulated touchscreen LCD, which makes it easier to shoot video and stills from awkward angles. The camera also has a new Touch Focus function, which allows for quick refocusing during Live View still photography or movie recording.

However, there are a few disadvantages to this budget full frame camera. One issue is its autofocus system, which is not as advanced as some of Canon's higher-end models. Additionally, the camera's 45-point AF system is not as effective in low-light situations, making it difficult to capture sharp images in those conditions.

6. Pentax K-1 Mark II

Rugged design
pentax k1 mark ii cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 36MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 4.5fps | Video: Full HD

  • ✚ 5-axis Shake Reduction system
  • ✚ Pixel Shift Resolution function mode
  • ✚ Large pentaprism viewfinder
  • ✚ Images with minimal noise
  • Poor autofocus performance
  • Limited video recording options
  • Limited lens selection

The K-1 Mark II offers great value for money, with features like in-body image stabilization, GPS, and Wi-Fi. It has a proven 36MP full-frame sensor and a tough body that can handle the elements well.

This model is a great choice for beginners or professionals who want a high-resolution full frame camera without the premium price tag of other DSLRs.

pentax k1 mark ii cheapest full frame camera photo sample

Being one of the cheapest full frame cameras, the K-1 Mark II is built to withstand the rigors of adventure photography and features an improved ISO range, better autofocus performance, and an accelerator unit that increases processing power to help deliver excellent images at high sensitivities.

One of the main drawbacks is its autofocus system, which can be slow and inaccurate in certain situations. This can be frustrating for photographers who need to capture fast-moving subjects, such as sports or wildlife.

Another issue is the limited lens selection for Pentax K-mount lenses, which can make it difficult to find the right lens for certain types of photography.

7. Sigma fp

sigma fp cheapest full frame camera

Megapixels: 24MP | Max continuous shooting speed: 12fps | Video: 4K

  • ✚ Versatile in terms of scalability
  • ✚ Hybrid phase-detect system
  • ✚ Can shoot in two modes simultaneously
  • ✚ Wide range of color options
  • Need to look for add-ons
  • Short battery life

The Sigma fp is incredibly small and lightweight, making it a great option for landscape photographers on a budget. It also has a great 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor, which produces stunning images.

sigma fp cheapest full frame camera photo sample

Additionally, it has a variety of special features that make it more suitable for shooting both stills and video in one body. It has 12-bit CinemaDNG external recording at 4K UHD/24fps quality, 10- or 8-bit 4K UHD/24fps recording in the MOV format, and a hybrid phase-detect and contrast-based autofocus system.

However, there are some drawbacks to this cheap full frame camera. You'll need to look for add-ons if you want a proper handgrip or even a viewfinder. Additionally, the battery life is fairly short, which makes it challenging to shoot all day.

canon eos rp camera
Canon EOS RP
  • Mirrorless
  • 26MP
  • 5fps
  • 4K
nikon d750 camera
Nikon D750
  • DSLR
  • 24MP
  • 6.5fps
  • Full HD
panasonic lumix s5 camera
Panasonic LUMIX S5
  • Mirrorless
  • MP
  • 7fps
  • 4K

How to Choose the Best Cheapest Full Frame Camera?

As a photographer, I know how important it is to choose the right camera for your needs and budget. If you're looking for a budget full frame camera, there are a few influential specs and characteristics to keep in mind.

how to choose the cheapest full frame camera

Sphere of usage. Let’s imagine that you don’t have any experience in photography, but you intend to become a professional photographer. Analyze your budget (the cheapest full frame camera is not a bad idea, to begin with) and make up your mind about what genres you want to work with: portraits, weddings, landscapes, food, or maybe jewelry photography.

Camera body. Consider the durability of the camera's body, especially if you plan to use it outdoors in harsh weather conditions. A waterproof camera like the Nikon D610 is a rare and valuable feature to have.

Sensor sensitivity. It will be wrong to ignore the ISO parameter, which points out the ability of signal strengthening. Most of photographers value high sensibility, with the help of which amazing shots in the twilight are achieved.

However, high ISO settings are not always a good idea. That’s why you should try not to buy the full frame sensor models with too high ISO settings. Otherwise, you will get excessive signal strength and won’t be able to avoid noise gain. So, when choosing a camera for everyday shooting, the best ISO setting is within 400.

Battery life. Action time of your camera depends on its battery. The majority of them can be recharged, but not all the batteries are available in a usual or special store.

If your style of shooting demands using much juice, it will be better to buy an additional battery at once while ordering the body. 876 shots are an average figure of the battery life of budget full frame cameras.

choosing the cheapest full frame camera

Native lenses. Choose only native lenses for your type of camera to be sure that there won’t be any problems at work (they are made exactly for each other). But be attentive not to select the wrong lens mount.

Besides, you may find similar models from other companies, which are sometimes even better. Nevertheless, there are no guarantees that the lens will work correctly without calibration or other settings.