Maxtra Technologies App Development Company Review 2024

Maxtra Technologies

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Verdict: Maxtra Technologies excels at creating expertly crafted mobile apps for any business. By employing state-of-the-art technology and the most efficient development methods, this enterprise has produced hundreds of apps for brands from all possible industries while maintaining a positive reputation for over 12 years.

I also like their post-sale customer-care guarantee and tech support quality. The range of their services will be of interest to both beginner and experienced photographers as well as small and medium business owners from other industries.

  • 12 years of market experience
  • Work with clients around the world
  • Create client- and audience-oriented solutions
  • Help photographers increase their audience
  • Full-cycle mobile app development and promotion
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Maxtra Technologies is a recognized force in the fields of digital marketing, web design, mobile app creation, and direct selling software. The company employs a team of experienced developers and project managers who excel at creating and producing personalized applications for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

A large portion of the company’s projects is tied to mobile app development. They specialize in all kinds of mobile applications, being able to create anything from a comprehensive delivery app to a state-of-the-art chatting application.

Maxtra Technologies — Main Features

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The Maxtra Technologies app development company has been providing customers with top-tier results for more than 10 years now. Thanks to their consistently high order success rates, they’ve occupied the leading spots on client review websites like Clutch and GoodFirms. Their list of former and existing clients includes both large companies and startups like Macoco Cosmetics, Lexap, Global Cruizers, and many others.

Creative Mobile Applications to Lead the Industry

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When consulting the company’s employees, I’ve learned all the intricacies of how they handle mobile app development. I liked the approach of this company that helps create personalized, well-designed products by taking care of all frontend and backend development, design, and testing aspects.

The company’s employees help their customers pick the optimal app architecture from available mobile platforms. Their team can adopt a mobile web app, native app, or hybrid app approach while accounting for multiple factors like sporadic connectivity, UI/UX responsiveness, customizable bandwidth, display form factor, cross-platform support, etc.

If you order Maxtra’s mobile app development service, you’ll also get to enjoy some awesome benefits like creative input, the inclusion of all recently released features, and a tasteful, visually appealing design. You can either request to have an app built from scratch or rework your existing tool to meet modern standards.

I’ve ordered a hybrid app that allows users to order my products and services. As a result, the team created a mobile application that is perfectly suited for my needs, met my budget, and was delivered before the deadline.

Multi-Stage Testing Phase Before App Delivery

I would also like to note that after the developers finish working on your app, it passes a rigorous testing routine. Employees test everything from stability and performance to UI functionality, as they strive to ensure the application can be safely released to the end-users while allowing you to provide feedback and suggestions along the way.

The biggest advantage of such in-depth testing is that it allows you to supply your clients with a bug-free application that is convenient and intuitive to use, as Maxtra developers test it across all kinds of devices and OS to ensure perfect compatibility.

Maxtra develops an application that meets the requirements presented by the Apple Human Interface and Google Material Design. They also listen to your feedback and requests to ensure it meets all of your requirements.

Enjoy a Digital Platform that Reflects Your Vision

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If you’re interested in more than app development, you can take advantage of the company’s responsive web design, web portal, business app, and CMS development services.

This web development company allows you to grow your brand by integrating a customized CMS that will help establish your internet presence. You can pick from a list of content management systems for transferring your operations to the online world. Maxtra Technologies also offer personalized features like the capability to add, edit, and alter pages, banner ads, etc.

The provided CMS service will be supervised by experts in their fields while supplying you with an intuitive control panel that can do wonders for boosting workflow efficiency. Thanks to Maxtra’s CMS and web design services, it takes minimum effort to improve the applicability of your web app and increase user engagement by making it as simple as possible.

Another benefit of opting to work with Maxtra is that they provide maintenance support for your CMS platform even after it was released. The company’s employees are also proficient in Social Media Integrations, making it easier for you to devise marketing strategies and promotions. By placing an order from this company, you receive fast and effective communication, detailed documentation, regular reports, and transparent operations.

UX/UI Design for a Quality User Experience

Maxtra strives to provide user-oriented services that result in reliable, desirable, and visually appealing products that help you reach a higher number of targeted customers. The company’s UI/UX solutions are more refined while the design they provide is included in the client’s business plan.

During the first collaboration stage, you sit together with their UI/UX developers to envision how your idea can be implemented while deciding on a template that will be used for working on your project. It’s great that their team listens to all your requirements while using time-tested UI design software. Afterward, their design team will present a variety of tools that can be added to your app to ensure your users have convenient access to everything they need.

I like that the team is more focused on designing a UI that is tailored to the needs of your business and target audience. They excel at determining the users’ needs and satisfying them as seamlessly as possible.

Designs That Reflect Your Brand Values

Maxtra Technologies provide reasonably priced graphic design services for photographers and other entrepreneurs who are interested in making their online app or website have visually engaging elements. Their services include logo, 3D, flyer, business card, and banner design among many others.

The company employs a team of professional graphic designers that has unparalleled expertise when it comes to using color, shapes, and various elements to engage the audience and convey your brand’s values and identity. The created designs not only look great but also serve to let your customers know what your business is all about just by looking at your logo, banner, or website design.

Promote Services Using Digital Marketing Tools

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Maxtra provides personalized digital marketing solutions that can help promote your brand’s services and products across all kinds of platforms. If you want to ensure you’re reaching as many potential clients as possible, you have to devise a relevant marketing strategy that will be a part of your grand business plan, which is something Maxtra’s employees are always ready to help you with.

The company excels at promoting brands on social media, setting up ad campaigns, email marketing, and reputation management.

The email-marketing tech used by Maxtra comes with an array of recipient settings, which can be used to ensure you’re forwarding your marketing emails to specific audience segments or that your newsletter doesn’t end up being caught by the Spam filter while enjoying a deliverability rating of 95%.

Maxtra’s experts also track online reviews and various posts about your business to help showcase its full potential and strengths to your audience. If your goal is to establish an appealing online image for your brand and protect it from potential defamation, the reputation management services provided by this company will be of great use to you.

The company also helped me handle all my social network accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several others, which resulted in a significant lead generation boost. Thanks to their support, I managed to drive noticeably more social media traffic to my business channels to increase brand visibility.

Maxtra Technologies Prices

Maxtra Technologies prices its services on a case-by-case basis, as the cost largely depends on the order type and the number of required services. Contact the company via email or phone to learn how much your specific project would cost you.