Gerber Consultants Website Development Services Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

Gerber Consultants

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Verdict: Gerber Consultants excels at WordPress site design, optimization, keyword research, and project management. I appreciate the agency’s ability to both redesign your existing site and create a new one. Gerber Consultants adheres to all the latest industry trends to produce a professional website that will ensure your business is properly represented. The company’s employees have shown a deep understanding of my needs, target audience, and business as a whole.

  • Quick turnaround
  • WordPress-based website development
  • User-oriented approach
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • 25 years of experience
  • Prices are calculated individually for each client
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Gerber Consultants guarantees your site will be created with maximum efficiency while being fully optimized and infused with relevant keywords. The agency’s employees will ensure your website gathers more organic traffic regardless of whether you’re interested in cultivating leads or promoting your eCommerce store. Gerber Consultants always look at the project from the customer’s perspective while accounting for their competitors as well as the industry’s trends and common pitfalls.

Gerber Consultants – Main Features

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Thomas Gerber is the founder and head of the company and has more than 25 years of relevant experience in commercial website development. His agency’s primary priority is to provide professional services while personalizing its approach to each client to accomplish all of their goals. Gerber Consultants has been an active market player since 2008 and it prides itself on having a huge base of satisfied customers with whom it has managed to build productive long-term relationships.

Creative and Custom Website Design

I reached out to Gerber Consultants by calling the number featured on the official site. We began our cooperation by scheduling a free consultation that started with me asking Thomas a couple of questions and then Gerber inquiring about my business, desired turnaround, goals, etc.

I told him about my business and what kind of website I expected to receive. One of my most important requirements was for the website to be optimized for smartphones. Since I’m involved in one of the industries that receive over 50% of their online traffic from smartphones, this was a must-have for me. Just one day later, the team was already working on my order.

I was looking for a minimalist layout so the development process was completed within one month and I didn’t even have to request any revisions since this website design company adhered to all my specifications. Their web designers cooperated closely with the developers to ensure the provided user experience and functionality represented a cohesive whole.

I appreciate the fact that all Gerber Consultants services are delivered as quickly as possible. I was completely satisfied with the results and my business has witnessed immediate growth. The fact that their developers rely solely on the best web design software further helps them provide top-quality services in record time.

Affordable WordPress Website Development

Gerber Consultants has adopted a client-oriented web development approach, which is why I requested not only a new design for my site but its development as well. Given the fact that we have ironed out all the details when talking about the design, their experts got to work immediately after receiving the order. I was pleasantly surprised that these Wordpress developers showed a deep understanding of what I expected to receive and even offered me some interesting suggestions.

The created website is based on WordPress, which is the go-to platform for the developers since it allows them to implement any concept their client has in mind regardless of how complex it might be. The agency’s employees also took care of all licensing fees that had to be paid for creating my website.

During the later development stages, I requested a couple of edits and revisions and once those were done, the developers started the testing process, which was followed by the website launch. The site I received looks stylish, offers great performance, and is perfectly optimized for mobile use.

Effective Website Pages Optimizing

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Gerber Consultants services also encompass webpage optimization in terms of keywords, pictures, and fixing all possible technical problems. The agency can also create more content for the website if necessary. Their employees often see that their clients have the right ideas but those aren’t fully fleshed out. However, the missing detail is crucial for search engines to treat your site as an authoritative source.

On-page optimization deals with a lot of aspects but its primary objective is ensuring all the featured content (text and pictures) serves to tell the search engine what the page is about, making it easier to connect with your target audience.

Keyword Research to Promote the Site

I wanted to order a keyword research service so I scheduled a consultation, during which the agency’s representative explained that this service is used for determining keywords and phrases that will drive more traffic to my site. I appreciate the fact that Gerber Consultants employs multiple keyword utilities to put together the ultimate keyword list.

As a result of ordering this service, I learned what topics users find interesting and how relevant they are to my audience. Afterward, I used the said topics to determine what keywords to look for and aim at. It took a bit of effort but the results surpassed all my expectations.

Customer-Oriented Company

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You can reach out to Gerber Consultants at any time you want since their support team is available 24/7. The agency’s experience in providing comprehensive project management services allows you to rest assured that the future of your website lies in capable hands.

Gerber Consultants Prices

The company’s official site doesn’t have any pricing information. Before their employees can determine the price for your order, they first need to learn more about your enterprise, general needs, and specific requirements. Simply call the company using the provided phone number and you'll receive a price quote in no time.

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