11 Best Wordpress Developers for Any Type of Site Creation

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Whether you want to build an efficient website or a blog for promoting your products and services, you need to select a reliable WordPress development company that provides a full range of services. Such agencies often have different packages and offer you to use free and paid WordPress themes. Besides, you can order their WooCommerce services or ask them to develop custom themes or plugins.

Top 11 WordPress Developers

  1. Goji Labs - Custom themes for creative industries
  2. Multidots - A full range of WordPress services
  3. IntellRocket - Develop sites with different resolutions
  4. Wbcom Designs - Top-level developers
  5. Site Nine Studios - Years of experience in website development
  6. Huemor - Design-oriented website creation
  7. WPExperts - Strict compliance with deadlines
  8. CampusPress - Secure platforms for educational projects
  9. Deep Focus - Tools for creating custom designs
  10. Clio Websites - Development of sites optimized for search engines
  11. WP Website Help - Inexpensive

In this article, I compiled a list of the best WordPress developers who work with this platform and create responsive sites, blogs, eCommerce stores, and educational platforms. Regardless of the industry you work in and your requirements, here, you will find a perfect option for your needs.

1. Goji Labs – Our Choice

Custom themes for creative industries
  • UX design services
  • Attention-grabbing website design
  • Usability testing
  • Create custom themes
  • No fixed prices

Verdict: Goji Labs is a leading web development company that builds custom sites and blogs, including WordPress-based solutions. It will tell the story of your company, develop your brand and engage a new audience. The agency creates scalable sites that meet all the Google search criteria.

This WordPress development agency focuses on developing websites that look the same on different screens. It’s especially important for businesses from the creative industry, such as photography and art studios. They need to be sure that the images or a photo gallery on their site are displayed correctly. Besides, they often need to use custom WordPress photography themes.

goji labs wordpress developer website

2. Multidots

A full range of WordPress services
  • Specialize in WordPress-based site development
  • Work with marketing agencies
  • Search engine optimization plugins
  • Security plugin integration
  • WordPress migration is too slow

Verdict: Multidots is a well-established WordPress development company that is considered to be one of the best agencies in this area. Automattic called it the “preferred enterprise WordPress implementation partner.” It provides a range of services for eCommerce stores, digital marketing agencies, and web design companies that want to increase their profits.

You can easily find a package of services that suits your needs best. Here, you will see both basic packages with a limited number of services and more advanced ones that include high-grade security options as well as performance enhancement and hosting solutions. The team develops custom plugins and WordPress themes. In addition, it can integrate your platform with enterprise software. If you want to migrate your site to WordPress, these professionals will cope with this task easily. They can quickly migrate your site to this open source ecommerce platform, which will make it easier for you to adjust various parameters.

multidots wordpress developer website

3. IntellRocket

Build sites with different resolutions
  • Build sites of different types
  • WordPress migration services
  • Develop and customize plugins
  • Discuss everything with their clients
  • No price list on the official site

Verdict: This company can create an optimized for search engines and fully secure WordPress site with a visually-appealing design while taking into account all your needs. Their sites are highly functional and meet all customers’ requirements. IntellRocket can cope with any task, from building small presentational websites to creating complex eCommerce platforms with ERP system integration and multi-vendor support.

If you already have a site, but it doesn’t function properly, these WordPress developers will quickly fix all the issues and increase its productivity. For instance, you can ask them to add plugins to your site or customize various parameters. If you are a photographer, you can use a variety of photo retouching plugins. The IntellRocket team will develop them from scratch and integrate them with your website.

intellrocket wordpress developer website

4. Wbcom Designs

Top-level developers
  • Develop attention-grabbing themes
  • Custom UX designs
  • Keep in touch with their clients
  • Thorough testing
  • No price list
wbcom designs wordpress developers logo
Wbcom Designs

Verdict: Wbcom Designs creates attention-grabbing designs from scratch and stands out among other similar companies for its ability to meet tight deadlines. The company has a team of seasoned developers, designers, and content creators. Wbcom Designs mostly works with WordPress-based platforms and uses customer feedback to improve its digital products.

This experienced team knows how to customize WordPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce solutions, integrate plugins, and develop themes. In addition, Wbcom Designs provides SEO services. The company stands out for its transparent approach and reliable support team.

wbcom designs wordpress developers website

5. Site Nine Studios

Years of experience in website development
  • UX design from the scratch
  • WordPress-based site maintenance
  • A range of payment gateways
  • Third-party API integrations
  • Pricey services
site nine studios logo
Site Nine Studios

Verdict: Site Nine Studios can create a custom WordPress theme, build a plugin from scratch, or re-design a website within the shortest time possible. Besides providing a wide range of front-end development services, the company also provides website maintenance services. Its team knows how to produce animations, transitions, parallax effects to make your site easier to use and navigate.

After contacting this WordPress development agency, share your ideas with the team. It will bring them to life by creating a custom WordPress theme. When working on a project, the team uses PSD, XD, Ai, Figma and Sketch files. It can build WooCommerce online stores for businesses from different industries, such as brick and mortar retailers, subscription-based eCommerce platforms, or various marketplaces. Whether you want to start a photography business with WooCommerce or develop other businesses, make sure to contact this company.

site nine studios wordpress developer website

6. Huemor

Design-oriented website creation
  • Design-focused solutions
  • Track user behavior
  • Interaction design
  • Easy-to-customize themes
  • A bit more expensive than some competitors
huemor logo

Verdict: Huemor is a professional service that builds custom, secure, search-optimized WordPress-based websites. It creates easy-to-adjust WordPress themes, which makes it easier for its clients to edit, update and upgrade their platforms if necessary.

The company’s professionals pay special attention to the design of a site and a blog since they believe that online platforms should be visually appealing and reflect the business’ values. The team of experienced graphic designers can develop detailed visual style guides that will help a company to create brand elements in a consistent style. They can implement a variety of creative graphic ideas for an affordable price.

huemor wordpress developer website

7. WPExperts

Strict compliance with deadlines
  • Complete WordPress audit
  • Strict compliance with deadlines
  • Plugin development
  • Multi WordPress site
  • Prices vary
wpexperts logo

Verdict: Working with companies from all over the globe, WPExperts excels at high-performance WooCommerce solutions and selecting suitable WordPress servers. A fast turnaround is what distinguishes the service from analogs, even when it comes to the most complex cases.

I like that the team maintains your WordPress site even when the development work is completed. If you want your site to be more functional and efficient, power it up with various business WordPress plugins and themes.

Being one of the best blogging platforms, the company offers an amazing range of services. They can design and customize your WordPress site, create custom pages, integrate it with WooCommerce features, migrate and maintain your WordPress site, and more. However, if you are pressed for time and can’t wait until they develop a custom blog for you, just reach out to the BlogHandy team and receive a pre-customized platform immediately. Simple like that.

WPExperts also specializes in developing amazing e-learning workflow systems which a perfect for streamlining workflows for educational platforms. Also, you can benefit from SEO-optimized themes that can boost your site to high performance in as little as 350 milliseconds.

wpexperts wordpress developer website

8. CampusPress

Highly secure platforms for educational projects
  • Narrow specialization
  • High security
  • Virtual resources for mastering WordPress
  • Don’t work with companies from other industries
campuspress logo

Verdict: CampusPress is a perfect solution for schools, universities, and other educational institutions that need to build a reliable online platform. The company builds WordPress-based websites for educational organizations that are looking for easy-to-scale solutions and hosting services. With the help of advanced web design software, the company’s professionals can quickly create ePortfolios, course blogs, and educational apps.

The experts provide personalized hosting solutions for clients with different needs. Their sites integrate with AWS and Digital Ocean. The company monitors a site’s performance, creates encrypted backups, and protects your data using several security layers. Sometimes, they cooperate with guys from the Speed Up WordPress Site service to make sure clients get the best results.

campuspress wordpress developer website

9. Deep Focus

Tools for creating custom designs
  • Impressive security
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Work with WordPress-based platforms
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Prices are available upon a request
deep focus wordpress developers logo
Deep Focus

Verdict: Initially, Deep Focus specialized mostly in email marketing, but now, it provides a full range of digital marketing services for companies that want to build a strong online presence.

This agency is accredited by the Mailchimp Partner Programme, which makes it one of the top 4 companies in this niche in the U.S. It creates effective marketing strategies for its clients helping them to boost their sales and increase their online visibility. Unfortunately, they don’t offer hosting services. To order the fastest WordPress hosting, you should get in touch with WPX.

deep focus wordpress developers website

10. Clio Websites

Development of sites optimized for search engines
  • Development of responsive websites according to clients’ requirements
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Full technical support and site maintenance
  • Develop unique design
  • The cost is calculated individually for every client
clio websites wordpress developer logo
Clio Websites

Verdict: Clio Websites is a company that creates WordPress-based websites with a unique & responsive design. Before getting down to work, these experts attentively study clients’ demands, brand’s core value, its mission, recognizable style, and identity elements. Besides, they always take into account clients’ ideas.

In addition to standard website development, the team also offers search engine optimization services to make sure your platform will take the highest positions in Google and other search systems. Besides, Clio Websites offers full post-launch website support and maintenance to ensure that all elements run smoothly and are displayed correctly. All websites they create are sleek and functional as they use premium WordPress themes from Templatic.

clio websites wordpress developer interface

11. WP Website Help

  • Excellent client service
  • No limits on WordPress support
  • Comes with maintenance/upgrade services
  • Regular website checks and recommendations for its optimization
  • WordPress migration could be faster
  • There may be delays in work
wp website help wordpress developers logo
WP Website Help

Verdict: By ordering WP Website Help services, you get the benefit of unlimited support for your WordPress site on monthly requests for small tasks. Support covers the entire site – from WP core to plugin and theme.

The service package also includes regular security checks with notifications and backups on and off the site. You can also contact the team to resolve plugin conflicts, speed up your site, fix links, and so on. It’s a solid and powerful addition to your WordPress team.

wp website help wordpress developers interface