WebCodifier Review 2024: Benefits & Pricing

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

WebCodifier Agency

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Verdict: Allow me to start my WebCodifier review by mentioning that this agency ensured all my website requirements were met to the tiniest detail. They spent little time designing my portfolio and have promptly responded to all my revision requests.

It took less than 3 months for my site to reach Google’s first result page.

During the entire cooperation process, this web design company has conducted itself professionally and respectfully.

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webcodifier agency website

This agency excels at producing aesthetically pleasing and intuitive sites that offer convenient navigation and an enjoyable user experience. The list of provided services encompasses web design and development, eCommerce platform creation, online marketing, and site maintenance backed up by customer support.

WebCodifier Agency – Main Features

webcodifier agency features

WebCodifier has been on the market for the last 12 years and leverages a team of professional, certified designers, developers, and digital marketing experts.

The agency continuously communicates with its customers to ensure it perfectly understands their needs and objectives to develop personalized sites that meet all the agreed-upon specifications.

The company’s employees take advantage of the newest tech while accounting for popular design trends to create a product that looks beautiful, offers great performance, and is optimized for search engines.

Reliable & Refined Web Design

webcodifier agency web design example

Their team of designers began by studying my photography brand, target audience, and competition to get a better idea of my goals and aspirations. Next, they devise the site’s layout, content, and functionality.

Afterward, the agency’s experts will design the site’s wireframes and prototypes to test its structure and user experience. I was interested in a basic design that would allow my audience to conveniently view my site from their phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

WebCodifier produced a beautiful website that matched my photography style perfectly. The site’s visual identity was designed to emphasize my portfolio so that the viewer’s gaze is instantly drawn to my photos.

Comprehensive & Customer in Mind Web Development

webcodifier agency web development example

The company's developers implemented the provided design vision and created an optimized, functioning site that offers quick loading times, intuitive navigation, and support for all popular devices and browsers. They also built in a user-friendly content management system that makes it easy for me to update my portfolio.

This web development company creates sites by leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other required technologies. Meanwhile, its testing team evaluates the site’s performance across various devices and browsers to ensure the launched platform works as intended.

I also appreciate the provided maintenance service that allows me not to worry about any possible errors or security gaps.

Professional Digital Strategy and Consulting

This digital marketing agency has also created an efficient digital marketing strategy aimed at helping me achieve my objectives and secure long-term growth.

They created a digital strategy that improved and computerized my existing front-end resources to maximize future growth. Their service also includes a direct channel strategy, automated marketing, and a top-tier digital client experience.

Content Marketing for Any Needs

webcodifier agency content marketing

WebCodifier employs experienced content creators, strategizing experts, and digital marketers to produce relevant content (including blog articles, social media clips, and infographics) that is essential for reaching your target audience. The provided services also helped me strengthen and emphasize my brand identity.

This content marketing agency crafted properly researched, captivating, and SEO-friendly content that matched my blog’s subject matter perfectly.

Social Media Management to Drive Sales

webcodifier agency social media management

The agency’s SMM service will ensure all your main social network pages are properly managed and regularly updated with new, relevant content. You can request this service for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

The company’s experts have also helped me figure out which social platform is the best fit for my brand. We accounted for the age, demographics, and interests of my target audience and I noticed an increase in profitability as quickly as 1 month after optimizing my social media strategy.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting

webcodifier agency reporting

Another positive aspect of this agency is its customer-focused and fully transparent approach. Its employees understand you want more than just cold, sometimes confusing, data.

With that in mind, they provide detailed insights that include comprehensive graphs, charts, and personalized reports that focus on your specific goals and main performance indicators (KPIs).

Informative Blog from Industry Experts

webcodifier agency blog

Their blog includes posts that cover advice on launching a new business, the history and current trends of web design, the secrets to creating and supporting a marketing campaign, and much more. The fact that this digital marketing blog is frequently updated with new posts is also great news.

WebCodifier Agency Prices

WebCodifier doesn’t feature detailed pricing information on its website. Instead, the cost of each order is calculated separately based on the number of requested services, the customer’s goal and needs, project scale and duration, and several other factors.


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