WebDesignAuckland Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Audience: Small companies, individual brands
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Verdict: WebDesignAuckland is what you need if you have exhausted the ways to promote your brand and are after a reliable web design company to breathe life into your business. Their specialists are true professionals in developing stunning websites.

I felt comfortable working with the team, as they kept me informed about all stages of the work. I really like the way designers tried to embody my vision to the fullest extent, and I got the result that I expected.

  • Client-oriented web design services
  • Logo and branding assets designing
  • Marketing services
  • Web hosting
  • No fixed prices
  • Lacks mobile app development
webdesignauckland website

As a full-service company, WebDesignAuckland offers you its high-end services to boost your online presence, which consists of graphic and web design, branded content development, and digital marketing, photo services, and even search engine optimization.

What’s more, here you can benefit from protected email, reliable web hosting, and domain name registration, as well as ongoing free maintenance if you own a small company or startup.

WebDesignAuckland: Main Features

webdesignauckland logo

This top-notch agency takes an integrated approach when working with clients, offering not only website design development, but also all the necessary related services. I would especially like to note the photo and video services while developing your site.

To stand out in today’s virtual world and beat the competition, you need uniqueness and individuality. Speaking of the website, you should embellish it with crisp and pro-level photos to grab the visitor’s eye, and the WebDesignAuckland team is up to speed on it. Therefore, you don’t have to take photos and improve them on your own to match the style of your site and can save a lot of time.

webdesignauckland photo video services

Embedding videos on your site is a great way to not only add dynamism and appeal to your site but also boost your Google Search rankings. The agency can also help you with this, and I find it extremely efficient that you can get all this done by cooperating with one web development company.

Custom Website Design to Meet Individual Clients’ Requirements

webdesignauckland web design

Before the team starts developing your project, they have long conversations with you, discussing and delving into your business and your ideas. This discussion takes place in a comfortable environment for all, whether it be a personal meeting, video or voice call, or simply by e-mail. WebDesignAuckland will also ask you to write terms of reference so that you end up with a project that fully meets your expectations.

When developing your project, the team uses only top-notch web design software, innovations, and the latest trends to ensure UI/UX responsiveness and user-friendliness. This means that everything will be displayed correctly on the screen with any resolution, including mobile devices.

webdesignauckland web design portfolio

The biggest benefit of this company for me is that they create all custom designs from the ground up, not limited to pre-built customizable templates. This is because no matter what template you use made by one of the best website builders for photographers, it will resemble other templates and will come with options that you do not need or it will lack what you want.

These templates often come with a lot of redundant code that interferes with the smooth running of your site and worsens your Google Search ranking. To avoid all the above hassles, stand out from your competitors, and get a fast-loading eye-catching site that will generate more leads and boost your sales, I strongly recommend WebDesignAuckland to you.

Individual Logo Design for Proper Brand Presentation

webdesignauckland logo design

The design team at WebDesignAuckland can also make a photography logo that reflects your brand’s aesthetic and helps you stand out from your competitors.

This service also begins with a detailed discussion of your vision and wishes. To make it easier for you, the team will show you some examples so you can build on them. You will be constantly in touch with them until you are completely satisfied with the final logo.

webdesignauckland logo design portfolio

The team can also tweak and modernize your existing logo a bit if you’re not completely satisfied with it. This logo design company will take into account all your wishes and give its recommendations on modifying your logo to keep it reflecting the aesthetics of your brand but give it a little freshness and trendiness.

Before contacting the graphic designer at WebDesignAuckland, choose the colors, fonts, and other logo examples you like to make the collaboration experience as productive as possible.

Appropriate Google Ranking with Search Optimization

webdesignauckland search engine optimization

Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies, WebDesignAuckland also offers its digital marketing and search engine optimization services to ensure effective development and promotion, as well as getting site to the top rankings in Google.

Your position in Google is directly proportional to the number of visits to your site, which entails an increase in the number of leads and sales. Understanding the importance of these algorithms, the company prefers only the best SEO software that has proven its effectiveness.

webdesignauckland search engine optimization image

While optimizing your site, the team performs competitor analysis and rigorous keyword research to determine the best fit for your industry. They then move on to implementing those chosen keywords through working optimization strategies. What’s more, WebDesignAuckland also offers domain name registrations to boost your search engine rankings as well.

Secure SSL Web Host Servers for the Websites

You can also order secure web hosting services from WebDesignAuckland, including free annual updating of SSL certificates. It also comes with site testing for the security of web hosts used by third-party plugins. This is convenient and affordable for small companies that are looking for inexpensive shared SSL hosting with a full package of essential features and maintenance.

Being the standard technology for securing an Internet connection, SSL is a great option for website hosting for photographers. With it, you can be sure that your data is safe when it is sent from one system to another, as it is encrypted, which protects it from hacker attacks and other cyber threats.

WebDesignAuckland Prices

WebDesignAuckland pricing varies depending on the complexity of your website, whether it’s a one-page portfolio site or a feature-packed ecommerce platform.

If you are just starting your business and are about to develop your first website, then you should be prepared to shell out additional funds to purchase sponsored advertising to establish your online presence.

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