SoluteLabs Web Development Company Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: When I realized I needed a website to grow my photography business, I immediately chose SoluteLabs. My review below will show how impressed I was with the way the company promotes a personal touch to business, taking into account all the specific needs and desires of its clients. I also felt at home with their in-depth studies for exploring the businesses of the clients and their audiences in order to provide them with the best solutions for optimized promotion on the Internet.

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SoluteLabs is a product development agency providing services in mobile app development, websites of all types and complexity, and enterprise cloud services. The company works with emerging, growing, and midsize enterprises.

SoluteLabs: Main Features

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SoluteLabs is a full-stack web development company that uses a straightforward method to create and launch web resources. First, a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements is conducted. Then, based on the conducted market analysis, the client’s requirements, and the collection of necessary statistical data, a roadmap for further work is created.

Once the market and customers have been researched, the company’s experts begin to develop a media strategy. This step includes prototyping, wireframes, user flows, and information architecture for the final visual design. Many iterations are required to ensure they stay on track.

Quality-Focused Web Development for Solving Clients’ Tasks

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SoluteLabs provides front-end and back-end development that is flexible, simple, and timeless. A hub of talented developers, designers, project managers, QA, and other professionals is working on responsive website development for your businesses. They use various web application development technologies, such as Ruby, Node JS, React, and Angular.

Whatever the type of website, SoluteLabs offers optimized solutions for businesses, allowing customers to upload websites quickly and meet current search engine requirements. The company develops websites of varying complexity, from creative portfolios, promo pages, and landing pages to online stores and sophisticated CRM systems.

Development of Business-Oriented Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

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As an app development company, SoluteLabs offers services for developing various mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. As a photographer, you can order apps to promote your brand, gain broader media outreach, and meet customer needs such as photo editing or ordering photo sessions.

The app development services are based on dedicated technologies specialized for iOS and Android. They also use Flutter to build native interfaces with Google's latest framework and React Native to reduce the cost of cross-platform mobile app development with open-source frameworks. Talk to the experts at SoluteLabs about which technology is right for your mobile app project.

Exclusive UX/UI Design for Modern-Looking Web Resources

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A unique and modern website design that matches your artistic style is crucial for creatives like photographers and artists. Also, SoluteLabs offers comfort and an efficient user experience combined with the latest trends and technologies in website design.

Like other specialized web design companies, this team works with the visuals provided by the client. If necessary, the company’s team can improve the quality and modify your visuals by creating a consistent website style or applications. So, SoluteLabs should be your first contact if you want to harmonize your visual materials or graphic design with the user interface.

Engineering Secure Cloud Services for Different Needs

solutelabs cloud services

If you are in the photography business, you definitely need cloud storage for photos. Contact SoluteLabs to develop a service based on your needs.

You gain fast, efficient storage that is secure and scalable. You also get hold of the best tools for collaboration. And you’ll be able to customize your offerings with the specific features you need for your business.

SoluteLabs offers the choice of the proper multi-tenant structure based on their experience. They use a combination of PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS options to meet the different needs of customers. In addition, the experts determine the correct arrangement of public, private, and hybrid clouds.

SoluteLabs Prices

SoluteLabs does not have a single price list for its services like most of these companies. It depends on each project, its focus, and its complexity. The team of experts also takes into account the technology they use for their work.

If you want to know the cost of the company's services in advance, you can book a meeting with the manager online. There you can discuss all the details and find out whether the agency meets your needs.