11 Best Website Spidering Software in 2023

By Kate Gross 4 days ago, Apps and Software

Do a complete SEO analysis of your site with the best website spidering software. With these programs, you can analyze the main SEO parameters of your website and eliminate all the optimization issues hindering its performance.

Top 11 Website Spidering Software

  1. Netpeak Spider - Ability to check 100+ basic SEO parameters
  2. SEMrush - Best domain analytics
  3. Sitebulb - High-quality visualization of reports
  4. Screaming Frog - Effective search robot
  5. Botify - Works with cloud-based storage
  6. Splunk - Best data collection
  7. Hexowatch - 13 monitoring options
  8. Moz - Most informative reports
  9. DeepCrawl - Find duplicate and blank pages
  10. Ahrefs - High backlink index
  11. Seomator - Scheduled analysis

These website spidering software will help you make your platform stand out from the crowd. Using these tools, you can identify all the weaknesses of your site and get recommendations on how to fix the most common issues.

1. Netpeak Spider – Our Choice

Ability to check 100+ basic SEO parameters
  • Duplicate content detection
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Creates reports in PDF
  • Identifies optimization errors
  • None

Verdict: Netpeak Spider is the best website spidering software for analyzing technical elements of websites. This program scans more key SEO parameters than its counterparts and produces the most informative reports. All these features make Netpeak Spider a number one product in this rating.

An easy-to-use dashboard allows you to generate website audit reports in PDF. You can also complement your platform with contact details, brand logos and tips for your team and customers. Also, Netpeak Spider detects duplicate content, such as identical links, inscriptions and titles. Another benefit of this software is the ability to scan webpage content and tags for spelling errors.

netpeak spider website spidering software interface

2. SEMrush

Best domain analytics
  • High-quality analysis of competitive platforms
  • Intuitive interface
  • Finds new keywords
  • Detects SEO issues
  • Expensive

Verdict: SEMrush is popular SEO software, which allows you to analyze competitors' resources, research market, automatically find keywords, conduct online SEO audit, etc. The program scans HTML tags for possible errors, finds duplicate content, broken links, missing meta descriptions, etc.

The strongest advantage of SEMrush is local SEO support, which helps users optimize their site for local searches and attract more potential customers. With a comprehensive analysis of competitors' platforms, you can learn more about their marketing strategies and improve your site traffic. Besides, the program allows you to monetize your audience using a powerful blogger toolkit.

semrush website spidering software interface

3. Sitebulb

High-quality visualization of reports
  • Hundreds of helpful tips
  • Detects site structure issues
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free version is available
  • No Linux version

Verdict: Sitebulb is a well-elaborated web spidering tool, the main advantage of which is intuitive data visualization. The program is designed for comprehensive SEO analysis of your site and can detect even the smallest optimization flaws. Sitebulb will come especially in handy for developing photography marketing strategies.

This software will help you determine where to start when you need to optimize your website. The distinctive feature of the product is content readability and website accessibility analysis. Besides, Sitebulb allows you to customize the parameters of a scan session, making it either complete or partial.

sitebulb website spidering software interface

4. Screaming Frog

Effective search robot
  • Detects duplicate content
  • Finds broken links
  • Creates an XML sitemap
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • No cloud storage

Verdict: Screaming Frog is comprehensive web crawler software designed for SEO audits of complex websites. It will allow you to crawl URLs, find key elements and analyze various SEO factors. Screaming Frog has the necessary functionality to detect broken links, generate XML sitemaps, etc.

In the free version, you can export all data to CVS or Excel formats and check up to 500 URLs. Screaming Frog offers numerous advanced features, such as detecting 404 errors or other server problems, finding duplicate titles, image descriptions and links.

screaming frog website spidering software interface

5. Botify

Works with cloud-based storage
  • Fast scan
  • High-quality scan of broken links
  • Intuitive reports
  • Analyzes 1000+ metrics
  • Expensive

Verdict: Botify is a program for performing complete SEO analysis of websites. This web spidering tool analyzes 1,000 metrics at every step of your search to ensure high-quality website data crawling, rendering, indexing, ranking and converting. Botify provides the most complete map of your traffic and lets you spot even minor flaws.

This service supports cloud-based web crawling technologies, so you don’t need to use computer resources to do an SEO audit. Botify gives you detailed reports with informative recommendations concerning your platform performance improvement. The program also detects broken links and duplicate content.

botify website spidering software interface

6. Splunk

Best data collection
  • Works with large amounts of data
  • Online scanning
  • Optimization tips
  • Free portals with addons
  • Occasional software errors

Verdict: Splunk is an IT and server administration tool that is often used for a site SEO analysis. Using this product, you can find out how search engines actually recognize and rank your site, and optimize that data.

This program collects, searches, monitors and analyzes large (hundreds of TB of data per day) data volumes in real-time. The free version of Splunk allows for 500MB downloads per day, which is more than enough to analyze the site’s access logs. There are also other benefits, such as the search for 404 error pages, Googlebot 302s detection, rogue URLs wasting crawl budget, etc.

splunk website spidering software interface

7. Hexowatch

13 monitoring options
  • AI tools for automatic website monitoring
  • Intuitive functionality
  • Handy integrations
  • Users can decide how often they need to perform monitoring
  • Impossible to adjust settings after adding a link
  • No live support
hexowatch website spidering software logo

Verdict: Hexowatch allows users to utilize handy tools for monitoring sites using different metrics. You can track visual and text content on any site as well as get notifications about changes in source code and prices. The program allows you to monitor 13 options, including keywords, backlinks, and sitemaps.

Users can access snapshots saved in archives, get notifications about edits, and get detailed information about competitors without wasting a lot of time. This service is available 24/7, which allows you to use it for analyzing trends, competitors, and visual content of online platforms. To use it, you need to pay from $14.99/mo for the subscription.

hexowatch website spidering software interface

8. Moz

Most informative reports
  • Evaluates competitor strategies
  • Comprehensive backlink analysis
  • Keyword ranking
  • Functional page grader
  • Expensive subscription

Verdict: Moz Pro is an online web crawler designed to inform website owners about the status and content of their platforms. This service tracks keywords and rankings to enhance advertising opportunities and promote your site.

With an on-page optimization feature, you will achieve numerous tips for improving website performance. Moz Pro also detects website optimization issues and offers solutions for them. It is possible to use the program to spy on competitors, monitor their marketing data and track link rates.

moz website spidering software interface

9. DeepCrawl

Find duplicate and blank pages
  • Optimizing UX
  • Comprehensive link analysis
  • Straightforward interface
  • Works in the cloud
  • Time-consuming scan process

Verdict: DeepCrawl is cloud-based web crawler software that helps you analyze your website, understand technical issues and improve SEO performance. It helps you better understand the source of the problem by analyzing thousands of pages. With DeepCrawl, you can scan web data of other high-ranked platforms. It is possible to determine the keywords that are used on these sites and modify your platform based on this information.

DeepCrawl can help you remove duplicate content that search engines usually avoid. It also analyzes the scanned pages, calculates the amount of content and shows pages with a few words to help you with a variety of search-related issues. In addition, you may use the tools available on the Attention Insight platform to analyze the efficiency of your ads, landing pages, and designs.

deepcrawl website spidering software interface

10. Ahrefs

High backlink index
  • In-depth SEO audit feature
  • Effective keyword research
  • Top-notch competitor research
  • Easy to export results
  • Overloaded control panel

Verdict: Ahrefs is a product designed to monitor the SEO health of your website. It offers a powerful backlink checker tool for business purposes and individual use. The tool has a complete backlink profile for any website or URL. Ahrefs demonstrates detailed information about websites that are connected to a specific URL.

The program provides informative and intuitive data visualization. It is possible to convert files into various formats. Besides, Ahrefs also presents social metrics like tweets, likes or reposts. However, the program has a downside. There is a slightly overloaded control panel, which may seem complicated for beginners.

ahrefs website spidering software interface

11. Seomator

Scheduled analysis
  • Streamlined interface
  • Intuitive visualization
  • Optimization tips
  • High-speed scanning process
  • Occasional lags

Verdict: SEOmator is the best website spidering software that allows webmasters and SEO professionals to optimize their sites. The tool analyzes the technical and architectural details of a website. The program gives a report that contains tips and steps that can improve the performance of your platform.

With SEOmator, you can draw up an individual plan with a list of goals you want to accomplish within a week or month. After conducting a comprehensive SEO analysis, SEOmator will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website from 0 to 100. The intuitive data visualization will allow you to quickly understand all the issues and shortcomings of your platform.

seomator website spidering software interface