A2 Design Review 2024: Can It Elevate Your Web Presence?

A2 Design

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Verdict: I wanted to create an amazing platform for showcasing my portfolio and highlighting my services as a product photographer and photo editor. With the help of A2 Design, I managed to attract more clients and generate more revenue (30% more) in three months.

Thanks to A2, such new features as contact forms, live chat support, and easy appointment scheduling appear on my website, simplifying the process of ordering my services and communicating with clients. My new website introduced by this web development company increased the credibility of my brand (as I see from statistics and analytics tools) and enhanced my brand image. A wealth of positive reviews from my clients and colleagues was a pleasant bonus as well.

  • More than 15 years in the business
  • Top-level design solutions
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  • Delivers projects on time
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a2 design portfolio

A2 Design’s portfolio really impressed me and helped me make sure that their team has enough expertise to create eye-grabbing and user-friendly websites that align with my goals and brand identity.

Their collaborative approach is another considerable plus for me. These guys considered all my ideas and concerns, instilling confidence in the high quality of their job. Another plus is that this is a full-cycle agency, so I also used their website design services.

A2 Design – Main Features

a2 design features

My research of A2 Design showed that the company has rich experience in the development of custom apps for various fields like education, marketplace, and retail. The team provides a comprehensive range of services to both small and large companies at the highest level.

"I felt to be part of the web development process, as the specialists guided me through each stage. I requested multiple changes (because of little experience in the IT field) and all of them were addressed efficiently. With high attention to detail, the guys managed to create the website that I imagined" - Kevin, startup founder ★★★★★ (5/5)

Intuitive UX/UI Design that Empowers Business

I had no trouble ordering their services. I found the contact form with ease and got the response to my request within an hour, and we discussed all the project details and requirements.

Responsiveness was probably the first aspect that impressed me. This UI/UX design agency took efforts to understand my vision by getting to know my target audience, the nature of my visual content, and my brand identity.

a2 design web design example

I got several design concepts, specifically developed to highlight my photography portfolio while preserving a cohesive brand identity. The idea to use parallax scrolling to ensure a dynamic and interactive browsing experience was especially appealing to me. The specialists managed to transform my static pics into eye-grabbing visual narratives with subtle animations and transitions.

Another suggestion that I was pleased with is to implement a gallery layout to let my visitors look through my portfolio effortlessly, thus increasing engagement.

High-Performance WordPress Sites

I selected WordPress for my website because this platform is versatile and flexible, which is essential for many photographers. I aimed to build a website to demonstrate my work in a perfectly organized way.

a2 design web development example

Extreme attention to detail, which contributes to image optimization, is another advantage of A2 Design's approach. This Wordpress developer leveraged such handy techniques as lazy loading and image compression to make sure that product photos look perfect and do not slow down the webpage download.

Intuitive navigation and a bunch of user-friendly features are also the input of this company. Thanks to these enhancements, visitors to my website could browse my photography portfolio and access the desired info without trouble.

A client login portal implemented by the team was extremely beneficial as well. With this feature, I could share private galleries with customers, making the process of delivering the finished images much faster. My website was also enhanced with useful sorting and filtering options, thanks to which clients can navigate through their galleries and choose their favorite pics with ease.

"The team paid attention to all my requirements delivering a high-quality app as the outcome. They met several strict deadlines, which was a real surprise. Thanks so much!" - George, small business owner ★★★★★ (5/5)

Highly Innovative & Powerful Plugin Solutions

The company’s deep understanding of the photography niche and their devotion to creating each product in accordance with my needs is one of the main reasons why I addressed their team.

Their plugin development service is amazing as well, as the specialists managed to integrate the online booking system directly into my website. In such a way, the clients of my photography business can book photoshoots right on the website without constant emailing and phone calls.

What is more, this web design company generated a custom image editing plugin for performing basic editing operations with photos directly from the dashboard of my website. Thus, I do not have to jump from one program to another spending much time and paying much effort.

Comprehensive Startup Consultancy

I’ve been always eager to share my passion and knowledge with aspiring specialists, so I decided to build an online tutoring platform for novice photographers. A2 Design showed a deep knowledge of the photography industry and the specifics of online education, so they managed to help me with this issue.

a2 design e0learning platform example

By conceptualizing the UX, they provided me with a clear pic of how photographers of different skill levels would interact with my resource. The company’s experts suggested the optimal features and functionalities.

For instance, one of the offers of this software development company was to implement interactive modules letting learners study at their own pace via live Q&A sessions and peer-to-peer feedback forums.

They also helped me make a detailed plan for future growth describing the methods for expanding course offerings, increasing the popularity of my platform, and monetizing it effectively.

"it is fast, efficient, and quite affordable. and the result is an attractive and functional website, i’ve always wanted. a 50% in traffic was really surprising. the specialists were ready to communicate and answer my requests throughout the whole process." - Rebecca, project manager ★★★★★ (5/5)

Successfully and Efficiently Project Management

I am the owner of a small business making strides in the web development field, so effective project management is pivotal for achieving success. A2 provided me with the required guidance and support.

They demonstrated to me the advantages of the Scrum methodology, which is extremely effective for managing software development projects. The focus on collaboration is what impressed me most of all.

My project manager reported to me about the completed tasks every day and provided me with weekly updates about the status of my project.

Practical and Expertly Crafted Content

a2 design blog

A2 Design has a handy blog that covers a great variety of topics like web development, web commerce, payment providers, website maintenance, etc. Whether I need some tips on how to optimize the performance of my website or working ideas on how to build an online marketplace to distribute my photos, there is definitely a related post that can help me and they always send me link answering any question.

All the advice pieces offered in the blog are practical. The theoretical concepts are always supported by actionable tips and detailed guides on how to optimize my website for search engines or select the most reliable payment provider.

A2 Design Prices

Another thing I wanted to highlight in my A2 Design review is that there is no list of the exact prices on the official website. The developers do not offer packages but research each specific case and provide personalized quotes based on the project's complexity, the desired features, and the timeline. Such a client-oriented approach allows tailoring their services based on a customer’s goals and budget.


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