13 Best UI/UX Design Agencies to Work with in 2024

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

The efficiency and success of your interaction with customers hinge upon the design of the interface of your platforms and apps. With this in mind, businesses that yearn for boosting conversion and revenue, look for the best UI UX design agencies to cooperate with.

If you are also on the hunt for a reliable and professional web design company, you should study the list below very attentively.

Top 13 UI/UX Design Agencies

  1. Clay - Full-cycle digital agency
  2. Goji Labs - 100% remote work
  3. Ramotion - Fast turnaround
  4. Choice OMG - Ensures excellent UX
  5. Emerge - For product-focused B2B enterprises
  6. Thrive - Customer-oriented
  7. SPD Load - Diverse and impressive portfolio
  8. Zensite - Complete pack of marketing services
  9. VOCSO - Complete pack of marketing services
  10. Brandemic - Top branding and web firm
  11. Apptension - Produce stunning visuals
  12. Aspirity - UI/UX design services for SaaS
  13. Flatirons - Commitment to modern trends

While compiling the list of the best UI UX design companies, I evaluated their work samples, reputation, the diversity of experts in the team, as well as studied the range of clients and their feedback. I believe that a good agency should do all possible to understand client’s needs and keep abreast of all modern trends.

1. Clay - Our Choice

Full-cycle digital agency
  • 12+ years of experience
  • Remarkable design skills
  • UI/UX audit
  • Award‑winning websites
  • Not found

Verdict: Clay is a San Francisco-based UI/UX and branding agency that prides itself on offering a long list of services. These guys can develop functional mobile apps, eCommerce websites, enterprise software, video-sharing platforms, and more.

Though their main focus is on tech, they willingly accept orders related to other fields. This UI UX design agency has assisted lots of reputable clients, including Facebook, Coca-Cola, Oppo, Amazon, Stripe, Cisco, and Sony.

When it comes to completing web design projects, they always listen attentively to client’s graphic design ideas and offer interesting suggestions so that the final product will be able to withstand the severe competition of the modern market. Besides, they meticulously analyze every project detail and work at full throttle to deliver it on time.

clay ui ux design agency example of work

2. Goji Labs

100% remote work
  • Prepare designs of any complexity
  • Special approach to every client
  • Rich portfolio
  • Stick to the latest techniques and trends
  • Prices are formed individually
  • No discounts

Verdict: Whether you need to create a web platform from the ground up or just refresh an existing one, Goji Labs can give you a helping hand. They have been offering web design services for more than 10 years, cooperating with startups, non-profit organizations, and world-known businesses from a range of spheres.

You can reach out to this digital marketing agency and order UI/UX design, information architecture, site mapping, front-end development, and more. The best part is that they are very good at their trade, so the risks of introducing your product to a market will be minimal.

Their loyal clients are the World Health Organization, World Wildlife Fund, USC, UCLA, Digital Medical Tech, and the City of Los Angeles. Undoubtedly, such a partnership speaks better than any flattering words. Companies choose Goji Labs for its responsibility, out-of-the-box thinking, and readiness to take up challenging tasks.

goji labs ui ux design agency interface example of work

3. Ramotion

Fast turnaround
  • High-fidelity clickable prototypes
  • Good UI structure
  • Leverage the latest web design technologies
  • Create bespoke design
  • No price list
  • Few samples in the portfolio

Verdict: This is a go-to UI UX design agency for many businesses because Ramotion experts know how to create sleek and responsive interfaces for mobile apps and web services that will plummet maintenance expenses, ramp up conversion, and ensure consistent user experience.

In addition to professional web app development, you can contact these guys if you need reasonably priced branding assistance. This web development company has lots of satisfied clients including such high-profile brands as FINAL, App Annie, Avast, Datum, Oppo, and Oracle.

Ramotion responds to clients’ queries very quickly and does its best to meet their expectations. They never cease a chance to share valuable information with colleagues and customers in the on-site blog. There you can find useful photography marketing tips, reviews of popular tools, and more.

ramotion ui ux design agency interface example of work

4. Choice OMG

Ensures excellent UX
  • Top-rated website creation
  • Develop and customize WordPress sites
  • Personalized solutions that answer your company's needs
  • Specialization in an array of e-commerce platforms
  • Does not always meet deadlines
  • Rather expensive
choice omg ui ux design agency logo
Choice OMG

Verdict: Choice OMG is one of the best UI UX design agencies with over ten years of experience in the industry. When cooperating with a client, the experts consider his/her design needs, objectives, and vision.

At first, these guys conduct thorough research of your niche, rivals, as well as potential clients, developing projects that seamlessly align with your market dynamics.

Their specialists develop original concepts customized to your brand and its purposes. At first, they present the project to a customer and wait for his/her feedback. Cooperating with you on every stage of the process, they do their best to polish the design so that it meets all your requirements and expectations.

choice omg ui ux design agency interface

5. Emerge

For product-focused B2B enterprises
  • In-depth research
  • Project management services
  • Product strategy creation
  • Fast prototyping
  • High service prices
  • Occasional lengthy cooperation periods
emerge ui ux agency logo

VerdictEmerge is a UI/UX company that collaborates with B2B businesses from a range of different industries. They offer a research-focused approach to ensure you receive a solution that matches your business goals. The company relies on user testing, roadmap creation, and market research to provide its clients with the optimal user experience.

Emerge employs cutting-edge tech in the field of web design software to guarantee their digital solutions look contemporary, visually appealing, and intuitive. The company heavily relies on prototyping to show the client how their website is going to function. Additionally, they dedicate a lot of effort to branding to help increase your online presence.

emerge ui ux agency website

6. Thrive

  • High-accuracy clickable prototypes
  • Prioritize KPIs
  • Keep in touch with each client
  • Top-level digital marketing campaigns
  • Might be expensive
  • No bonuses or discounts
thrive ui ux design agency logo

Verdict: Thrive is considered one of the top UI/UX design companies in the industry as it can make the clients’ experience more engaging by creating UI and UX designs based on evidence.

In addition, the company creates nice-looking interfaces that function without any lags. It works with businesses of different sizes.

The team pays close attention to each order. It starts by collecting and analyzing the available information, then proceeds to user research. The company uses modern trends to build solutions that would appeal to the target audience of its clients.

thrive ui ux design agency website

7. SPD Load

Diverse and impressive portfolio
  • Craft designs of any complexity
  • Tailored approach for each client
  • Embrace latest techniques and trends
  • Estimates formed individually
  • Budget starts at $30,000
spd load logo
SPD Load

Verdict: Whether you want to envision a new web-platform or revive the existing one – SpdLoad can help. Their expertise crosses over a decade of working with startups, non-profits and world-known companies across different industries.

SpdLoad provides full-services in web designing — UI/UX design cycle, the whole information architecture cycle including site mapping and front-end development.

If you are sick and tired of the bad hair equivalent of internet on your website, SpdLoad is what you need. They're one of the best in web designing, who can turn any website into a masterpiece. Just be forewarned that you may need to invest in extra server space for all the new traffic that you'll attract (and maybe even a bigger trophy case for all of the awards your site will win).

spd load ui ux design agency

8. Zensite

Complete pack of marketing services
  • Many digital services
  • Scalable design
  • Lots of work samples
  • Responsive support agents
  • Prices are generated per request
  • No discounts
zensite ui ux design agency logo

Verdict: This UI UX design agency was founded in 2016 and since then has become one of the major players in the web design market. They create products for Stacks, Microsoft, Singtel, Pop Meals, Coin Market Manager and many other reputable brands that want feature-rich and powerful end-to-end web, mobile, and Web3 design solutions.

The team treats every order with special care. They always collect and analyze the data, perform user research, study present-day trends, and create products that will undoubtedly attract the target audience.

Zensite always delivers finished projects in accordance with the due date and keeps clients in the loop of the workflow for them to have peace of mind. Thanks to the usage of instant messaging software like Slack, Glip, and Crisp, they always answer questions quickly. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any discounts even for bulk orders.

zensite ui ux design agency interface example of work


Meticulous analysis of user experience
  • Create development strategies
  • Design mobile apps
  • Optimization of site performance
  • Lots of samples in the portfolio
  • Confusing pricing policy
vocso ui ux design agency logo

Verdict: VOCSO is a trustworthy UI/UX company that helps businesses to expand their reach with the help of user-friendly and original website design. The team adheres to the best strategies shared by other top-tier digital agencies. They always analyze the target audience, current market demands, and popular trends.

The core mission of this agency is to provide impeccable user experience, which leads to business growth in the long run. As for website design, VOCSO experts always do their best to come up with unique solutions that will reveal the essence of the brand.

They harness the latest industry technologies so that the client’s site looks nice and modern. Besides, experts use advanced SEO software for smooth website optimization. This is indispensable for proper ranking in search results.

vocso ui ux design agency website

10. Brandemic

Top branding and web firm
  • Branding Expertise
  • Web Design
  • UX/UI Mastery
  • Impressive Portfolio
  • Site overwhelming
  • Custom pricing
brandemic logo

Verdict: Brandemic stands out as a rapidly rising force in the world of branding agencies. It distinguishes itself as a promising and reliable branding and consultancy firm, earning recognition for its innovative approach and client-centric strategies.

Among their array of services, Brandemic's prowess in Ergonomy (UX/UI) design is particularly noteworthy. They are renowned for their user-centered design principles, ensuring seamless and intuitive digital experiences. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their hands-on, partnership-oriented approach, treating clients as collaborators rather than mere customers.

What sets Brandemic apart is its adaptability to a diverse clientele, which includes startups, SMEs, tech companies, e-commerce platforms, family businesses, and corporate entities. Their portfolio showcases a unique and masterful range of services, encompassing everything from brand logos and identities to communication design, marketing collateral, and website development.

brandemic ui ux design agency

11. Apptension

Produce stunning visuals
  • Expansive portfolio
  • Detailed product discovery workflow
  • Site branding services
  • Website optimization and maintenance
  • No detailed pricelist
  • Don’t provide copywriting services
apptension ui ux agency logo

VerdictApptension is an innovative UI/UX service provider that can take care of the entire lifecycle of your digital solution from conceptualization to launch and maintenance. Their services are ordinarily broken down into 3 phases: discovery, launch, and boosting, throughout which the agency's employees maintain a tight collaboration process with their customers.

Akin to the majority of established web development companies, Apptension produces full-fledged SaaS, web apps, and a broad range of different websites. Additionally, they can create applications for iOS and Android that look great, offer an array of features, and provide terrific responsiveness. It’s also worth noting that the agency supports your digital platform post-launch, providing optimization and maintenance services to those who request them.

apptension ui ux agency website

12. Aspirity

UI/UX design services for SaaS
  • Free design consultation
  • Helps improve SaaS UX/UI
  • Can create high-functional mobile app
  • Custom pricing
  • Enhance time management
aspirity logo

Verdict: Aspirity is a distinguished UI/UX design agency, widely acknowledged as a leader in the realm of SaaS design services. Renowned for their exceptional work in redesigning over 100 projects, they excel in delivering a flawless user experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Their proficiency in developing user-friendly admin panels is exemplified by their creation, EasyDev - a React Redux BS4 Developer-Friendly Admin Template + Seed Project, boasting over 1800 downloads on Themeforest.

What truly sets Aspirity apart is their commitment to fostering a culture of user-centric design. Their designs are not just informative but also user-friendly, making intricate data and dashboards easily comprehensible for both end-users and business owners.

Also, they offer customization, a rich library of data visualization tools, and high-quality mobile app development to expand user bases across platforms.

aspirity website

13. Flatirons

Commitment to modern trends
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Exceptional understanding of client needs
  • Strong project management
  • Collaborative partnership
  • Dependency on established processes
  • Limited outsourcing
flatirons best ui ux design agency logo

Verdict: Flatirons appeared to be an upper-level candidate on the best list of UI/UX design agencies. They have engineered all the details of product design so well, from information architecture and user flows to branding, keeping the end-user in mind, that in the end, the final product came their way, which exceeded my expectations.

The diversity and skills of the Flatirons team were tremendous in their display through the project. They combined a multidisciplinary set of competencies that would work on all perspectives of product development, from strategy and user research down to development, full-stack development, and quality assurance.

In addition, there is a noticeable commitment from Flatirons to staying current with modern trends and best practices within the industry. They have always tried to get users' feedback to keep improving the product iteratively and keep products updated and effective.

flatirons best ui ux design agency