Galicki Digital Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

Galicki Digital

  • Rank
  • Businesses: Small businesses, individuals
  • Pricing: From 500 euros/site (nearly $537)

Verdict: Galicki Digital is a trustworthy and customer-oriented web development company, which I addressed when I needed a modern website to advertise my photography services.

The team is very professional and attentive to clients’ demands. I believe this is a perfect agency for small businesses that want to get the most out of web representation.

I also like their expert blog with lots of handy reviews and recommendations that will come in handy for brand promotion.

  • Keep search engine criteria in mind
  • Unique web design
  • Website maintenance
  • Quick strategy development
  • Don’t make content to fill a website
  • No graphic design services
galicki digital website

Galicki Digital is a credible agency that makes bespoke marketing solutions for small startups and self-employed businesses, allowing them to become noticed in the market.

These guys can help with web design, site maintenance, and search engine optimization so that your brand will be highly ranked by Google.

Galicki Digital: Main Features

galicki digital logo

Galicki Digital focuses on building websites that get high positions in Google search results without spending money on paid ads. Besides, they always consider website design, load speed, and usability.

This web design company is a go-to service for many burgeoning businesses that want to get sites that are easy to find and navigate for all types of customers.

I like that they offer complete packages of services that include all major options needed for website design, customization, and promotion. Thus, you can choose a suitable bundle without scanning through multiple services and choosing them one by one.

Step-by-Step Development Process

galicki digital development process

Though Galicki Digital mainly works with small companies and individual users, it doesn’t mean they approach the tasks with less enthusiasm. In fact, they use the latest technologies and attentively study clients’ needs to create top-notch sites.

The work usually begins with an in-depth analysis of the market, target audience, and competitors with the help of advanced SEO software.

They will hash out your business aspirations with you and come up with a draft of a future design to understand whether they are moving in the right direction. You will see a homepage in the desktop version and can request changes if you want any.

They use feature-rich web design software and can easily turn offbeat ideas into functional websites.

galicki digital development process vector

If you like a rough version, they will start coding the website, using their live development servers. You will get access to the site when it’s at least 50% ready. Experts will test it on both desktop and mobile devices.

At this point, they will also analyze the Digital Marketing structure of the platform, the meta tags of pages, and how all elements look in the admin panel. They will also take care of Google Analytics 4 and A/B testing with the help of cutting-edge web analysis tools.

Thus, the team will know the efficiency of your site and will be able to eschew inefficient speeding.

Creative Design for Websites Based on the Latest Requirements

galicki digital web design

While working with the Galicki Digital team, I was amazed by how skillfully they manipulated the key search algorithms, web design trends, the client’s ideas, and present-day aesthetics. They can prepare a fully responsive design that will be properly displayed on various devices.

With innovative apps for web designers at their disposal, adding, removing, and changing elements of a site at the client’s request is a cakewalk for them.

They don’t even need to overhaul a code structure to do that. The sections of your website will look beautiful and will be logically arranged.

galicki digital web design example

The loading time of your web platform will be less than 3 seconds, so you may not worry that people will get tired of waiting and head to another site.

Besides, these guys consider the demands of other search engines, including Yahoo and Bing, and optimize your website accordingly.

Professional Technical Support and Site Management

galicki digital website maintenance

Once your site is ready, you can still continue collaborating with Galicki Digital. The thing is that they offer post-launch website management and security assistance. Thus, you can delegate these technical tasks to experts while being laser-focused on more creative facets of a business. The prices for such services start at 50 euro/month (nearly $54).

Among website maintenance services, you can choose regular website performance monitoring, content backuping, updating, and speed optimization.

galicki digital website maintenance vector

The analysis and improvement are carried out on a monthly basis. On the first day of every month, you have to pay a fixed fee via Square Payment Systems (can be canceled at any moment).

On the last day of the month, they will send you a detailed maintenance report listing all changes made, the reasons for such tweaks, and the sections they underwent corrections.

Galicki Digital Prices

galicki digital prices

Galicki Digital can design different types of websites, including one-page landings, service resources, and ecommerce platforms. The cost of a project depends on the type of site you want to order.

One-Page Site costs 500 euros (nearly $537). The fee can be divided into 2 payments. This package includes site design and development, booking or/and contact form, custom domain name, and a dedicated website hosting server for 1 year.

To get the Service Site, you have to shell out 1200 euros (nearly $1290). The sum can be divided into 3 payments. You will receive a website that consists of up to 25 страниц built with search engine optimization for Google ranking, image sliders, SSL certificate, logo redesign, and more.

Online Shop costs 1800 euros (nearly $1934). The price can be divided into 5 payments. They will make an eCommerce store on WordPress or Shopify and include such options as PayPal, bank cards, Google & Apple Pay, cart, checkout, product slider & others.


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