Classic Informatics Web Development Company Review

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Apps and Software

Classic Informatics

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Verdict: Classic Informatics is a leading web development and marketing company with over 10 years of experience under its belt. Development and design experts have successfully completed over 2,000 website and app projects for a wide range of industries including healthcare, SaaS, retail and e-commerce, logistics, FinTech, travel, e-government and more.

The highlight of Classic Informatics web development company can not only create a website from the ground up but also refresh the design, optimize keys and analyze/correct errors for further promotion. They keep tabs on the trends of 2021 and study competitors if you want.

  • Front-end and Backend development of sites and applications
  • Unique and optimized UX/UI design
  • Automated processes due to CMS development
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Study competitors
  • Hidden pricing policy
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The list of services is very long. You can order the development of web applications and sites, UX and UI design, mobile solutions, e-commerce and CMS development, as well as cloud solutions and digital marketing for any budget.

Classic Informatics has cooperated with numerous reputable companies, which dispels all doubts about its reliability. The most prominent partners are Veracode (CA Technologies) Siemens Interdent Fidelity National Financial (FNF) Queens Park Rangers FC Crane Co FranklinCovey 360 Med Care Chimu Adventures Hubbed and others.

Classic Informatics Web Development Company Review: Main Features

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Experts from Classic Informatics provide web development aimed at increase of applications and platforms based on an advanced technology stack and best-in-class Agile and DevOps practices.

The team consists of professional designers and PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Scala developers, experts in migration/ cloud migration, API development and integration, development of new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, IoT, and others.

Complex Front-End and Backend Development

classic informatics complex front-end and backend development

Front-end to Backend developers create an entire ecosystem for your project, including cloud solutions, DevOps, development, and database integration. Therefore, you can create not only websites for photographers or e-commerce, but standalone applications, such as online Photoshop editor.

Speaking about Front-end development, experts use advanced plug-ins and technologies that help simultaneously minimize the interface and fill it with all the necessary advanced features, optimize processes and ensure a smooth user experience. In addition, they conduct a full analysis and study of competitors in your niche to make your project unique.

In Backend development, specialists create scalable and highly secure server systems that work right out of the box and provide lightning-fast execution of operations.

If you want, specialists can use individual cloud solutions based on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Salesforce in your projects. Thus, Classic Informatics is far ahead of third-party app development companies.

The final stage of development is automated testing, including smoke testing, regression testing, and performance testing.

Unique and Optimized UI-UX Interface

classic informatics ux and ui design

If you need a design for your website or application, these experts will guide you through 4 design stages: examination, prototyping, development, and final edits.

UI/UX design expertise includes analysis of previous design or study of a competitor and your site (if there is no design). Next, the developers get down to prototyping and MVP, using powerful web design software. Thus, they can create a functional version of your product (at this stage, you can ask for edits). The pre-final stage is the development of an optimized design in HTML5/CSS3 for any browser, device, and screen resolution.

In addition, you can ask Classic Information web development company to create a responsive design for a one-page site; it can be either an online editor or just your portfolio, where you’ll post your finished works.  

Ecommerce Development with Advanced Plug-Ins

classic informatics ecommerce development

If you want to move your existing store to the web environment, specialists will help you create, configure, manage and maintain customized B2B/B2C e-commerce mechanisms that, in turn, will help convert digital buyers.

Using digital technology, professionals create user-centered designs that in turn simplify conversion paths for both PC users and prospective mobile buyers. Unlike alternative ecommerce website builders, here you get useful personalization and analytics of sales growth, so you can check graphs and compare your traffic. 

CMS Development & Process Automation

classic informatics cms development

Thanks to CMS development, you can get a dynamic website with an automated interaction. All solutions are based on 3F principles - Fast, Flexible and Feasible. Plus, you get scalable and reliable CMS applications.

By launching CMS solutions, you, as a business manager, can generate and convert fast leads, use plug-ins and integrations, quickly track objects, manage big data volumes or generate leads and create a traffic funnel for sales operations.

Besides, it is possible to migrate/update an existing CMS-based website to more popular platforms such as Drupal and Hubspot.

Classic Informatics Web Development Company Prices

Since the company has an individual, unique approach to every client, the pricing policy is hidden. In order to learn the price, you must fill out a short form, indicate your work mail, and the services you are interested in.

You don't have to go into details; just define whether you need web design or e-commerce site creation. After that, a manager will contact you to discuss the details more precisely, calculate the price of the service you have chosen, and direct you to the proper expert.

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