11 Best GIF Recorders to Install in 2024

If you need to record a video clip and share it with friends, keep in mind that most screen recorders support only such formats as MP4 or MOV. They record videos that take up much memory on your PC and can’t be loaded quickly to the web.

So what is the solution to this problem? One of the most convenient and easiest ways is to capture a screen and save a video in GIF format. Such files are small, which makes it easier to send them by electronic mail or publish them on social media networks.

Top 11 GIF Recorders

  1. GIF Screen Recorder - The best in the industry
  2. ScreenToGif - Records videos in full-screen mode
  3. EaseUS RecExperts - Captures sound from various sources
  4. LICEcap - Allows adjusting the maximum record frame rate
  5. Gyazo - Excellent file-sharing capabilities
  6. Recordit - Great for creating small presentations
  7. GIPHY Capture - Starts and stops playing a GIF file quickly
  8. ShareX - Multiple import options
  9. VClip - Excellent option for novices
  10. Animated Gif Capture - Google Chrome add-on
  11. Fraps - Doesn’t use a lot of system resources

Such software can capture any actions on your computer screen in high quality and save them as an animated GIF. Here, we will describe GIF capturing software for both Windows and iOS.

1. GIF Screen Recorder – Our Choice

The best in the industry
  • Allows you to set size before recording
  • For altering the capturing area
  • Hotkeys
  • You can records GIFs in the desired quality
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Verdict: This GIF recorder has many customizable features. You can alter the area of the screen you are going to record or change the frame rate. The program allows adding subtitles to animated GIFs or exporting image frames.

To record a screen, you need to outline the region of the screen by pulling a corner of a big red rectangle. It will emerge on the screen when you click on the Record button.

gif screen recorder interface

2. ScreenToGif

Records videos in full-screen mode
  • Captures the whole screen or its part
  • Adds text to animation quickly
  • Tools for editing GIF files
  • Removes unnecessary frames
  • Does not appear in Start Menu or apps list

Verdict: ScreenToGif allows you to create animated GIF files by capturing images on the screen. To use this free GIF maker, launch ScreenToGif and click on the record button in a new window. To end the recording, press Stop.

You can customize some settings to create amazing animation that will meet all your needs. Besides, many users consider this program to be the best GIF recorder as it allows editing files by adding text, various effects, removing unnecessary frames, etc. ScreenToGif is one of the best alternatives to video recording programs that support MP4 or AVI files.

screentogif gif recorder interface

3. EaseUS RecExperts

Captures sound from various sources
  • Task Scheduler option for recording GIFs automatically
  • Allows capturing videos in excellent quality
  • Does not require an Internet connection for recording GIF
  • Simple-to-use UI
  • Frequent user errors

Verdict: EaseUS RecExperts is a user-friendly software compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The program allows recording the screen to GIF and lets you choose the area for capturing.

For instance, you can capture either the full screen or its specific part. This free GIF maker no watermark also lets users choose the quality of the video. The available resolutions are 720P, 1080P, and 4K. EaseUS RecExperts is an optimal solution for your professional, entertainment, and educational needs.

easeus recexperts gif recorder interface

4. LICEcap

Allows adjusting the maximum frame rate
  • Easy-to-use, minimalist design
  • Allows pausing and renewing recordings
  • Compatible with various versions of Windows
  • GIFs of excellent quality
  • GIF takes up a lot of space by default
  • Impossible to edit files
licecap gif recorder logo

Verdict: LICEcap is a GIF recorder compatible with various platforms. It has a great array of tools for capturing animated GIFs. You can move a screen recording frame even when the process is still in action. Besides, you can select a frame rate, start or pause the recording with the help of the Shift + Space key combination.

As the main window of LICEcap is transparent, you can see and record the part of the screen that is located under it and alter the area that needs to be captured. Moreover, the program lets users change the maximum record frame rate. It also shows when the screen recording was launched.

licecap gif recorder interface

5. Gyazo

Excellent file-sharing capabilities
  • Intuitive UI
  • Extensive sharing capabilities
  • Registration is not necessary
  • Records screen movements as animated GIFs
  • Requires a cloud-based medium
  • The software may interfere with some keyboard functions
gyazo gif recorder logo

Verdict: Gyazo allows creating GIF files without spending much time. The free version does not let the users edit animated files. After purchasing Pro and Team packages, you can add text to videos. Besides, the paid version does not contain any ads. Up to five users can work with the program within the Team subscription. This package is also great for sharing data with the team members.

To start the process of recording, find Capture GIF in the main window and select the region you are going to capture. After the recording is completed, you can use various editing features for adding annotations or freehand drawing. The software allows you to share animated files with one click.

gyazo gif recorder interface

6. Recordit

Great for creating small presentations
  • User-friendly
  • Allows previewing files
  • Can screencast at a low frame rate without audio
  • Imports files to social media networks
  • A free version does not have editing tools
  • A free plan offers only five minutes of recording
recordit gif recorder logo

Verdict: Recordit is a free GIF recorder designed for recording the screen and screencasting. The program is user-friendly but requires a connection to the Internet. Recordit captures mini recordings (up to five minutes). The software records any activity that is happening on the screen and saves videos in GIF format.

After capturing the screen, the program provides you with a unique URL that you can share with friends and colleagues. Besides, you can save the recorded video as an animated GIF. As a result, you get a file that can be played on any device. 

recordit gif recorder interface

7. GIPHY Capture

Starts and stops playing a GIF file quickly
  • Saves recorded files
  • User-friendly editing tools
  • Allows importing GIF to social networks
  • Intuitive UI
  • The duration of the GIF file is only 30 sec
  • Incompatible with Windows
giphy capture gif recorder logo
GIPHY Capture

Verdict: GIPHY Capture is a screen recording software that allows creating GIF files. It is specifically developed for Mac OS. With it, you can record the screen as a GIF file and further customize it by adjusting the number of frames per second, quality, size, etc.

The program has an intuitive UI. The main viewfinder window allows you to select the screen recording area. It is very easy to start and stop the process of screen capturing with hotkeys. The result can be saved to a file or published on social networks.

giphy capture gif recorder interface

8. ShareX

Multiple import options
  • Free, open-source software
  • A built-in screen editing tool
  • Stops the action on the screen when you record a video
  • Many import options
  • Steep learning curve
  • Lack of video editing options
  • Cannot capture games in full-screen mode
sharex gif recorder logo

Verdict: With ShareX, you can take GIF screenshots. The program also has some extra tools for editing and processing files. ShareX is quite convenient to use, as it has an intuitive and well-built UI where all the main options are arranged on the left panel.

Once the screenshot is ready, you can customize the image in the editor, add a watermark, copy the file into the clipboard, print or save it, import it to some service, etc.

sharex gif recorder interface

9. VClip

An excellent option for novices
  • Supports MP4, AVI, OGG, or WebM files
  • Allows capturing 30 frames per second
  • Intuitive UI
  • Allows recording sound
  • You cannot modify a GIF file after saving it
vclip gif recorder logo

Verdict: VClip is one of the simplest screen recorders no watermark for recording all the actions on the screen into a video file. Your task is to stretch the capture frame to the required size and click on the “Rec” button. When the process is completed, click on the “Stop” button. After that, click “Save” and choose the location where you want to save the video.

Widely regarded as the best GIF recorder for novices, the program also allows recording audio to the file. Besides, you do not need to install VClip on your PC. It is also quite handy when you need to quickly record the actions on the screen of your monitor for sending the captured video to a friend, support service, etc.

vclip gif recorder interface

10. Animated Gif Capture

Google Chrome add-on
  • Adds a toolbar for screen recording to a browser
  • Easy to use
  • Allows altering the configuration of the recording
  • Has an Options page
  • Stops responding sometimes
  • Requires an Internet connection
animated gif capture gif recorder logo
Animated Gif Capture

Verdict: This web-based screen recorder GIF maker is a Google Chrome add-on. It allows capturing the whole screen, the actions that are happening in the browser and windows. You can easily add plugins.

To start screen recording, click on a video camera icon on the top. This software will turn captured images into an animated GIF file, which will be saved on your PC automatically.

animated gif capture gif recorder interface

11. Fraps

Doesn’t use a lot of system resources
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable video configurations
  • Supports hotkeys
  • Performance testing
  • Does not support GIF format
  • A fully functional version is paid
fraps gif recorder logo

Verdict: Fraps was designed 18 years ago and is probably one of the most popular recorders among gamers today. It can be used for benchmarking or showing frame rates. However, the program does not support GIF format and records the screen in MP4 or AVI file formats.

The unpaid version of Fraps allows capturing 30-second videos. You can use it for creating short videos that can be turned into GIF files easily. Fraps is compatible with Nvidia and AMD Radeon graphics cards. You can use it for recording most games that are available on the market nowadays.

fraps gif recorder interface