10 Best AI Video Generators for Content Creators in 2023

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software reviews

The best AI video generators will help you cut down the time you need to spend to conceptualize and produce videos without having to invest in extra gear, actors, or expensive video production software.

In the years to come, the percentage of content generated by Artificial Intelligence will gradually increase to about 95%, so why not get ahead of the curve before it’s too late?

Top 10 AI Video Generators

  1. Pictory - No video editing skills needed
  2. Runway - For exploring generative AI
  3. FlexClip - For startups and small companies
  4. Wave Video - For bloggers and marketers
  5. Synthesia - For creating digital avatars
  6. HeyGen - Intuitive video guides
  7. Colossyan - For training clips and tutorials
  8. Elai.io - Large-scale video generation
  9. Synthesys - For commercial content
  10. DeepBrain AI - For beginners

The AI software reviewed below is reasonably priced, scalable, and capable of satisfying all your content creation needs.

This list covers smart video editing tools and generative text-to-footage solutions, meaning you can tackle any project you need from producing content for your YouTube channel to generating professional-level clips for social networks while repurposing videos to ensure you're continuously expanding your online presence.

That said, if you’d like to avoid resorting to AI tech, you can always reach out to manual video editing services provided by FixThePhoto professionals who provide the exact results you’re looking for while meeting all agreed-upon deadlines.

1. Pictory – Our choice

Suitable for users with zero video editing skills
  • Various aspect ratio options
  • Text-to-speech feature
  • Large selection of templates
  • Automated caption creation
  • Shareable visual highlight reels
  • Voiceovers are limited to the English language
  • Content can occasionally not match the script

Verdict: Pictory is a user-friendly solution that allows you to receive pro-grade results that will consistently wow your audience. You merely have to add a script or blog post that will be used as the foundation for the video. Next, this AI video maker will generate a relevant video that you can use on your social pages or site.

Being a cloud-based platform, Pictory can be accessed on any PC or laptop. This generative AI tool is also capable of letting you enhance videos via text, which is great when creating webinars, podcasts, Zoom footage, etc. In addition to the aforementioned features, this solution allows you to generate automatic captions for your projects as well as summaries for lengthy videos.

pictory ai video generator interface

Pictory Key Features:

  • Blog to video
  • AI or human voiceovers
  • Over 3 million visual assets
  • Allows adding stickers, animations, and emojis
  • Premade templates
  • Text to video (Pro)

Pricing: Free trial, from $23/month.

2. Runway

For exploring generative AI functionality
  • Offers desktop and mobile versions
  • Text-to-video support
  • Automated prompt recommendations
  • Allows importing reference images
  • Free plan for testing the software
  • Difficult to master
  • Lacks text-to-speech functionality

Verdict: Runway is a state-of-the-art AI video generative tool that is equipped with the latest tech. This video background remover excels at completely changing and enhancing the look of existing footage. It provides a large array of visual effects, meaning you can conveniently improve your videos with slow-motion effects, blur, color grading, etc.

The biggest feature that sets Runway apart from the rest of the pack is the Gen 1 video-to-video tool that is backed up by stable diffusion. It lets you import videos and add different AI-powered effects that employ preset textures and styles. Moreover, the provided text prompt tool allows users to type in descriptions to get even more creative and accurate results.

runway ai video generator interface

Runway Key Features:

  • Gen 1: video to video
  • AI backdrop deletion
  • AI-based still picture upscaling
  • Text to image generation (AI)
  • Deletion and replacement feature

Pricing: Free plan, from $12 a month

3. FlexClip

Great choice for startups and small companies
  • User-friendly controls
  • Broad selection of features
  • Intuitive UI
  • In-depth customization options
  • Includes a free video maker
  • File uploads delay editing
  • Free version only for low-quality export

Verdict: FlexClip provides hundreds video presets, a text-to-speech feature, and the ability to generate automated subtitles using AI, among many other tools. This software is perfectly suited for producing videos while leveraging a convenient UI and intuitive functionality that shouldn’t pose a challenge to learn even to complete beginners.

FlexClip provides an array of handy video editing tools including an automated subtitle generator. You simply need to provide a single text prompt, and its AI model will examine your footage and apply precise subtitles to every frame. This AI video creator is also supplied with an automated backdrop deletion tool that will ensure images don’t suffer from bland or distracting backgrounds.

flexclip ai video generator interface

FlexClip Key Features:

  • Text-to-speech AI with over 140 languages to choose from
  • Automatic subtitle generation
  • AI backdrop deletion
  • Thousands of premade templates, including options for social networks

Pricing: Free, from $16 a month 

4. Wave Video

For blog owners and marketing experts
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Full-cycle video editing solution
  • Offers a free version
  • Impressive library of assets
  • Large template selection
  • May be intimidating to beginners
  • Free version applies watermarks
wave video ai video generator logo
Wave Video

Verdict: Given the expansive selection of video editing tools, enormous asset library, diverse text overlays, sound effects, and captions provided by this option, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Wave Video is one of the best AI video generators on the market.

This free video hosting lets you pick from various video formats according to your needs, with possible options covering everything from portrait formats for Facebook to TikTok and Instagram templates. Wave Video comes with a large asset collection that offers suitable elements for streamers, social media influencers, and various specific themes.

wave video ai video generator interface

Wave Video Key Features:

  • Text-to-video AI
  • Millions of stock content offerings
  • Allows hosting your videos
  • Video voiceovers
  • Text-to-speech support

Pricing: Free, from $16 a month 

5. Synthesia

Allows creating digital avatars
  • Pro-level AI avatars
  • Multilanguage support
  • Over 30 available integrations
  • Over 60 customizable templates
  • Low-quality outcomes on big screens
  • Lacks a resizing feature
synthesia ai video generator logo

Verdict: Synthesia is the perfect tool for easily generating videos with AI avatars. It supports more than 60 languages while also offering a template library, screen capture support, asset collection, etc. You can employ this video editing software for Windows and Mac to produce professional videos without having to rely on expensive video gear or recording locations.

It lets you pick between 70+ unique AI avatars and you also receive an exclusive avatar for your business. This AI voiceover generation solution simplifies the task of receiving reliable, pro-quality voiceovers that you can easily adjust in just a couple of clicks. The voiceovers are accompanied by closed captions, which is very convenient.

synthesia ai video generator interface

Synthesia Key Features:

  • Personalized AI avatars
  • Over 120 AI voice options
  • Text-to-speech voiceovers
  • AI script helper
  • Integrated display recorder
  • AI automated synching (Enterprise only)

Pricing: Free demo, from $22.50/month

6. HeyGen

Intuitive video guides
  • Referral program
  • Large community on Facebook and Discord
  • Adjusting the playback speed of the chosen voice
  • 300+ voices in over 40 languages
  • Results often lack a sense of realism
  • Templates only consist of a single slide
heygen ai video generator logo

Verdict: HeyGen is one of the best AI video generators that allows for producing videos and presentations for all your business needs. This video editing software for Mac and PC can convert text into eye-catching visuals in a matter of minutes straight from a web browser. Record and import your own voice, opt to design a customized Avatar, or just input the script you need.

You have access to a selection of more than 300 voices. HeyGen also offers a lot of customization freedom, enabling you to merge multiple clips into a single video, add music files to play in the background, and more.

heygen ai video generator interface

HeyGen Key Features:

  • More than 100 AI avatars
  • 36 templates
  • Advanced text-to-video feature
  • Built-in face-swap tool
  • Landscape and portrait orientations for your content
  • Generative outfit tool

Pricing: Free for 1 minute a day, from $48 a month 

7. Colossyan

For making training clips and tutorials
  • Automatic footage translation
  • Several aspect ratios
  • Convenient functionality
  • Multiple pricing packages
  • Lip syncing can feel unnatural
  • Avatar library lacks diversity
colossyan ai video generator logo

Verdict: Colossyan is one of the premier developers that have created an AI-based solution for producing videos. This software can be employed for creating a broad range of content from training videos to YouTube shorts, while simplifying the process and making it accessible to everyone.

This free video editing software allows you to use a broad variety of avatars while supplying them with a relevant script. Once you generate your first clip, you can pick specific regions to automatically translate the footage in just one click. Colossyan lets you customize the accent outfits as well while inviting you to pick from more than 120 languages.

colossyan ai video generator interface

8. Elai.io

Large-scale video generation
  • Various aspect ratio options
  • Premade templates for all popular aspect ratios
  • Unrestricted slide number
  • Diverse avatar selection
  • Lip-syncing comes across as uncanny
  • Subpar editor performance
elai.io ai video generator logo

Verdict: Elai.io is one of the best AI video generators if you want to create visuals from text while leveraging the provided scalability. This solution is suitable for generating pro-level content from blog posts and web links in just 3 clicks.

You start by copying a blog or website link and then picking one of the available templates. At this point, you need to review the clip, make the required edits, render it, and download the result. This AI video editor is a particularly great option if you want to generate training videos that don't include avatars, voiceovers, or complex post-production.

elai.io ai video generator interface

Elai.io Key Features:

  • Provide videos from blog posts
  • Training clips
  • Over 65 supported languages
  • More than 25 avatars to choose from
  • Lets you request a personalized avatar

Pricing: Free trial, from $23/month

9. Synthesys

For producing commercial content
  • Realistic AI-produced voices
  • 300+ voices in 140 languages with subtitles
  • Over 80 realistic avatars
  • Convenient and intuitive navigation
  • Diverse customization options
  • Steep learning curve
  • Long video rendering times
synthesys ai video generator logo

Verdict: Synthesys strives to allow its users to quickly improve their videos, be it tutorials, presentations, product demonstrations, or social media clips. This developer employs its proprietary Text-to-Video (TTV) system to convert scripts into engaging visual presentations.

Content creators and businesses can use this video AI generator to produce footage that leverages AI-powered lip-synching without having to employ expensive equipment, videographers, or actors. Moreover, you can employ this solution as an AI image generator to cover even more of your needs.

synthesys ai video generator interface

Synthesys Key Features:

  • AI voice generation
  • AI video generation
  • AI image generation
  • Nearly 70 realistic humatars
  • Over 140 languages and 254 distinct styles
  • Can be personalized to represent your brand colors and logo

Pricing: Free trial, from $35 a month

10. DeepBrain AI

Perfectly suited for beginners
  • More than 100 AI avatars
  • Built-in ChatGPT functionality
  • Clean and convenient UI
  • Various export options
  • Over 65 templates
  • No preview and caption generation
  • Possible formatting problems
deepbrain ai ai video generator logo
DeepBrain AI

Verdict: Deepbrain AI allows you to leverage artificial intelligence to quickly generate videos by simply providing your text descriptions. You just have to write a script and employ the Text-to-Speech tool of this vlog editing software to get your first AI-created clip in under five minutes.

If you want to create a video, you need to follow 3 simple steps. Start by adding a new project and picking either your own template or one of the provided presets. Next, you can copy or type in the script for the video. The content of the imported PPT will be inputted automatically. Then choose the desired language and AI avatar, edit if needed, and save the generated result.

deepbrain ai ai video generator interface

DeepBrain AI Key Features:

  • Text-to-speech support
  • Super realistic AI avatars
  • Over 80 supported languages and voice options
  • Customizable scenes
  • Doesn’t apply a watermark

Pricing: From $30 a month