16 Best Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Look through this 16 best video editing software for Mac that will help you make Hollywood movies from your travel videos. Now you don’t have to spend many hours testing different Mac video editors, choose a good video editing software that will work without lags on your Mac.

Top 16 Video Editing Software for Mac

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC - For professionals
  2. Lightworks - Fast video rendering
  3. VideoProc - 4K editing
  4. Apeaksoft Video Editor - Affordable video-editing software
  5. Movavi Video Editor - Video editing in several clicks
  6. SolveigMultimedia - Has smart editing modes
  7. DaVinci Resolve - For professional color grading
  8. Blender - The best for 3D
  9. HitFilm Express - Amazing visual effects
  10. PowerDirector 365 - Cinematographic effects
  11. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate - Easily customization options
  12. Final Cut Pro X - The best timeline tool
  13. Apple iMovie - For home video editing
  14. Shotcut - 1-click video conversion
  15. OpenShot - Open-source
  16. VideoPad - For amateurs

You will be surprise how many free video editing apps can do some amazing things with video on your Mac. If you would like to get started editing videos on your Mac or put out movies, short films professionally, choose one of the following Mac photo editors.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

For professionals
  • High quality of audio and video editing
  • Comfortable work with Windows and MacOS
  • Integrated non-linear video editing
  • Haven’t been found

Verdict: Adobe Premiere is the most popular video editor for all the platforms. The program interface is quite simple and convenient. There are embedded layouts for specific purposes. However, you can also use a full customization. All the windows may be moved and joined by several tabs.

Coding formats ‒ a great number of codecs and presets that make the process of video export more convenient. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to get the desired results on the first try. Although, by default you get a decent quality, you may achieve better results examining the export settings. Check out these Adobe Premiere alternatives.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC may boast of many plug-ins, templates, and scripts. These tools may greatly simplify the working process and add a professional touch to the final video. This is the best choice fir batch product video editing.

One of the peculiarities is that you may regulate the cache of the program. It’s very useful since the video editor clutters the hard drive without limits. View more about how to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free.

adobe premiere pro cc video editing software for mac interface

2. Lightworks

Best video rendering
  • Advanced tools
  • Plenty of built-in effects
  • Free for home use
  • 3D video editing
  • Complex interface

Verdict: Lightworks can be downloaded for free without a time limit. The program has multi-channel input and various useful options on the timeline. When editing clips in this best video editing app, you can use an unlimited number of audio and video tracks.

Any video post-production is performed in real time in the background mode. This allows you to use the program smoothly, but only if your Mac is powerful enough. The GPU is used to speed up calculating tasks. Although it is necessary to install special drivers for such video cards as NVIDIA or ATI.

You shouldn’t worry that the created video will disappear as the entire sequence of processes is saved automatically. The program supports any import and export video format. It is possible to simultaneously edit the video recorded on multiple cameras. Finally, there is the screen capture feature.

lightworks video editing software for mac interface

3. VideoProc

4K editing
  • 370 codecs and 420+ output formats
  • 4K support4K support
  • Allows you to record videos and stream
  • Limited functionality in a free version

Verdict: VideoProc is a high-quality 4K video editing software package. It can be used to create professional videos, trailers, corporate presentations, podcasts, game reviews and more, using a variety of formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MPG, WMV, and 3GP.

It offers a full pack of tools and features – video stabilization, noise removal, lens distortion correction. It also meets the most basic requirements, making it easy to edit, trim and merge footage in an automatic mode. One unique feature is the ability to record live broadcasts of your screen, making it the best option for gamers.

Another great advantage of using VideoProc is that you can preview what you’ve created before exporting your work. This will help you see how your content will look on an HD screen.

videoproc video editing software for mac interface

4. Apeaksoft Video Editor

Affordable video-editing software
  • All basic video enhancement options
  • Converts clips
  • Supports most video formats
  • No pro-level features

Verdict: Apeaksoft Video Editor is an all-in-one software that allows you to rotate, crop, trim, merge, improve your clips, add watermarks and audio tracks. With this program, you can convert video and audio files as well as add creative effects to enhance your content in no time.

Users can save their files with higher resolution, use an assortment of video-editing tools, adjust brightness and contrast to make videos more eye-catching. If you want to remove any sign of blur caused by camera shake, you can make your clip clearer with the help of dedicated tools. This program enables you to edit videos in a variety of formats, such as MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.

apeaksoft video editing software for mac interface

5. Movavi Video Editor

Video editing in several click
  • Unclutters and understandable UI
  • Direct output on YouTube
  • Fast video rendering
  • No histogram, vectorscope, and color wheel
  • Doesn’t support LUTs

Verdict: Movavi Video Editor is a powerful and yet fairly simple video editor, using which you can easily import a media file, open a DVD or 3D clips, and record video or audio stream.

Among the main functions of Movavi Video Editor are such tools as cropping the edges of a video, rotating a picture, adding audio and video tracks, various effects and filters (noise, blur, brightness, chromatic balance, contrast, invert), and creating a slide show.

movavi video editing software for mac interface

6. SolveigMultimedia

Fitted with smart editing modes
  • Intuitive UI
  • Allows adding and customizing audio tracks
  • Integrated video splitter
  • Screen capture features
  • Lacks features for professional editing

Verdict: SolveigMultimedia provides videographers with numerous options for editing clips on Mac devices without affecting the quality of the initial file. Besides, the software is fitted with screen capturing and video debugging features meaning it offers more extensive functionality to home users, video engineers, enterprises, and OEM partners.

The program allows editing pre-compressed MP4 and TS files. By using a built-in video splitter and a handy combination of hotkeys you can delete unwanted parts of the video in an instant. You can also edit audio tracks, add, delete, or set them according to your requirements.

Moreover, this editor for macOS has frame-by-frame video processing option. You can select one or more intervals and apply certain effects to a specific fragment without affecting the rest of the file. The editor also lets you delete several sections of a clip (for example, an advertisement) in different places at the same time in just a couple of clicks.

solveigmultimedia video editing software for mac interface

7. DaVinci Resolve

Best color grading
  • Certified Training Course and multilingual tutorials
  • Package rendering
  • Many audio parameters
  • Multi-camera editing, curves, extended filters
  • Complicated interface for beginners

Verdict: It is a free version of DaVinci Resolve Studio with many features available. This video editing software is full of professional tools, such as enhanced color correction and image stabilization. In a free version, you may work with a frequency of 60 fps and export your films in SD, HD, and Ultra HD.

It has a fully digital audio workstation for sound editing. In other words, you don’t have to turn off the program to get the sound in the manner you like. It is available at App Store but if you want to use all the possibilities of the free version, download it from Blackmagic website. If you don’t have time to study it, address professional video editing services.

davinci resolve video editing software for mac interface

8. Blender

Best for 3D
  • Many tools to create visual effects
  • A great number of add-ons
  • Almost all lessons are focused on 3D animation/modeling

Verdict: Blender is an open source free video editor for Mac that offers 3D rendering. It has the best set of functions for work with movable objects, such as modeling, training, interface, animation, shading, opening UV, creating 3D games in real time, etc.

It also has a highly-technological interface and integrated tools. But, like other video editors, Blender has some drawbacks. In comparison with other programs, this is the app that provides professional 3D quality free of charge. It offers many functions and is perfect for 3D-enthusiasts, artists, and designers.

It is a universal app that does not need much space. Unfortunately, beginners may face some difficulties using this free video editing software for Mac because of its inconvenient interface and a few YouTube tutorials. Learn more about the best computer for video editing before making a purchase.

blender video editing software for mac interface

9. HitFilm Express

Best visual effects
  • Continue video editing while exporting
  • Flexible and intuitive export functions
  • Extended tracking and screen simulation
  • Paid plug-ins
  • Low export performance

Verdict: HitFilm Express is a free video editing software for Mac that offers more than 180 special effects for your video including 3D-editing. It has masks and layer tools.

The main feature of HitFilm is composite images which allows creating tome line only for special effects and animation (which may be further applied to the main video). It works by means of applying multi-layer effects without instant integration of everything into the main linear timeline.

Updated Express now allows choosing various parameters of the view quality including customizable playback and pause which makes video playback faster and helps eliminate delays while watching high-resolution videos.

New variants include quality playback, video resolution, pause of quality and pause of resolution. Each of these parameters is available with four options from low to high.

hitfilm express video editing software for mac interface

10. PowerDirector 365

Cinema-inspired effects
  • Dynamic keyframe controls
  • Broad audio libraryBroad audio library
  • Intuitive interface
  • LUTs
  • High-end client support
  • Lack of advanced animated text options

Verdict: PowerDirector 365 is a program for content processing and creation. It comes with useful options, including an improved mask builder, dynamic keyframe controls, customizable motion graphics titles, green screen editing, and allows adding custom shape objects for creating text bubbles and callouts to your clips.

Thanks to a large and constantly updated library of content, you can find different soundtracks for your needs. The library contains 170+ background music tracks and 580+ clips with sound effects.

PowerDirector is flexible software with several interfaces. The tool works for both beginners and more advanced users. Whatever project you are working on, you can cope with the task faster, using PowerDirector.

powerdirector video editing software for mac interface

11. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Best customization options
  • Swift performance and rendering
  • Straightforward interface
  • Unusual work with time-lapse
  • Support for 3D video and pictures
  • Ultra 4K isn’t supported
  • Standard version has significant restrictions

Verdict: Pinnacle Studio pleases users with a vast selection of tools for organizing, editing and exporting videos. A one-of-a-kind and user-friendly workflow of this video editing software makes it possible to sort, build and import projects from the media clips.

The timeline and storyboard are located on one screen in Pinnacle Studio Plus. Therefore, users can manipulate both workflows simultaneously. The software boasts one of the most extensive libraries of preprogrammed objects. Users will have numerous effects, transitions, titles and templates at their disposal.

pinnacle studio ultimate video editing software for mac interface

12. Final Cut Pro X

Best timeline tool
  • Many auto settings
  • Qualitative effects, transitions, and headings
  • Diversity of audio editing features
  • Works exclusively on Мас
  • Limited color correction settings

Verdict: It is a very powerful and convenient video editor developed and produced by Apple Company. Final Cut Pro X is a program with a relatively uncommon interface.

Unlike other video editors, you can’t move windows. Final Cut Pro X has a flexible Magnetic Timeline, offering a new approach to video editing without tracks. It allows adding and organizing clips in the manner convenient for you while other clips disappear from the screen.

This Mac video editor has a Clip Connections feature to join the basic clips with other elements regardless of their moving.

The drawback of the color correction tool is that all the adjustments are done with the mouse and you can’t enter the parameters using a keyboard. Consequently, when you need to do a minimum correction, you have to use a mouse very delicately.

final cut pro x video editing software for mac interface

13. Apple iMovie

For home video editing
  • Intuitive interface
  • Well designed, qualitative and simple
  • Perfect for editing and creating trailers
  • Possibility to “frozen” frames and make clips
  • Many pre-installed sound effects
  • The chosen audio can’t be changed
  • No synchronization with other IOS-gadgets

Verdict: It is a great video editor that is perfect for amateurs. On the one hand, it is a user-friendly simple app, and on the other ‒ it is qualitative Mac video editing software full of features.

You have everything to create great video clips for free. It is not a professional software since this app was specifically designed for home use. That is why this Mac video editor is so simple and intuitive.

In case some problems occur, there is a great online support system (especially for Mac laptops). So you may find answers to all your questions.

apple imovie video editing software for mac interface

14. Shotcut

Cloning big-sized hard drives
  • Flexible, customizable toolbar
  • Triple color correction
  • Supports all video formats
  • Works with 4K video
  • The filter option isn’t improved
  • Unstable work of the program

Verdict: In Shotcut you can collage videos, edit them with a wide range of customizable filters, adjust the quality of video and audio, change the volume, and choose the desired discretization. In addition, you can convert the edited clip to any available video formats, including WebM, MJpeg, H264, and many others.

Also, there is the possibility to convert files in LOSSLESS mode, that is, without quality loss. It means you don’t have to get through the cascade of windows. You can also immediately correct your actions, adjust the properties of the added filters, etc.

shotcut video editing software for mac interface

15. OpenShot

  • Clip resizing, scaling, cropping, snapping
  • Cropping video transitions with real-time preview
  • Composition, overlays, watermarks
  • Title templates, subtitles, 3D animated titles and effects
  • Few video lessons

Verdict: Openshot is an open source Mac video editing software. It may remind iMovie with its easy to use drag-and-drop interface. However, Openshot contains more features than iMovie, including an unlimited number of layers and sound mixing. This free video editor for Mac offers a good balance between advanced features and a simple interface.

You can combine and crop videos, add sound, images and text, use a variety of transition effects, etc. At the same time, you can add as many elements as you wish. Any fragment can be inserted into the project in the desired place, which provides impressive opportunities to get high-quality videos.

The program is perfect for both home use and as a professional video editing app for creating promotional videos, training videos, etc.

openshot video editing software for mac interface

16. VideoPad Video Editor

For amateurs
  • Record clips from digital and web-camera, VHS
  • Batch video editing
  • Convert 2D to 3D
  • Supports 720p, 1080p and 4K video resolution
  • Limited number of supported formats
  • Errors while working with GIF files

Verdict: VideoPad Video Editor has impressive functionality. A user can import 2 or more clips into the video editor by placing them one above the other in the layer hierarchy. Changes in one of the video tracks do not affect all other tracks.

However, the player displays all the layers on the screen simultaneously while the clip is being played. Each of the imported clips can be edited by the user individually, and then used in the main project or exported as a separate video file.

When adding clips, this Mac video editing program automatically places the audio in a separate timeframe. The user can control it regardless of the video, for example, cut into fragments, replace the necessary sections, etc. View more samples of the best monitor for video editing and choose a suitable one.

videopad video editing software for mac interface


Unfortunately, not every Mac video editor mentioned above supports loading LUTs that can help with color grading while editing videos. Luckily, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and Lightworks allow you to upload such convenient settings.

Wedding LUTs

bruiloft luts für mac

Almost always, when a couple hires a videographer, they want to get a beautiful film and not just separate frames. So if you are eager to impress your clients with the astonishing result, then this set of LUTs for wedding videos is what you really need.

It adds a slight effect to make a clip fabulous. Believe, the couple will be pleased.

Orange & Teal LUTs

sinaasappel & groenblauw luts voor mac sinaasappel & groenblauw luts voor mac

I think this set is ideal for summer travel videos. We associate summer with heat, so by giving your video warm tones, you will help the viewer to fully delve in the atmosphere of the clip.

Color Grading LUTs

Video kleurcorrectie luts Video kleurcorrectie luts

After watching the cool videos on GoPro and DJI channel, you will immediately run to buy their camera or drone. If you try to record a couple of videos you will not see the riot of colors.

You will be disappointed as there won’t be the colors that attracted you when you watched videos on YouTube. That's because even after shooting with top-end devices, color correction is a must.

Therefore, FixThePhoto experts have created this set of Color Grading LUTs. Apply them and get the best result in a short period of time.