11 Free Video Editing Software with No Watermark in 2020

11 Free Video Editing Software with No Watermark in 2020

Don't want to pay crazy amounts of money to get a top-of-the-range video editor like Premiere Pro when you’re just beginning video editing or make it for fun? It's totally understandable.

Here come these free video editing software: DaVinci Resolve, Lightworks, VSDC, Shotcut, etc. that have no watermark when you export your video even in 4K.

Top 11 Free Video Editing Software with No Watermark

  1. DaVinci Resolve - Stable work with large files
  2. Lightworks – The best video editor with no watermarks
  3. Blender - All available features without a watermark
  4. VSDC - Allows to share no watermark videos to social media
  5. OpenShot - Supports all video formats
  6. Shotcut - 4K video resolutions without watermark
  7. VideoPad - Burns movies to DVD and Blu-ray without watermarks
  8. iMovie - For Apple users
  9. VideoProc - One-stop video editing
  10. ActivePresenter - Audiovisual editing without watermarks
  11. Video Grabber - Online video editing without watermarks

There exist lots of top-notch programs on the market developed by the two giants, Adobe and Apple, that contain everything you could dream of. But even working in the free trial, the assembled result will carry the mark of those companies.

But you understand that they also cost money and removing a watermark will take a certain amount of time. Therefore, I advise you to consider the following 11 free video editing software with no watermarks.

1. DaVinci Resolve – Our Choice

Stable work with large files
  • Supports 8K
  • Provided with a set of effects and transitions
  • Cropping and pasting pieces together
  • Direct saving to a number of online services
  • Requires registration on the official page

Verdict: This video editing program enables you to cut, rotate, shuffle fragments, remove unnecessary portions, overlay one or more tracks with sound.

You can also record and immediately stabilize materials for subsequent adjustment on the laptop directly through the program. In addition, since this is a free no watermark video editor, you will get a clean video.

If something important is lacking, you are welcome to turn to the FixThePhoto video editing service.

davinci resolve video editing software no watermark interface

2. Lightworks

For professionals
  • Any popular extension can be put in or out
  • Video processing from HD to 4K quality
  • Professional kit of instruments
  • Adjustable interface components
  • Only registered users can work
  • High system requirements

Verdict: Lightworks doesn’t apply watermarks and performs so well that it was used for several famous movies, Pulp Function being one of them. Naturally, it is capable of processing the best video formats.

Like all video editors, it contains a timeline onto which you can simply drop materials for editing. All basic functions, such as combining frames or changing their order, can be done with a couple of clicks.

lightworks video editing software no watermark interface

3. Blender

All available features without a watermark
  • Offers real-time previewing
  • Provides convenient work with sound
  • Supports a maximum of 32 tracks
  • Enables speed alteration
  • No documentation in the basic package

Verdict: It is primarily a VFX software but still fully equipped to serve you as free video editing software without watermark.

The developers give you unlimited time to work without payment and don’t disfigure your projects with a watermark like so many others do. It is astonishing that being in public access, it can count up to 32 tracks for working with any kind of media.

Being somewhat limited, it still equips you well for masking and color grading, which aren’t entirely common either.

blender video editing software no watermark interface


Allows sharing no watermark videos
  • Recognizes numerous formats
  • Well-stocked on effects
  • PiP mode, stabilization, color blending
  • Direct connection to social media
  • Runs only on Windows

Verdict: VSDC is one of the best video editing software for YouTube. It enables assembling not only simple clips but even more complex media.

Unlike many useful programs, it doesn’t limit you to a trial period, bombard you with ads, or force its icon over your assembled videos. This free video editor with no watermark works in a convenient non-linear mode, the available toolkit being simple enough for newbies to figure out and sufficiently filled for specialists to work efficiently.

vsdc video editing software no watermark interface

5. OpenShot

Supports most video formats
  • Well-organized interface
  • Recognizes the majority of media formats
  • Advanced work with animation
  • Can contain many tracks with materials
  • More basic functionality

Verdict: This free video editing software gives the necessary tools for slicing a long video, arranging the portions and providing them with audio, all working in a simple and quick way.

Don’t expect to find multi-cam video editing option in this free video editing software with no watermark but otherwise, you will be quite set to create great projects, especially if you concentrate on content for social networks.

The program is so advanced that it allows generating 3D animations and processing the content through the chroma key to create engaging and beautiful videos.

openshot video editing software no watermark interface

6. Shotcut

4K video resolutions
  • Non-linear working mode
  • Captures stills and videos of the screen
  • Works on any OS
  • 4K editing
  • Altering video properties is problematic

Verdict: Shotcut is one of the best video editing software for Mac that gives you a decent toolkit. The workspace can be reorganized to put what you need in immediate access to carry out projects with the highest efficiency. It has a specialized timeline which proves to be a more convenient tool that simplifies things.

The mechanisms of work are immediate to grasp and you will see how to lock a waveform or do a similar thing straight away.

shotcut video editing software no watermark interface

7. VideoPad

Burns movies to DVD and Blu-ray
  • Supported on any device
  • Allows direct upload to YouTube
  • The library contains 50+ transitions
  • Can record DVDs, Blu-rays
  • The version in public access is basic

Verdict: VideoPad Video Editor Review is strictly confined to working with footage and is advantageously distinguished by its small size and very low consumption of system resources in combination with a solid toolkit.‬‬‬

It can process footage from virtually any camera and fully optimize it. In addition, you receive the ability to configure recording with an external camera. Your materials can be embellished with graphic effects and assembled with creative transitions between the pieces, all contained in the incorporated library.‬‬‬

It is possible to open every type of media file extension even including images. The editor makes it possible to save the finished result in the formats necessary for subsequent burning, export, or upload to YouTube. Definitely the best choice for vlog video editing.‬‬‬

videopad video editing software no watermark interface

8. iMovie

For Apple users
  • Can work with numerous tracks
  • Provides modulations and effects
  • Offers a selection of pre-set trailers and themes
  • Suitable for work with 4K
  • Limited functionality

Verdict: Intended to supply the Apple device holders with decent instruments for improving their video recordings, this is one of the few specialized free video editors without watermark. It is quite user-friendly and will feel comfortable for a starter to explore.

You are free to create as many tracks for all kinds of media as the current project requires, and there are countless themes and transitions you can apply to your clips to combine them better. Plus, you can do your video editing wherever you want, making use of computer and mobile versions.

imovie video editing software no watermark interface

9. VideoProc

One-stop video editing
  • Contains a selection of overlays
  • Provides instruments for flipping and trimming
  • Supports advanced video editing
  • Capable of processing 4K/HD materials
  • Old-fashioned look
  • Not agile video editing

Verdict: This is the perfect video editor without watermarks for those, who only need to do some basic things. A skilled user will not feel restricted, finding instead that quite a lot can be done with this basic set of instruments that even covers the 4K footage editing and recognizes the formats of most existing cameras.

In its core, the program is not even that basic, having such a helpful feature as VideoProc that optimizes the performance of your hardware to make the process faster. This way it is quite capable of handling complicated projects with long footage.

videoproc video editing software no watermark interface

10. ActivePresenter

Audiovisual no watermark editing
  • Well-organized and neat interface
  • Allows recording the screen
  • Audiovisual editing
  • Supports projects up to Full HD
  • Can’t edit 4K
  • Stripped-down functionality

Verdict: For anyone in search of video editing software with no watermark, ActivePresenter can become a nice option. This program is acknowledged to be the most efficient in working with screencast materials so if you’re engaged in creating tutorials or presentations of any kind, this could be your workhorse.

Capabilities of proper video editing allow embellishing the visuals and providing them with appropriate audio, creating the desired atmosphere and effect.

The outcome can be converted into any format convenient for your purposes like the simpler JPEG and PNG, WMV, AVI and the more specialized SCORM structured learning objects.

The work with regular text documents or PDF and PowerPoint presentations is also enabled, plus a variety of internet formats.

activepresenter video editing software no watermark interface

11. Video Grabber

Online video editing with no watermark
  • Incredibly convenient interface
  • Recognizes numerous formats
  • Enables all the basic functions
  • Can turn footage into GIFs
  • No timeline editing
  • No immediate preview of effects

Verdict: This universal software can cover many needs of a common user. You can use it for conversion, improvement of visuals, recording the screen or online videos. After using this video editor with no watermark, nothing will disgrace your carefully assembled piece.

There are instruments for resizing footage or extracting short clips and merging them, inserting various effects or transitions, adjusting the audio volume, playback speed.

There are the means of adjusting the resolution and fps, working with audio channels at your disposal. You can even create GIFs quite easily. There will be a large selection of formats for the output.

video grabber video editing software no watermark interface
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