VideoPad Video Editor Review 2024

VideoPad Video Editor 2024
Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS
Price: Free trial or $60.00/$5.50 per month
VideoPad Video Editor For iOS: iPhone, iPad
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VERDICT: VideoPad Video Editor is a user-friendly program created by NCH Software. VideoPad is rather suitable for beginners since anyone will easily master its tools and create their own video clips. It allows uploading files directly to YouTube or Facebook or saving them in the format that is compatible with any device.

  • Limitless video tracks
  • Almost complete toolkit
  • Clean, simple UI
  • Includes stock sound effects
  • Editing of 3D and 360 videos
  • Lacks advanced effects and filters
  • Available user guides are not enough
  • Weak performance
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If you need VideoPad for personal purposes, you may use it for free. Moreover, it does not apply any watermarks like many free softwares do.

VideoPad Review: Home Edition

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Although VideoPad features basic tools and functions necessary for apps in this category, they are still not enough for some purposes.

H3 Intuitive Interface

When you launch VideoPad for the first time, you will be impressed by how simple it is. Menus and panels are clear and easy to navigate. All the important tools are clearly signed and easily spot.

However, if some problems still occur and you get lost, you may always turn to user guides and solve your problem. This app is perfect if it’s your first video-editing experience or you want to change a video editing program.

VideoPad video editor tutorial is available only via a browser. You click on it and a video opens in a browser window. Of course, it would be better if it was opened within the program, but it does not really matter.

VideoPad will be familiar to you if you have worked with Windows Movie Maker before. The working process is really simple. All you have to do is to load necessary clips, sounds and images, drag them to the timeline and cut together.

Convenient Transitional Effects

videopad transitional effects

VideoPad offers a great bundle of transitional effects for moving between clips and images. It also features numerous filters to enhance your videos. All the filters may be previewed and you may choose the duration of transitions. Moreover, you may combine various filters to create new effects.

Ability to Set Manual Settings

videopad video editor manual settings

If you want to improve your video clips recorded in various lighting conditions, you may easily do it using manual settings. You may smoothly correct brightness, saturation and color.

Good Export Possibilities

You may burn your videos on DVD, save them on a hard drive in various formats or upload directly to Facebook or YouTube. Moreover, it features some presets that are supported by several smartphones and mobile video players.

This software is famous for its ability to import, export and edit 4K ultra-high-resolution videos. Moreover, using motion tracking tools, you may recognize and follow moving objects in the video and apply effects to them.

Thanks to these tools and some other advanced options (video stabilizer, 3D video editing, etc.), VideoPad is one of the best video software in this category.

Blessing Visual Effects

It would be wrong to say that this video software offers some unique and extraordinary effects. In fact, it has basic visual effects and transitions that perfectly cope with their direct purpose. You may improve saturation, hue, exposure, etc. or crop the frame, pan and zoom, add motion blur.

There are several preset effects in the library that will make your footage better. Apply “Black & White,” “Sepia,” “Night Vision,” “X-ray,” “Old Film” filters and your clips will look stunning.

Impressive Stock Sounds

videopad video editor sound editing

VideoPad features basic sound edits, such as adding effects and adjusting volume, including reverb, echo and distortion. Unfortunately, you won’t find advanced tools typical for professional software, like a full-bodied mixer and the ability to calibrate your audio for surround sound setups.

However, working with this video software, you have free access to stock sounds from the library. It offers a great variety of sounds, starting with bells and horns and ending with ambient noise and mood-setting tunes.

Entangled Texting

The procedure of adding text to your footage is not quite simple. You have to click on the button “add text” or “add title” and a new window will appear on the screen. Here you may work with your text and design its final look.

Moreover, you may create text-to-sound videos. Type in the words you want to be heard and the app will make a sound file. This option is helpful when you need a voice-over but don’t want to use your own voice.

Excellent Video Stabilization

videopad video editor stabilization

Preparing this VideoPad editor review, I can’t help mentioning the video stabilizer. It is a great tool to smooth out shaky videos. It saves the day when a video was recorded by a handheld device or by the camera without a tripod.

Professional Green Screen

videopad video editor green screen

One of the advantages of VideoPad is the chroma key. This tool enables you to put a recorded video in front of a green screen (or a blue one) and put any image you like behind it. It is extremely helpful when you need to show people on another planet or in front of a weather map.

Some years ago, chroma key, as well as 3D video editing, was available only in big Hollywood studios. This video software enables you to edit, import and export 3D clips and convert 2D videos into 3D ones. It is also appropriate for personal use. So, if you want to create a funny 3-dimensional video from the last family vacation, this tool may help greatly.

Although VideoPad is suitable for 360-degree videos, it falls behind the competitors in this price category, especially when it comes to tools. But not so many people work with 360-clips today. Still, the application is becoming increasingly popular so developers might prepare the updates soon.

VideoPad Review: Master’s Edition

videopad video editor

If you have gotten used to VideoPad Video Editor but aren’t satisfied with a free version anymore, Master's Edition is exactly what you need. It is a perfect alternative for those who want decent video editing software but aren’t interested in advanced programs, like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Clear Interface

Office-style layout: Familiar and intuitive UI features a ribbon-style toolbar and a multi-window layout. It is very convenient to edit videos thanks to embedded controls that appear during the working process.

Many controls: When you start working with VideoPad Master's Edition, you will see that it offers a great number of control buttons. Every tub has sub-tubs featuring useful controls. For instance, if you choose the Transitions menu, you will see 12 selections (Fade, Wipe, Reveal, etc.). If you click on More Transitions, you will have 24 more variants (Diamond, Page Curl, various kinds of Split, etc.)

Add SFX, Suite and Help: If you open the Help section, you will have access to various resources. The Add SFX button downloads clips from the stock library. Suite provides access to NCH tools that integrate with VideoPad.

Useful Additional Options

As a rule, you start by importing video, audio and image files. The majority of video editors store them in a single pool of resources while VideoPad Professional sorts them into bins. It is not a significant advantage, but it helps differentiate between still pics and videos, which may be mixed sometimes.

This software is particularly useful if you create a software video tutorial or demonstration. The thing is that you can capture video from your screen, record clips from a webcam, record audio from a microphone and take screenshots without leaving the app. These options will significantly save your time.

You may also add subtitles or generate them automatically using voice recognition. If you are short of time, it’s a great way to enhance your productivity.

VideoPad Home Vs Master’s Edition: What is the Difference?

In general, you may easily satisfy all your video editing needs with VideoPad Home Edition. However, if you work with complex projects, two audio tracks won’t be enough. Moreover, if you want to use plugins from other developers, Home Edition is not the best choice since it uses only its own resources. In this case, you may change the situation by upgrading your VideoPad Video Editor to the Master’s Edition and get an unlimited number of tracks along with access to plugins from third-party companies.

You will get regular updates for free and don’t have to wait for the next version. It is a great variant if you know that you will not use it for long.

In addition, you may always try a fully functional free version of VideoPad Video Editor. It is a trial version, so every time you export a file, it will ask you to buy a license. However, you may download it for free for your personal, non-business needs.

VideoPad Video Editor for iOS

VideoPad Video Editor for iOS
Platforms: iOS
Price: FREE
videopad video editor logo

Mac App Store

VideoPad app enables you to create great videos in several minutes. VideoPad Video Editor for iOS allows applying different effects, transitions, speed adjustments, etc. You may find it only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

VideoPad Prices

This video editing software is completely free unless you want to use it for commercial projects. If you need it for professional purposes or want to get some advanced tools, you may get paid VideoPad versions available on the net. Either you buy one of two editions or test the app in a free version.


You’ll have to pay $99 for VideoPad Master’s Edition. It features all the basic tools and limitless audio tracks and plugins. You may also pay $4.95 per month.

If you want to get VideoPad Home Edition, you will have to pay $60. This option has all the features but offers only two audio tracks and no external plugins. This variant costs $5.50 per month.

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