11 Best Video Review & Collaboration Software in 2024

With the best video review software at hand, it is very easy to get feedback from customers no matter whether you are part of a large corporation or a freelancer.

Using such programs, you can quickly share your projects with clients and team members, learn their ideas about your work, collect comments, and analyze them. When you have good video editing software and tools for reviewing comments, you can build a link with your clients more efficiently, grasp their requirements better, and generally level up your service.

Top 11 Video Review & Collaboration Software

  1. Frame.IO for Premiere Pro - Password-protected sharing
  2. QuickReviewer - User-friendly dashboard
  3. Ziflow - Amazing customization
  4. Wipster - Progress monitoring
  5. Screenlight - Swift uploading
  6. GoProof - Different workflow options
  7. Filestage - Streamlined collaboration
  8. ReviewStudio - Varied sharing options
  9. Ftrack - Effortless file management
  10. GoVisually - Real-time editing
  11. ShotGrid - Suitable for large projects

When looking for the best video review software, you should pay attention to such parameters as a clear interface, the range of supported formats, live commenting features, sharing options, customizability, updates, and the availability of customer support.

The programs in this list support different types of content, including video, and allow interacting with your clients in the most efficient manner.

1. Frame.IO for Premiere Pro - Our Choice

Password-protected sharing
  • Streamlined media sharing
  • Direct Camera to Cloud transfers
  • 2GB storage in the free plan
  • Intuitive navigation
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Verdict: This is a popular Adobe software for collecting reviews. It offers real-time commenting, the possibility to add highlights, and very precise controls, so you can cooperate with your colleagues in a convenient manner. When a client leaves a comment about your services, you will get an immediate notification.

Since Frame.IO is compatible with multiple software, including Final Cut Pro Free, DaVinci Resolve, DaVinci Studio, and Adobe Premiere Pro, you can start creating a project in one environment and then fine-tune it in another. Moreover, you can take advantage of different integrations such as Slack, Salesforce, and Paymo, to name a few.

Besides, this video feedback software integrates with Creative Cloud, so you can work together with your teammates on various projects and exchange ideas promptly.

There is a free plan that will fit the bill if you want to test the capabilities of the software. If you like the functionality, you can switch to the Pro Plan for $15/month/user. In this case, you’ll be able to make custom-branded presentations and perform 4K playback.

frame io for premiere pro video review software interface

2. QuickReviewer

User-friendly dashboard
  • Amazing integration
  • Live commenting with color codes
  • Controlled access to projects
  • Users can apply multiple changes
  • No video reviewing from Google Drive
  • High-priced premium plan

Verdict: If you are searching for a user-friendly video review platform, QuickReviewer is worth checking out. It allows team members to interact in an efficient manner, add comments with attached files, insert annotations, tag people, as well as compare different content versions side by side and make quick changes if necessary.

It is possible to adjust hourly and daily notifications, download PDFs with video frames & annotations, scrutinize banner ads, HTML pages, and even live sites.

Thanks to smooth integration with Adobe InDesign free, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, and Dropbox, cooperating with other people becomes a breeze.

There is a free plan aimed at starters and the Pro Plan for $29/month/10 users that will meet the needs of experienced users.

quickreviewer video review software interface

3. Ziflow

Amazing customization
  • Accurate annotating and commenting
  • Straightforward tracking
  • Intuitive file sharing
  • Great user management
  • No way to communicate online
  • A limited number of proofs per user

Verdict: This is feature-rich yet understandable video collaboration software that allows handling all processes very quickly. For instance, you can centralize your comments and markups right on a video instead of hashing out different details in multiple emails. Besides, Ziflow stands out with the possibility to review video files, websites, and documents.

It perfectly integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects free version, allowing you to collect reviews directly from the programs.

Besides, you can expand the capabilities of the software by pairing it with Monday, Slack, Dropbox, and Trello. The free plan is suitable for testing Ziflow, while the Business Plan for $40 per seat/month is a nice option for experts.

ziflow video review software interface

4. Wipster

Progress monitoring
  • Handy media management tools
  • Intuitive commenting
  • Task status
  • Integrates with Adobe products
  • Occasional bugs
  • The admin interface is slow
wipster video review software logo

Verdict: The highlight of Wipset is its optimization for different devices. Thus, you can access files and reviews from any platform, as well as send private and public URLs to teammates and clients.

Every feedback is transformed into a task that you can check and complete. By keeping tabs on the feedback cycles, approvals, and delivery, you can always stay in the loop of review progress.

This video feedback software integrates with many useful tools, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Slack, Box, and Vimeo free. Moreover, you don’t need to create a separate account for every team member but can enable shared accounts instead.

Similar to the above-mentioned programs, Wipset has free and paid versions. If you want to get access to a broader toolset, you have to pay $19.95/month.

wipster video review software interface

5. Screenlight

Swift uploading
  • Accepts all sizes
  • Customizable permissions
  • Instantly adjusts to mobile screen dimensions
  • Bulk uploading
  • You can’t choose a custom notification scheme
  • Limited free plan
screenlight video review software logo

Verdict: If you are going to work with images, text files, and audio in addition to videos, you should try this program. It can also become a user-friendly replacement for watermark software if you want to protect your content from unauthorized use and add your viewer’s IP to see who will watch your videos.

Every comment you receive from a client is automatically time-stamped. There is a threaded commenting option, so all messages are stored in one place. Discussing project details with clients is easier if you enable access via iOS and Android apps, most of which are optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Basic functions are available in a free version. To enjoy the full potential of this video review program, you have to spend $9/month/user on the Professional Plan.

screenlight video review software interface

6. GoProof

Different workflow options
  • Progress tracking
  • Full version history management
  • Tools to review design proofs
  • Straightforward feedback exchange
  • Seldom updates
  • Adobe CC extension loading issues
goproof video review software logo

Verdict: This online collaboration software is suitable for teams of different sizes. It is actually a 2-pronged program that you can use to request comments from your customers, edit design proofs, interact with your colleagues, and create a think tank for generating offbeat ideas.

This video collaboration software brags about auto version control, intuitive data import & export, and a rich variety of customizable templates. Moreover, it integrates with Adobe Cloud for Premiere, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, so you get access to even more powerful tools.

You can test the program for free for a limited period of time and then upgrade to the paid plans. The lowest cost is $1500/year.

goproof video review software interface

7. Filestage

Streamlined collaboration
  • Unrestricted sharing
  • Monitors every version and review round
  • 1-click file approval
  • Universal browser compatibility
  • Clear navigation
  • Notification issues
  • No free plan
filestage video review software logo

Verdict: If you believe that the best video review software should expedite your interaction with clients, Filestage absolutely matches this description. It allows for file approval 3x faster than analogs and guarantees that 92% of files will be approved in 2 review rounds.

In addition, Filestage offers users real-time commenting and annotating. The UI is absolutely understandable even for novices, so they can timestamp reviews and annotations without hassle.

Besides video formats, this program properly manages text documents, images, websites, and audio. Thanks to the seamless integration with such instant messaging software as Microsoft Teams and Slack, it allows sharing ideas very easily. You can use it for a week without paying a cent. The full version costs €19/seat per month.

filestage video review software interface

8. ReviewStudio

Varied sharing options
  • Innovative annotation tools
  • Comment discussion threads
  • Supports 100+ formats
  • Responsive support agents
  • Expensive
  • No free plan
reviewstudio video review software logo

Verdict: This video-proofing platform is lauded by many users due to the possibility to control each and every video review, as well as stay in charge of the approval procedure. With ReviewStudio, sharing videos, collecting comments, and obtaining approval is a no-brainer task. Besides, you can receive individual reviews and compare revisions next to each other on the screen.

Video sharing takes several minutes and your clients will definitely appreciate such speed. The most feted feature of this video feedback software is the possibility to use with without installing any codecs. The number of supported video formats is far beyond average.

Here you can work with videos in MP4, MOV, OGG, AVI, and ASF formats. Though there is no free version, you can test ReviewStudio for 15 days without spending money. The Pro version costs $20/month.

reviewstudio video review software interface

9. Ftrack

Effortless file management
  • Usability
  • Top security
  • High customizability
  • Installation-free work
  • No filtering/search options
  • Inconvenient file deletion
ftrack video review software logo

Verdict: If you are on the lookout for a powerful video reviewing and collaboration instrument, Ftrack will come in handy. It is very popular among digital marketing agencies and content makers that prioritize quick content uploading and expedited feedback collecting.

It has an intuitive interface, so managing orders, collecting reviews, as well as approving projects will take little time and effort. You can use the software both online and offline.

If you need to hash out a task with your colleagues, you only need to generate a link and send it to them. By clicking on it, your teammates will get access to the project and will be able to apply corrections and add comments. Start with a free trial and move to the paid version for $10/month if you like the capabilities of Ftrack.

ftrack video review software interface

10. GoVisually

Real-time editing
  • Various sharing options
  • Possibility to restrict file downloads & views
  • Quick comment viewing
  • Direct feedback
  • No way to make project folders
  • Bugs from time to time
govisually video review software logo

Verdict: GoVisually can be called the best video review software if you want a fast program with a straightforward interface. To get a video review, you just need to take 3 simple steps – import your file to the platform, review & approve it, and deliver the final asset.

People, you send a link to, can add comments even without registering on the platform. This is a very time-saving approach that is beneficial for all parties involved. GoVisually supports many video formats, including MP4, MOV, PSD, PDF, PNG, GIF, and JPG files.

If you are a loyal Adobe CC user, you’ll be glad that it’s possible to update proofs and revisions in GoVisually right from your CC account. Besides, it integrates with many task management software, including ClickUp, Trello, Airtable, Asana, and Zapier, so you can schedule and organize your task as efficiently as possible. The free version is valid for a week. The Basic Plan is priced at $20/month.

govisually video review software interface

11. ShotGrid

Suitable for large projects
  • Real-time project monitoring
  • Fantastic resource planning
  • Hi-res media viewing
  • Plug & play integrations
  • High price
  • No free plan
shotgrid video review software logo

Verdict: This is a powerful program by Autodesk aimed at companies and individuals, that need real-time project tracking, instant reviewing, collaboration instruments, and efficient management options.

Similar to innovative project management software, ShotGrid allows users to schedule tasks, plan resources, and produce insights.

Thanks to the availability of the Pipeline Toolkit, you can quickly develop and adjust a custom pipeline. Moreover, this software comes packed with all modern tools for managing large teams and advanced workflows. It is free for 30 days. For complete functionality, you have to pay $345/year or $45/month.

shotgrid video review software interface