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Vimeo is a well-known video hosting service that is ideal for both professional and entertainment purposes. The service has attracted over 150 million users, most of whom are designers, photographers, videographers and film industry workers. They use it as a platform to promote their work.

See more about how to use Vimeo free, what are its advantages, whether you can interact with it for free and what alternative video hosting services can compete with it.

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Vimeo Free Benefits

  • Conveniently configured search
  • Absence of ads
  • Unobtrusive monetization
  • Constructive community
  • Fast and convenient video player
  • Only qualitative content


  • What kind of content is presented on Vimeo?

Since the community mostly comprises directors of one level or another, a significant part of the catalog consists of cartoons, music videos and short films. However, videos from the category of instructions are also gaining popularity.

  • How is video sorting carried out?

Each video belongs to one of 16 Vimeo categories that may be viewed through a special section. In addition, all videos are divided into groups – specific topics created by users. This makes it easier to find certain records and brings users together in a real community.

  • Which videos are becoming popular?

Selections with popular videos are created by Vimeo employees. These are videos that they watch in person and mark as very interesting content. The page with selections also has several subsections: recently added, premieres, and the best of the month and year. Users are also offered videos that are gaining popularity. There you will find videos that are particularly popular with users and have recently been viewed very often.

  • Is Vimeo free to use?

You can watch videos on this platform for free. In this case, user registration is optional. However, registration is required for those who wish to upload their own videos.

  • What does a paid subscription offer?

To upload videos in large volumes, you will need to purchase a paid subscription. Tariff plans are divided into 4 components. Each of them provides users with a boost in available memory and some additional functions. For instance, the number of users increases, robust Analytics tools are added, online broadcasts are improved, and so on.

Additional Ways to Use Vimeo

Being the best free video hosting website, Vimeo may also be used as a mobile app. Developers provide apps for both Android and iOS, which can be downloaded for free.

Vimeo APP
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  • License: $7/month billed annually
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  • Version: 4.0
  • Compatible: IOS/Android

The Vimeo APP is positioned as an all-in-one tool. It is a comprehensive video management tool that lets users record, broadcast, customize, crop, edit, post and distribute videos from the smartphone. The mobile app is available for devices running on the Android and iOS operating systems.

Developers are constantly updating applications, adding new features and improving previous ones. For instance, the user can track performance through Analytics, conduct live broadcasts and record videos directly in the app.

Free Vimeo Alternatives

If you don’t want to work with Vimeo for some reason, you can always choose one of the alternative services. Below, I will present some of the best video hosting services that can replace Vimeo.

1. YouTube

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  • Absolutely free
  • Videos may be uploaded to websites
  • Possibility to earn money
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Ability to communicate with other users
  • Lots of ads

YouTube, as the most well-known video hosting service, may be considered the main Vimeo free competitor. The monthly influx of its users is estimated at millions, and the most popular videos gain a billion views. In addition to video hosting, YouTube is also a powerful social channel.

Users can upload an unrestricted number of videos to YouTube for free. But their maximum size can’t exceed 128 GB. Hosting can be used by photographers and videographers as a channel to promote their creativity.

2. Twitch

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  • Ideal for streaming
  • Absolutely free
  • Games are available
  • Cross-platform
  • No more than five downloads at a time

Twitch is positioned as a convenient video platform for gamers. In addition, it provides video hosting services. Users can download existing broadcasts or watch them recorded on the platform. There is a limit of 5 simultaneous downloads per user and a maximum of 100 videos per 24 hours.

Twitch automatically adjusts the stream depending on the speed of the Internet connection. You can also manually change the data transfer rate. The platform offers a variety of tools for presentations. You can add a title to the broadcast, set privacy settings for specific users and more.

3. Wistia

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  • Shared use is available
  • Top-notch Analytics
  • Ability to adjust the display size
  • Protection of user’s personal data
  • Users can post only 3 videos for free

Wistia is another decent website for photographers and videographers where they can post their videos. The main focus of the service is put on marketing. The service doesn’t have an integrated audience, and ads aren’t embedded in videos either.

After uploading the video, the user will be able to adjust the display size so that it looks perfect on both a PC and a smartphone. If you don’t want your video to be visible to all users, protect it with a password. Thanks to the Wistia video player, you can track comprehensive Analytics about your video.

Use Vimeo Free

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Vimeo rightfully occupies its place on the lists of the best video hosting services. Ease of use, the ability to determine the target audience, and the absence of annoying ads make it appealing and, most importantly, handy for millions of users.

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