4 Best Online Collaboration Software in 2023

The best online collaboration software makes it easier to work together with your colleagues on various projects.

You no longer need to write letters, send voice messages, call or come to a person's office to tell them that you have finished working on your project. These programs allow you to store all the information about your progress.

Top 4 Online Collaboration Software

  1. Microsoft 365 - Integration for Office tools
  2. Slack - Easy communication tool
  3. Asana - Project tracking
  4. Trello - For organising all your projects

Besides, these programs allow you to limit access rights to work data and projects. With the help of the best online collaboration software, you can increase the productivity of your team and its overall efficiency, which is especially useful for those who work remotely. Since nowadays many employees cannot communicate in person, such programs have become irreplaceable.

To help you make the right choice, I’ve compiled this list of the best collaboration software available today.

1. Microsoft 365 - Our Choice

Integration for Office tools
  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy updates
  • Can use the apps on any device
  • Learning curve in going to the cloud

Verdict: If you work in an office environment, whether you are a manager at a company or a team of employees in a freelancing environment, then you would have surely heard about Microsoft 365 online collaboration software.

This software comes with all the features you might need to manage your projects in the best way possible. It helps manage your schedule and give you a clear view of what tasks need to be done for the week. This Microsoft communication tool also allows your team members to easily share documents and collaborate on projects. With its ease of use, it helps increase productivity in your workplace. So, it can be used as project management software.

microsoft 365 interface

2. Slack

Easy communication tool
  • Focused channels
  • Interface is obvious
  • For both small and large companies
  • Reconnection takes time

Verdict: There are many things that make Slack an ideal platform for large business teams and individual users alike - communication, sharing of information, and tracking of progress. But it also offers a host of other useful features, such as group conversations, the ability to create tasks and labels, the ability to post files and documents, and many other advanced functionalities that can help business teams to improve efficiency and cut down on the time that they spend in each other's office.

What makes Slack such a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes is its conversational nature, combined with the ability to keep track of project progress and deliver results much more quickly than through more traditional means. In fact, it is this kind of functionality that has helped to make Slack one of the best online collaboration and live chat software option available.

slack interface

3. Asana

Project tracking
  • Handy integrations
  • Offers a free plan
  • Variety of integrations
  • Other apps have better comms features

Verdict: Asana is the best online collaboration software for all types of businesses. It will help you communicate your message, project a goal and reach it in the right time. It will also keep track of the projects, meetings, and communication that are part of your business.

With this best online collaboration software, you will be able to reach people around the world and give them your message with ease as it can work as voice chat software. With its help, you can even do marketing projects. It will definitely make your business better than the rest and reach new levels of success.

asana online collaboration software interface

4. Trello

For organising all your projects
  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Free version
  • Simple task management
  • Real time actions and updates
  • Not many comms features

Verdict: Trello is an online collaboration software solution designed by the folks at Google. It is a great product because it provides businesses with all of the functionality they need in one simple app.

This product brings together business, project management, and communication all in one simple but powerful board. Businesses can delegate projects to employees, change existing projects to other projects, and collaborate and communicate with customers and other team members on a project by project basis.

trello online collaboration software interface