Hirebee Review 2023: Benefits & Prices

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Hirebee is an all-in-one hiring platform for companies from different industries. Using this recruitment software, you can access professional screening tools and a variety of resources for improving your marketing efforts. Besides, it has a helpful customer support team.

What I like about this software is that it allows me to use AI-driven tools for global hiring, which enables me to close vacancies ten times faster. One of the main advantages of this software is that it allows users to access over 3000+ job platforms across the globe.

  • Reporting & analytics tools
  • Streamlined search
  • Handy filters
  • Integration with mail
  • AI-driven tools
  • A limited number of recruitment metrics
  • The site occasionally lags
hirebee review interface

What makes the team so efficient is that it uses edgy technology to improve time-to-hire and make the hiring process shorter and more affordable. The key advantage of the service over its competitors is that it allows users to optimize every stage of the recruitment process, from posting job listings to making an offer.

Complete Hirebee Review– Main Benefits

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Hirebee is a convenient service that demonstrates how one can use machine-learning algorithms to optimize the recruitment process and implement the best candidate relationship management (CRM) practices. This platform will be useful for small and medium businesses, as it allows them to hire thousands of employees without spending too much on the recruitment process.

This service has a collection of email templates, which will help you automate the process of communication with applicants. You can also schedule interviews quickly thanks to this software’s integration with Zoom and Outlook Calendar. Using this program, you can set up and manage your processes in a centralized way.

Convenient Interface

hirebee review dashboard

Even if you have never used similar software, you will easily figure out how to use it thanks to its intuitive interface. You can perform most tasks automatically by selecting options from drop-down lists. This service allows you to organize the information about candidates, which will facilitate the process of performing a database search.

If you take a look at candidate profiles, you will see detailed information about interaction with them, including emails they receive and tasks they perform. It will enable you to see all the stages of the recruitment process in one place. Besides, you can select diagrams of different colors to visualize the available information.

You can create job listings automatically. There is no need to enter the text manually, as you just need to select a city, the type of vacancy, and skills.

AI-Powered Candidate Screening

hirebee review candidate screening

What makes this software stand out among the rest is that it comes with AI-driven tools. Besides using smart filters, you can utilize AI tools to select the best candidates. The Automated Candidate feature allows you to improve your screening campaigns by removing bias. This way, you can maintain the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Hirebee is based on the document parsing algorithm that utilizes machine learning technology and automatically analyzes resumes to get the most important information.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, this service evaluates candidates based on their skills, experience, background, and other information to select the best person to fill a position.

Faster Job Distribution

hirebee review integrations

Using Hirebee, you can make the job posting process easier by optimizing its stages, from requisition to multi-platform publishing. With it, you can quickly automatically create job boards, improve your website, and set up corporate social media accounts. This service integrates with LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and other platforms.

What I like about this service is that it allows users to access a variety of boards. For instance, many location-specific or niche-specific job boards can be the perfect replacement for larger job boards for different industries.

In addition, this service makes it easier to display all the job openings in your company. You can integrate it with your career site in one click. It will allow you to save time and automate your workflow. Besides, it will be easier for you to reach out to potential candidates via your website.

Candidate Pool Sourcing

You can also utilize this program as a contact management software, as it has pro-level candidate management tools. This software will be especially useful for HR professionals and managers who want to create a talent pool to facilitate recruitment tasks.

Besides, as this service supports advanced search, you can use it to quickly find the resumes and upload external CVs. This service allows you to organize your database and browse it more quickly.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

hirebee review reports

Hirebee offers an extensive choice of analytical tools, which allow users to analyze their recruitment marketing campaigns and make decisions based on the processed data. Using the in-built tools, you can track the most important metrics for measuring progress, such as time-to-hire, channel effectiveness, and yield ratio.

Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the available analytical tools, you can quickly share the results with your team members and executives.

You can analyze jobs, the company’s performance, and the effectiveness of recruiting efforts to understand which strategies bring the best results. It will allow you to make your hiring strategy more effective. Besides, you will learn how to make the career page on your website more engaging, increase conversions, and track the metrics to get information for improving your brand.

Incomprehensible Website

While the team has a high expertise level, the site is difficult to navigate. There are a lot of details, but it might be challenging to find information on different pages and understand how to use the available tools. You can find the same features under different tabs. This is why it might be better to arrange a meeting with a manager to learn more about the platform and the services it provides.

Hirebee Prices

To use Hirebee, you can choose between 4 price levels. Besides, you can decide whether you want to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. The latter option allows you to get a 25% discount. There are different subscription options available:

Basic - $169 per month for 4 recruiters

Business - $309 per month for 4 recruiters

Premium - $479 per month for 4 recruiters

Similar Products

You won’t find alternatives to Hirebee in today’s market, as no other service can compare to it in terms of automation. This software comes with a variety of tools for performing searches, analyzing data, and creating reports.

Besides, its smart algorithms are regularly improved to allow users to find the perfect candidates. This service integrates with a variety of popular platforms, which allows you to post your listings in one click.