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A freelancing gig on Fiverr, of course, meant that I had to sit for whole days editing videos; you can only imagine how tempting is for me to download the Filmora 12 cracked version, getting an opportunity to save money and enjoy the software for free. But when I start thinking about certain downsides such as bugs, potential viruses, and no updates, then I say no to dealing with cracked software at all.

What I would not take a chance with is putting my PC at risk of losing all that sensitive data and all my clients; this certainly calls for the need to actually have a properly licensed 12th version of Filmora.

System Requirements

OS: Windows, Mac
Disk space: 10 GB
CPU: Intel i3 or better

After trying out both the cracked and official versions of several popular video enhancement apps, I've found that the official editions are not only more convenient to use because of the frequent updates they receive, but have also allowed me to benefit from reaching out to the support team whenever I encountered any issues.

By getting the official version of this video editing software for Windows, I got a great tool for producing pro-grade videos without risking the integrity of my computer, which wouldn’t be possible if I used one of the cracked Filmora 12 downloads I’ve seen on the web.

Filmora 12 Crack Versions:

Filmora 12 Windows

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Filmora 12.5.7

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Filmora 12.1.10

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Filmora 12.4.1

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Filmora 12 Crack: Features

filmora 12 interface

AI-based sound denoiser

I was able to employ artificial technology to get rid of noise from the audio tracks in my videos to ensure they sound more professional. I think this is one of the most useful features that the 12th version of Filmora has to offer, especially if you work on a lot of interviews or outdoor videos like me and constantly have to deal with windy weather and street traffic.

AI-based color histogram

This feature examines the color scheme of my footage and adjusts it to find the perfect color balance. I got fantastic results when applying it to scenes recorded in different lighting conditions, achieving a more cohesive look throughout the entire video.

Automated VFX

Filmora 12 makes it easy to apply pro-level effects to my footage even though I don’t have any extensive video editing knowledge or didn’t watch tutorials on Youtube. I managed to produce stunning visuals that allowed me to significantly boost my social media engagement rates.

Impressive green screen functionality

This tool can delete the background with impressive precision while allowing me to replace it with a custom image or just leave it transparent. It was especially useful when working on product demos and presentations.

Compatibility problems with Windows 10

I experienced regular crushes and performance drops, which have affected my editing process on multiple occasions. While these problems weren’t a deal breaker, they were still annoying to deal with if you’re not a MacBook owner.

Rather expensive

I think this AI video editor is a bit too expensive compared to most alternatives. As an enthusiast video editor who doesn’t have a lot of free funds, I can see why some users prefer to look for a Filmora 12 crack download link online instead of paying the full price for this software even if I don’t agree with such an approach.

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