7 Best Uninstallers For Mac in 2023

Since macOS is considered to be an advanced and highly secure operating system, it’s better to use the best uninstaller for Mac to quickly delete a program that you don’t want to use anymore. While you can install any software in no time, removing it from your Mac might be challenging unless you use dedicated tools.

Most users simply move programs and files to the trash, however, this method doesn’t allow them to fully remove all the traces of the software and the data that it saves on your device. You can either try searching for the files manually or use the best uninstaller for Mac designed specifically for this task.

Top 7 Uninstallers For Mac

  1. CleanMyMac X - Speed optimization
  2. Smart Mac Care - Removes malware infections
  3. TuneupMyMac - Cleans Mac in single click
  4. AppZapper - Compact uninstaller
  5. TrashMe - Easy interface
  6. Umate Mac Cleaner - Ability to manage unused apps
  7. BuhoCleaner - 5 tools bundled in a single app

Such programs will quickly scan files on your hard drive, analyze cache, app library, saved documents and the storage size used by the application that you want to remove. They are perfect for deleting the applications that you don’t use frequently and freeing up space to optimize the performance of your Mac.

1. CleanMyMac X - Our Choice

Speed optimization
  • Notarized by Apple
  • Multiple features
  • Allows you to restore the initial state of an app
  • Comprehensive uninstallation of apps
  • Free version lacks various features

Verdict: CleanMyMac X is an uninstaller for Mac that allows users to optimize the performance of their operating system with minimal effort. It functions as a means of identifying, finding and eliminating files that would otherwise take up a significant amount of memory. Typical examples include old caches, internet cookies, file fragments, outdated user logs and localizations.

cleanmymac x interface

2. Smart Mac Care

Removes malware infections
  • Quickly removes files
  • Has lots of modules to clean & protect Mac
  • Includes duplicate finder tools
  • Easy to use
  • Free version lets you scan only

Verdict: Smart Mac Care touts itself as the ultimate Mac cleaning and optimization toolbox. It helps to remove unnecessary junk files. In addition, it helps remove malware infection and traces of sensitive personal data. Smart Mac Care helps free up a lot of space on your Mac. Plus, it removes redundant data from your device.

smart mac care interface

3. TuneupMyMac

Cleans Mac in single click
  • One-click cleaning
  • Shredder file to make recovery impossible
  • Manage browsing history, cookies
  • Delete old downloads, backups to recover space
  • Dated interface

Verdict: TuneupMyMac is a program designed to remove programs from your Mac without any hassle. It is very easy to use. You simply download it onto your computer, install it and then let it scan your computer for programs that you no longer need. It will then ask you whether or not you want to remove the programs so that you can free up space on your hard drive.

By the way, you can also use duplicate file finders for Mac to clear some space on your hard drive.

tuneupmymac uninstallers for mac interface

4. AppZapper

Compact uninstaller
  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop uninstallation functionality
  • Keeps record of the purchased apps that you have uninstalled
  • Compatible with older versions of macOS
  • May gets crashed
  • Lacks advanced uninstallation functionality

Verdict: The main function of AppZapper is to be used as a trash can, into which we can move any program or file we no longer need. A nice feature of the application is that it allows us to uninstall several programs in one fell swoop.

Among the advantages of AppZapper, I can also highlight the Hit List function, which allows you to view installed programs, select them and remove them along with their accompanying files.

appzapper uninstallers for mac interface

5. TrashMe

Easy interface
  • Amazing application manager
  • Removes junks, large files
  • Detects and deletes duplicates
  • Enhances system performance
  • Compatible with only latest macOS versions
  • Lacks malware protection features
  • Lacks additional cleaning features

Verdict: TrashMe uninstaller for Mac is a simple but powerful program that will help you get rid of unnecessary files on your computer. Many people use this program to help them get rid of a large amount of unwanted information on their computers, but if you're using a Mac it can be even more beneficial for you.

It works by checking all the folders in your home folder and then either deleting, moving, or setting the status of each one of them accordingly.

trashme uninstallers for mac interface

6. Umate Mac Cleaner

Ability to manage unused apps
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
  • Interface is not for beginners

Verdict: Umate Mac Cleaner is an assistant that can be used to free up space on Mac devices. Among the main features of the program are such as cleaning of unnecessary files, deleting temporary files, compressing images without losing quality, creating backups in the cloud and uninstalling applications that are not in use.

Also, you can use Mac antivirus software to protect your system from threats.

umate mac cleaner uninstallers for mac interface

7. BuhoCleaner

5 tools bundled in a single app
  • Personalized Xcode cache cleaner
  • Integrated utility for deleting duplicate files
  • Fast and effective junk removal
  • Terrific performance
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Trial edition has a 3GB file deletion cap

Verdict: BuhoCleaner is a top-tier Mac cleaning app designed for improving the performance of any Mac device you own. You can utilize this tool to maintain a tidy, organized hard drive that always performs to the maximum of its capability. The app handles tasks with impressive speed and all of its restrictions can be removed by making a single-time license purchase.

BuhoCleaner has a handy feature that puts together a rundown of all big files while letting you conveniently delete unwanted ones in a single click. If you employ your Mac as a development platform, you probably know that Xcode and similar utilities become bloated as time goes on. This app allows you to get rid of most Xcode orphaned simulators, allowing you to enjoy a ton of freed-up space. Additionally, BuhoCleaner offers full compatibility with the most recent macOS Monterey.

buhocleaner uninstaller for mac interface