CleanMyMac X Review 2023

CleanMyMac X
Platforms: macOS
Price: Free Trial or $39.95/year

VERDICT: CleanMyMac X is a program meant for removing all the junk files from the Mac computer. Also, it may serve as a protection against adware, malware, ransomware and other malicious stuff found on macOS.

The program doesn’t just scan for malware but also manages extensions and may be used for updating and uninstalling the applications. The program provides a toolset for scanning old and large files, smart clearing up of all the junk from the system, iTunes, mail attachments and trash bins. Besides, CleanMyMac functions as a privacy scanner, making it a decent antivirus software.

  • Remarkable speed and ease of use
  • Enhanced UI
  • Amazing new modules
  • Doesn’t disturb the user with notifications
  • Certain modules present excessive info
cleanmymac x interface

Developed by MacPaw, it is a great choice for cleaning Mac. The program’s capabilities go way further than scanning the computer for unnecessary files and removing them.

With times, CleanMyMac has become a suite of utilities that is intended for maintaining and checking the system, uninstalling programs, shredding files, removing old and large files and managing privacy. CleanMyMac X version has expanded this functionality and features a totally new design.

Complete CleanMyMac X Review

cleanmymac x logo

Among the main benefits of the X version is the ability to find unnecessary cache and language files, duplicates and remove them to free up space on the computer quicker than previously released versions can.

This Mac cleaner will optimize the operation of your computer. The program will help get rid of malware and all the trash, manage storage, thus speeding up the system. Try it and you will find yourself using it again and again.

Wide Set of Possibilities

cleanmymac x smart cleanup

Space Lens. This nice cosmic module generates a thorough map of the user’s storage and reveals all the areas that occupy space without any reason.

Smart Scan. This is a go-to section whenever the user needs to analyze and optimize their Mac. It provides Protection, Speed and Cleanup scanners – launch each in one click.

Malware Removal. The program protects the computer from being exposed to the risks and files that pose a threat.

Time Machine Snapshot Thinning. This new feature in the Maintenance section is aimed at shrinking the size of the Time Machine backups. Nothing will be removed, and no damage will be done to them.

Very speedy. It is the best Mac cleaning software in terms of speed. The smart scanning is performed three times faster than in the previously released versions.

Friendly Interface

CleanMyMac X pleases users with gorgeous-looking gradient icons in the majority of the program’s sections. It practically doesn’t feature a window chrome. Toolbars and title bars are absent as well.

The design is a non-traditional one so not everyone will appreciate it. Even though it has nothing in common with the classic interface of Mac software, it has been naturally extended from the design of CleanMyMac 3.

Reinvented Menu

Clean My Mac X boasts an enhanced bar menu. A user may click on it and gain access to the following helpful info: free hard disk space, speed of Internet connection, CPU usage, available RAM, and even open their Dropbox account. The system of notifications is designed in such a way that the users are informed about lagging software, but they aren’t as much disturbed by it as in the previously released versions.

Once the program is done scanning, a user receives a notification, examines the results, initiates the cleanup procedure and goes back to their tasks. In this way, the animations and other visuals don’t really influence the working process but offer helpful feedback on the functioning of the application (if the user is interested in this info).

Optimized Speed

The developer of the program states that the process of finding junk files has been sped up three times in the X version. With this module, it is possible to control login items, launch agents, lagging programs and those consuming plenty of resources. This will make the system more responsive and make it function faster.

In a matter of minutes, CleanMyMac X will locate thousands of hidden files, junk files from Mail, iTunes and Photo applications. The process of removing all these files won’t take long either. Besides, users don’t need to wait till the application is downloaded and get started.

Efficient Updater

Now, the program provides an improved module to scan the installed applications for updates and the ability to effortlessly download its updated versions. No matter if you have installed the application from the Mac App Store or not, CleanMyMac X will show every app with the new update available.

A module to scan malware is a second addition to the program. You never know when malware will find its way into the computer, so it is better to run quick system checks occasionally.

Handy Modules

cleanmymac x modules extension and updates

The new Extensions module enables users to control extensions so that they don’t have to dig deeper into the macOS system.

The Large & Old Files module demonstrates files that consume the majority of space on the hard disk. The user can easily delete them if necessary. On top of that, CleanMyMac X offers the Uninstaller module that shows the locations of the installed applications and helps delete all the app-related files from the computer.

Moreover, this module will help you deal with conflicting software, don’t overload the Mac with the unnecessary files and organize the system in an orderly fashion.

Reliable Shredder

cleanmymac x shredder

In case the user needs to erase the file once and for all, ensuring that other people don’t access and recover it, CleanMyMac X provides a file shredder. In fact, even after the hard disk has been formatted and all the files have been seemingly deleted, it is still possible to recover information fully or partially. That’s where a file shredder comes in handy.

It writes over disk space, erases data and unnecessary files from every part of the system. The junk files will be gone forever – the program guarantees it and guards the security of the computer.

Convenient CleanMyMac Assistant

CleanMyMac Assistant is a faithful companion of the users that will guide them, recommend the necessary steps and remind them about regular cleanups on a daily basis.

Clean My Mac X boasts the integrated security database that differentiates between junk and significant files. The assistant is familiar with the functioning of the system and won’t delete the files voluntarily. It knows everything about secure cleaning and will help users perform the cleanup in a proper way and proper time.

Cleaning of Unnecessary Files

Whenever Mac starts functioning slower than usual, CleanMyMac will save the situation. It will maintain scripts, clear RAM memory, manage login objects, startup agents and applications that don’t respond. After the cleanup, the computer won’t be so overloaded with unnecessary files and processes and will start working to the full extent.

CleanMyMac Prices

To get CleanMyMac X, there exist three subscription plans:

One Year Subscription: $39.95

One-Time Purchase: $89.95

Special offers: $23.97

Those who already use CleanMyMac 3 can subscribe or buy the X version right from MacPaw at a 50% discount. Those who own antivirus software or a CleanMyMac alternative can buy the X version at a 40% discount.

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