10 Best Duplicate Photo Finders for Windows and Mac

Top 10 Best Duplicate Photo Finders

A duplicate photo finder is what you need if your computer, laptop or phone is overloaded with photos and you need to free up more memory. This software analyzes images and finds hidden file copies on your device.

Duplicate image finders will be useful if you want to sort the content of your computer and delete photos that you do not need. In this review, I will test the best software to remove duplicate photos and find a good one especially for you.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Best duplicate finder
  • Ability to mark all the duplicates at once with Auto-Mark tool
  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface
  • Customize settings to identify similar images
  • Apply several scan filters at once
  • The folder exclusion feature
  • You cannot restore accidentally deleted photos
  • Preview feature doesn’t work properly

Verdict: This is undoubtedly the best duplicate photo finder in its category. The program works on almost any device and is compatible with various versions of Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS.

It is a great tool for scanning and recognizing duplicates and similar images. Everything happens very quickly and does not cause any difficulties when working with this software.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is based on a system of intelligent algorithms and provides similar and accurate pictures. As a result, your system has no segments of duplicates.

Complete Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Review.

  • duplicate photos fixer pro
  • duplicate photos fixer pro

    2. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

    The most functional
    • More than 20 file formats are supported
    • You can preview duplicates before you delete them
    • Duplicate searching in Adobe Lightroom is available
    • Search parameters can be easily customized
    • Ignore List to exclude folders you want to skip

    Verdict: This image duplicate finder is able to identify and clean up unnecessary files just in a few seconds. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is famous for its incredibly accurate file comparisons. This image comparison software analyzes and compares photographs with the same content, that are different due to resizing or editing.

    If you have created several duplicates when editing pictures or changing their size, this software will quickly detect them.

    • duplicate photo cleaner
    • duplicate photo cleaner

      3. MindGems

      Selects duplicate photos after editing
      • Supports 40+ photo formats
      • Automatically removes lower resolution photos
      • Customizable photo similarity percentage
      • Preview of original and duplicate images
      • Outdated UI

      Verdict: MindGems Duplicate Image Finder is one of the fastest duplicate file finders for Windows available on the market. The program has an extensive format support (over 300 formats, 40 of which are photo formats). Here you can work with the highest quality image formats, including JPEG, RAW, TIFF, PNG, and DNG. Besides, the program supports PSD files and can detect duplicates in Lightroom.

      You can use several options to achieve the desired match accuracy. For example, you can set the percentage of similarity, according to which the program will determine similar photos. MindGems finds duplicates even if the photos have been edited, rotated or cropped. The program selects duplicates for preview, marking those with lower quality recommended for the deletion or deletes them automatically, depending on how you configure the functionality.

      mindgems duplicate photo finder interface

      4. VisiPics

      For beginners
      • Lots of tutorials
      • You can rename, ignore and move a duplicate picture
      • There are various modes to scan duplicates
      • You can easily compare duplicate photos with the original ones
      • Large folders are scanned rather slowly
      • Irregular updates

      Verdict: VisiPics is a great choice for novice users who need to quickly and easily find and delete duplicate images on their devices. This free duplicate image finder contains 5 comparison filters that are used to search and point out identical copies or pictures with slight modifications.

      The program works with various media formats and has several modes for the most accurate results. This software is quite simple and has a clear interface. Moreover, you can find many tutorials to figure out how to work in VisiPics.

      • visipics photo finder
      • visipics photo finder

        5. Duplicate CleanerPro

        For professionals
        • Compatible with many image formats, such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG
        • Perfect scan results
        • It is possible to delete duplicate images, music, files and documents
        • Advanced Search Criteria
        • You can’t pause photo scan
        • Sometimes lags

        Verdict: This awesome duplicate photo finder has great features for finding duplicate images efficiently and quickly. Duplicate CleanerPro boasts a clear interface and a powerful scanning tool that allows you to get the most accurate results.

        Advanced search engines include several criteria based on which the program will identify duplicate photos. You can recognize files based on the same or similar name, identical content or the same size. In any case, you will get excellent results.

        • duplicate cleaner pro finder
        • duplicate cleaner pro finder

          6. Duplicate Image Remover Free

          Best free finder
          • 3 types of comparison for original photos and duplicates
          • Supports lots of popular file formats
          • Save results and then start again from the last scan point
          • A simple interface
          • Its UI seems too simple for experienced users
          • It doesn’t always work fast

          Verdict: You can use this duplicate photo finder free to detect and delete unwanted copies of your files. It offers great features for finding the same or similar pictures and cleaning them. A simple and intuitive interface contains everything you need for work and has no distracting elements.

          This software is able to find exact copies of images based on matching name, size and format. If you are looking for similar photos, the program takes into account the size, volume, filters, files with different titles and other criteria.

          • duplicate image remover free
          • duplicate image remover free

            7. Similar Photo Cleaner

            Best for Windows
            • Ability to scan and remove duplicate images from external devices
            • Fast deleting of duplicate and similar pics
            • Round-the-clock technical support
            • Scanned images preview is available
            • It isn’t compatible with Windows XP and Vista
            • Rather slow scanning process

            Verdict: It is the best program to delete duplicate photos with an intellectually programmed mechanism for image searching. The software quickly organizes your photo library and removes unwanted pictures easily.

            One of the benefits of Similar Photo Cleaner is its additional features. You can scan and clean pictures from external devices and also use the Auto Mark Files tool to mark the files you want to save.

            • similar photo cleaner duplicate finder
            • similar photo cleaner duplicate finder

              8. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

              Best for novice users
              • It doesn’t contain any malware
              • Removes images directly to the recycle bin
              • Easy-to-understand interface
              • All image duplicates are shown as a list to make it easier to delete them
              • Lack of automatic file deletion option
              • It doesn’t offer many features
              • Time-consuming installation

              Verdict: This software rightfully occupies its place on the best duplicate photo finder list due to its wide capabilities and ease of use. It can scan and delete a huge number of images in a few moments.

              The intuitive and simple UI allows you to use the file formats you need. Besides, the software has the ability to calculate the percentage of similarity between the original and duplicate images.

              • awesome duplicate photo finder
              • awesome duplicate photo finder

                9. Duplicate Files Fixer

                Best cross-platform finder
                • Supports all types of media files
                • Amazing accuracy
                • Contains an ignore list and other useful scan settings
                • Advanced search engines
                • Too many functions may cause some confusion
                • The system folders are not included in the Ignore List
                • You won’t see a full path after clicking on a photo

                Verdict: If you are looking for a multifunctional tool for identifying and removing duplicate pictures, then this software will probably come in handy for you. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro has many effective tools for removing several copies of various file types, including videos, photos and other multimedia.

                Thanks to this software, you can easily identify and delete files that you do not need. In addition, it will help you arrange your storage. You will also appreciate the opportunity to analyze files on such external devices as flash drives, external drives and others.

                • duplicate files fixer
                • duplicate files fixer

                  10. Easy Duplicate Finder

                  The most flexible settings
                  • Provides you with info on the amount of disk space taken by duplicate photos
                  • You can delete, move, rename and export duplicate pictures
                  • Scan settings can be easily adjusted
                  • It isn’t fast enough
                  • Outdated interface

                  Verdict: Easy Duplicate Finder is another worthy option on my list. It is the best duplicate photo finder app due to an excellent function that will save you from deleting the necessary files. If you accidentally remove an important picture, you can restore it using the “Cancel” function.

                  You can also restore lost disk space on your SDD, hard drive or in the cloud. The program offers several search methods and scan modes. Besides, you can delete duplicate music files, videos and documents.

                  • easy duplicate finder
                  • easy duplicate finder

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