The Web Hunters Digital Agency Review 2022

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

The Web Hunters

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Verdict: The Web Hunters can help you handle digital marketing operations by offering services like website development, search engine optimization, e-commerce set up and promotion, etc. Their services are particularly relevant for individual entrepreneurs like photographers who can benefit from an all-inclusive approach that encompasses market analysis, creative strategies, and efficient promotional strategies.

By combining a personalized approach to each client, fantastic expertise in their industry, and the usage of all the recent digital marketing trends, The Web Hunters have managed to establish themselves as one of the main forces in their field.

Moreover, if you’re a creative, then the services provided by this agency will be even better suited for your business needs compared to what rival agencies are offering.

  • Excel at promoting creative fields
  • Personalized approach to strategy development
  • Full-service digital marketing solutions
  • Lacks a detailed price list
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The Web Hunters employs a team of highly-trained professionals aimed at providing satisfying results by carefully approaching each online promotion task. They always begin working on an order by performing in-depth market analysis, amassing relevant statistics, and researching the competition.

Next, they come up with an idea and layout the groundwork for the marketing strategy. Meanwhile, you as the photographer get to focus on your work without having to mess around with time-consuming digital marketing tools.

The Web Hunters Main Features

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The agency’s primary feature that deserves mentioning in my review is its flexibility and attention to detail. Their employees have a wealth of experience in working with both big corporations and individual brands, being able to come up with the optimal solution for all online business promotion aspects.

When devising strategies and processes for specific customers, The Web Hunters always employ the most recent tools and industry trends that the market currently offers. They seek to establish a long-term approach that will allow your business to grow naturally for years to come.

Creative Sites Development

the web hunters website development

A photographer’s website can make or break your business since it serves both as a tool for advertising your brand and allows you to sell your services. Understanding that fact, The Web Hunters full-service digital agency designs a website that highlights your work, is authentic to your style, and is suitable for the type of photography you're offering.

Simultaneously, they dedicate a lot of effort to ensure the website is easy to navigate and all menu elements are conveniently placed. As a result, you gain a personalized, user-friendly platform with instant load times achieved thanks to the use of top website builders for photographers. Additionally, the agency’s coders perform website optimization to ensure it’s convenient to browse both on desktop and mobile devices.

Up-To-Date E-Commerce Technologies

the web hunters e-commerce

When discussing solutions for boosting sales, a professional e-commerce store should be on the top of your priority list. You can use it for promoting both photoshoot services and various digital and physical products like photography gear or accessories. Such a store is ordinarily a part of the website, allowing visitors to both admire your portfolio and then instantly jump to ordering a photoshoot and paying for it via one of the provided payment methods.

The Web Hunters employ the newest technology and state-of-the-art e-commerce platforms to ensure you have access to the most efficient solutions for increasing your sales and client base. They also devise tactics that help boost conversion, while taking care of the little things like product and service descriptions as well.

Specialized App Building

the web hunters app development

If you’d like to elevate your photography business to previously unseen heights, you need to get a personalized mobile app as soon as possible. Ordinarily, digital marketing agencies either don’t offer this service at all or ask ridiculous prices. Meanwhile, The Web Hunters employ different app builders to increase your online business presence on all mobile devices at a reasonable price.

When it comes to the photography industry, you can create a photo editing application, for instance, for making fast adjustments before posting an image on social media. If you design filters, you can request a filter app, or come up with an application idea of your own. Having an app allows you to promote your brand, gain new followers, and receive some extra income as well.

Boosting Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve developed and set up all the web resources you need, it’s vital to ensure they are ranked highly in Google search results. Luckily, this is the second area of expertise covered by The Web Hunters, right after web development itself.

After listening to your needs, the agency will offer a range of on-page and off-page search engine optimization services while also relying on SEO software to guarantee top-tier results. Additionally, you can schedule a consultation with one of their experts to examine your content and determine whether it complies with Google’s algorithms, audit website parameters, and analyze traffic as well as its efficiency. You’ll be given an array of suggestions for optimizing your website and content strategy, should you plan to handle these aspects on your own.

Expert Consulting & Support

If you like to handle online promotion by yourself and want to find out how to boost sales, optimize your website's performance, and learn more about digital marketing, TWH has all the answers you need. They provide 3 consulting service bundles dedicated to various business areas.

Their experts can help make sense of such aspects as website content, malware protection, traffic analysis by employing reliable website traffic checkers, conversion tracking, keyword research, etc. You’ll learn everything you want to know and even receive recommendations regarding how you can make your online business more successful.


Due to offering a broad range of digital marketing services, the price of each order you make depends on what options you choose. The cost of the project is also affected by your business type and the scale of the project.

The Web Hunters website features a handy Project Estimator tool that allows you to calculate the approximate price of your order. If you want a more precise estimation, you can reach out to the agency’s representative and schedule a consultation by using the sign-up form on their official website.