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Verdict: EpicPxls is an online marketplace where you can search for various designs for your mobile applications and websites. Besides, users can sell their designs and earn money on this platform. The marketplace has an attractive pricing policy as it keeps only 15% of the sale price.

In this review, I will tell you about the main advantages and shortcomings of this marketplace and the team that carefully selects designs for their collection. You can optimize your workflow and boost your earnings by using the available templates when creating applications and user interfaces.

  • A well-thought-out web interface
  • A wide selection of templates
  • The curators update the library with 30-50 designs every month
  • Regularly offers generous discounts
  • Affordable prices
  • Previews ZIP archives
  • Some templates might seem dated
epicpxls website

Here, you will find a collection of fancy curated fonts, professional graphics, templates, app designs, which makes EpicPxls a great choice for those who want to work more efficiently. This service allows you to download up to 20 various fonts, themes, and designs every month.

You can also preview the available items before downloading them. This way, you can be sure that you get the items that suit your project best. The curators update the collection daily and constantly add new designs to it. You can find the newest items on the front page.

EpicPxls Review – Main Features

epicpxls logo

Whether you own a photography business or a company that specializes in other areas, EpicPxls will help you find unique design frameworks and fonts for building an application or a website.

Its team consists of creative professionals who use the best web design software for creating templates. By becoming an EpicPxls subscriber, you are getting lifetime access to their integrated library of designs.

What makes the EpicPxls mobile apps stand out is that their collection gets regularly updated. Every month, you will find new items that will help you create a new design more quickly. Besides, they have a flexible pricing policy. You can pay for a specific number of items that you are going to download per month. Users can download up to 200 items every month.

Wide Popularity Across Different Industries

EpicPxls mobile apps will be especially useful for individual professionals and companies that build websites and apps. You can use the available items even if you don’t know how to code. What’s more, many digital marketing companies use this service to buy designs for websites and mobile apps. It helps them provide high-quality services to their clients.

Huge Amount of Free and Paid Templates

epicpxls mobile apps design templates

EpicPxls was created as a marketplace for selling pre-made templates for web designers and developers who build websites and apps. On this platform, you can browse through various collections and sets of items that can be used for different projects.

The marketplace has an integrated library of templates, graphic design elements, fonts and other items that will allow you to customize the design of your website or application. You can preview items before downloading them to your device.

The team consists of experienced curators who select only the best designs that can be found today on the market and add them to the library. If you pay for the subscription, you will become eligible for getting lifetime updates of each design that you have downloaded. Thanks to this solution, you can save time and find a high-quality template for your project more quickly.

Besides cool premium templates, here, you will see plenty of other items, such as free themes, fonts, and graphic elements. While their premium options are pretty impressive, free items posted here are of high quality as well. Besides, you can further customize them to your needs.

Extensive Library of Fonts and Icons

epicpxls fonts and icons library

To give your website a more polished look and improve customer experience, you can select a suitable font for your design. Thanks to EpicPxls mobile apps, you will get access to a huge collection of fonts for apps, websites and other projects.

Here, you will also find plenty of icons that are relevant to your industry. You can select the icons that suit your business best and download them to your device.

Unlimited Updates for Everybody

After choosing and downloading designs, you will get automatic updates once they get released. It makes this service especially convenient for those who don’t have time to keep track of all templates when building apps and websites.

Good View on All Operating Systems

epicpxls templates on different devices

The developers use responsive design to build websites and apps that can be accessed from various devices with different operating systems. They have optimized each template so that it looks perfect under every OS without any sign of distortion.

Great Opportunity to Become a Seller

epicpxls becoming a seller

EpicPxls mobile apps will also come in handy for those creative professionals who want to sell their designs. Whenever someone downloads your design, you will get 85% of the total price. You can open your e-store in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1. Fill out an online for opening a store. Indicate its name, description, category, and attach the samples of a design that you are going to sell.

STEP 2. Upload your designs and indicate their prices.

STEP 3. Every time when a user downloads one of your items, you receive a part of their monthly fee and earn money.

Educational and Informative Blog

epicpxls blog

Besides a wide assortment of templates, EpicPixls has a useful blog where they describe how to change app icons on iPhone or use various typography elements when creating a user interface for your app. These tutorials are written by professional designers so you can be sure that they will help you fix any issue quickly.

EpicPxls Prices

If you have found an item that you want to download, you can either pay its individual price or pay $24/month for a subscription. The latter option allows you to download up to 20 items monthly. Free designs can be downloaded without any restrictions.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a refund if you don’t like an item that you have downloaded. However, if you paid money but haven’t downloaded the item get, you will be paid back in full.

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