Fit Design Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Fit Design

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Verdict: Fit Design is a modern provider of digital services aimed at companies of varied sizes –from tiny startups to large enterprises. I like that this web design company offers a large range of services, including the development of innovative solutions, their promotion, and more.

The highlight of this agency is a very flexible design process so that clients can stay in the loop of all stages and ask for adjustments if needed. Thus, you will receive timely reports on your projects be it web design, web development, digital marketing, advertising, etc.

  • Has been in the market for 10+ years
  • Full-cycle company
  • Impressive portfolio
  • Info about the team is in free access
  • Use the latest design and development standards
  • No discounts
  • Price list is absent
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The core of the success of this team is that they don’t simply make websites but do their best to understand clients’ needs and create bespoke products in accordance with them.

Fit Design sticks out from the crowd with its top-quality designs that meet modern standards and look absolutely arresting. Besides, their products are very convenient to use because exerts always make detailed research before getting down to the development stage.

Fit Design – Main Benefits

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Fit Design is a company that offers full-cycle services related to website design & development. They know how to create platforms for streamlined navigation and improved traffic in the long run. Though they have been on the market for over 10 years, their approach can be called innovative because they never make one-size-fits-all websites but design unique products.

I appreciate that here you can order a complete package of services for digital marketing, including social media management, PPC advertising, and everything in between. Thus, you can get professional photography marketing assistance in one place.

High Quality Design for Any Purposes

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The team creates great websites from the ground up following the requirements of their clients. They use advanced web design software to bring the most complicated ideas to life. You can reach out to them if you need online store catalogs, blogs, social media sites, or a photography portfolio with an intuitive UI and properly structured information. In their portfolio, you will find lots of cool samples of informative websites, e-commerce platforms, service sites, and more.

The best thing is that every project is unique thanks to the adherence to the client’s specific demands. I like that they pay special attention to the harmony of colors and proper arrangement of elements so that visitors can easily find the needed section and navigate a site without tiring their eyes.

Use Modern Web Development Standards

Fit Design harnesses some of the most popular open source ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WebFlow & WordPress CMS. This way, they can provide clients with unparalleled web design, eCommerce, and digital strategy development services. Moreover, they take advantage of such web technologies as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to complete offbeat tasks.

In addition to platform creation, they also take charge of setting it up and rolling it out. By doing so, they can ensure that all links work properly, pages load quickly, and all code lines contain no errors. Moreover, their experts will test a finished site, evaluating its security and search engine optimization.

Well-Thought-Out Step-by-Step Workflow

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Being a seasoned digital marketing agency, Fit Design devotes sufficient time to learn the traits of every company it cooperates with and develop a website that fully displays its philosophy and aspirations. Specialists start with audit and research, studying the business in general, target audience, short- and long-term goals.

They work doggedly to collect statistical data about competitors and strategies they apply, current online trends, and website design solutions that may strike a chord in your audience. Though you are unlikely to get a complete design project within a week, because the analysis stage lasts 5-10 days, the result is worth waiting for.

Only when the Fit Design team discerns your current struggles and needs, they get down to web design and development. After that, they will offer you the most beneficial promotional strategy.

Effective Individual Promotion Strategies

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The most popular services are content marketing and paid ads on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and similar platforms. When you work with these guys, you can be sure your website will look attention-grabbing, will function lag-free, and will be promoted in the most efficient manner.

Fit Design knows how to define a target audience, and communicate your company’s ideas to those people at the most suitable time. Besides, they can ramp up your visibility in organic search results by employing specific keywords, optimizing social media marketing efforts, and improving your GMB account.

With top-of-the-line SEO software at hand, they can keep tabs on the promotion efficiency and generate relevant reports with all key numbers. Moreover, all clients receive regular monthly reports and can gauge the efficacy of a digital marketing campaign straight away.

Convenient Website with Useful Information

All major services are arranged in separate tabs so you can head to a particular section right after opening the site without hopping from one page to the other. Another advantage of Fit Design is that all information about its members is in a free access in the “About” tab.

Their approach to describing offered services also deserves many flattering words. You can see a list of services completed with eye-pleasing color elements and funny animation. This is a terrific combination of straightforward data presentation with creative thinking. In the Blog section, you can find useful articles about web design and development.

Fit Design Price

To learn the exact cost of your order, you need to get in touch with the company’s representatives. Since all projects are tailor-made, it is difficult to make a universal pricing list.

In general, they charge $300+ for WordPress projects, $499+ for Webflow, and $599+ for eCommerce sites. Or, you can calculate an approximate cost by using the hourly rate of one specialist, which equals $100-$150.

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