Techuz Web And Mobile App Development Company Review 2024


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  • Price: $15 to $25/hr

Verdict: The Techuz team can automate any business. They use the latest technologies and AI-powered tools to develop apps, Cloud storage and work with a blockchain.

They offer a transparent and cost-effective product development model for a photography marketing strategy or any business industry.

  • Affordable web development
  • One of 1000 top-notch B2B IT companies
  • Protects intellectual property
  • Product design based on researches
  • Lifetime support
  • No discounts
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The company has an in-house development team that develops a strategy and launches your projects. This approach guarantees 100% safety.

Unlike competitors, Techuz protects your intellectual protection. They follow an industry-standard NDA documentation and nondisclosure policy in terms of source code and project management.

Complete Techuz Review – Main Benefits

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Techuz adheres to an integrated approach to web development. When working on a project, the team performs search engine optimization for each page, service page, and apps for photographers.

Specialists help both large companies and startups to achieve success. The agency works in various industries, including e-commerce, travel and hospitality, customer support, healthcare, news, entertainment, etc.

The Best Web Development Technologies for Creatives

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Techuz web development & mobile app development company uses high-quality technologies and tools while working on projects to satisfy client’s needs. The service uses the popular LAMP technology stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, to create a comprehensive back-end solution. They combine the latest technology with server support delivers an end-to-end result. Developers use Angular, React, and Vue.js to build frontends. As for databases, they choose MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis. If you are looking for an expert team specializing in React which has a narrower tech stack, you can learn more about other trusted development companies available on the market.

Experts integrate plug-ins and modules to work with payment systems, e.g., PayPal, taking into account confidentiality and security standards. The team develops applications and sites along with blockchain systems, chatbots, and cloud storage.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning caused rapid technological development. Thus, the created chatbots demonstrate a new level of service similar to a real person. The team has developed chatbots for well-known companies including Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Slack, and GroupMe.

Successful 3-Month MVP Development Model

Techuz is rightfully considered one of the leading app development companies. The team uses an MVP development model that applies to all types of projects. Thanks to this model, you can quickly collect market feedback to minimize risks, evaluate ideas, and plan further steps.

By following this approach, you can check if the features of your product meet the main client’s needs. In case of issues, you can change the strategy more effectively. MVP development is a fast process, which speeds up product promotion.

Experts split the product development process into stages. They work closely with a client while conducting researches and prototyping basic instruments. Thus, they can avoid misunderstandings, and quickly make changes based on the feedback.

MVP is less expensive than creating a full-fledged product. Therefore, they can focus on the development and help clients reach the desired level faster. MVP development has many benefits – saves time and money, validates an idea, mitigates the risks to deliver a purpose-built product.

Informative Portfolio

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Techuz has created a portfolio that looks like a full-fledged project. They made a separate page for each development project. When it comes to the description, it seems you’re reading a comprehensive case. Going deeper, you’ll see multiple development visualizations, description of methods, and the main advantages of a project.

The portfolio also covers technologies, programming languages, databases, and other technical specifications.

Customer-Focused Service

The team focuses on clients’ requests and puts their needs first. Thanks to Agile methods, they are always ready to make changes in the process of web development. This technology involves Scrum to properly distribute tasks, taking into account their complexity and duration. Besides, Scrum guarantees flexibility, quick feedback on the completed tasks, and the possibility to make adjustments.

Techuz developers, testers, and designers are ready to help with resources if need. The company follows your instructions for time to market. Besides, they can invite other specialists upon your request, or help you cut down costs.

Useful Blog

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Techuz blog contains detailed articles on design and prototyping. They compare different technologies for a particular development type, and provide readers with recommendations on product development and promotion.

They use simple language for their posts so that even beginners can understand them. However, the information provided can also interest advanced programmers. You’ll find various infographics to grasp data better. Due to a rich blog full of team quotes, the company can build friendly relations with the audience for further cooperation.

Techuz Price

As a rule, the cost of web development depends on the time spent. The average cost is from $15 to $25/hr, while the minimum project price starts at $5,000. By completing the form on the website, you can get more details on the price of your project.

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