LOKAL Web Design Agency Review 2022

LOKAL Web Design

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Verdict: LOKAL web design services include e-commerce development, marketing, and product consulting. The team consists of digital strategy professionals that worked with companies from Fortune 500 list and startups around the world.

The company offers a range of services that will be useful for doing business, starting a blog, and promoting various services. The LOKAL team conducts testing, research, and experiments to attract target customers and increase your profit.

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  • Full-service digital marketing
  • Comprehensive support for all digital marketing needs
  • Effective marketing solutions
  • A full range of consulting services
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LOKAL can create a marketing strategy and build a reliable site ready for online promotion. They can launch a marketing campaign and analyze what works best for you. By managing reviews, you can protect your business and build a reputation in the marketplace.

LOKAL Web Design Services Main Features

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The LOKAL team can create a well-thought-out marketing plan for your business. Agency specialists use only the channels that are relevant to your business. The company also can analyze your current marketing status and long-term perspectives.

A High-End Website for Your Business

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LOKAL creates websites of different complexity using the best website builder photographers, which makes it a great option for small businesses, consultants, and personal trainers.

They also work with online stores, realtors, hospitals, law firms, and boutiques. Their websites are packed with all the advanced features that Fortune 500 companies use.

The agency provides full website support and monitors all updates, privacy, and security issues during a year, which makes LOKAL web design services a great solution for successful business development.

The team will fix all e-mail issues and provide 24/7 website maintenance. Besides, they carry out monthly preventive checks and site updates, adding or changing content if needed.

They use secure AWS hosting with backups stored on servers around the world. Thanks to Amazon Cloudfront support, your website will be protected from malware or DDOS attacks.

A simple control panel allows you to track all the data from your mobile or PC. The agency consults clients on key website management aspects. You get a secure, GDPR-compliant site with SSL certificates, a privacy page template, and cookie notifications. LOKAL will send you monthly reports to inform you about the site status.

Creating an Effective Online Store

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LOKAL can create an effective online store using the best e-commerce website builders. The agency also takes over website management. They will set up your store, integrate basic payment methods, add analytics tools, and product pages.

The company can customize the entire product line and create website content. Thanks to LOKAL web design services, you can improve your search engine rankings in a few days. To make an online store immediately visible in the search, the specialists optimize each page. They upload product descriptions with accurate metadata and tags.

The company can create a demo version in 7 days. You’ll get a fully viewable site with commenting options. The experts will also perform e-commerce image optimization.

You might need to provide the company with content to create the store. Then the specialists will create and optimize product pages and sections.

You will receive the final draft in 2 weeks. After it is approved, the agency will perform search engine optimization. It takes about 5 days.

Full Range of Product Management Consulting Services

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The agency works on both short-term and long-term projects. LOKAL web design services include customer and market research, product strategy development, competitors analysis, etc.

The company assigns a product management consultant to each client. The specialist will work exclusively on your project. He will analyze the market, develop a business case, create a product strategy, and build a strategic road map. They will also hire local and remote professionals who will build your website.


Unfortunately, you won’t find a price list on the website. To get a price quote, you need to fill out a form, indicate your contacts, a company name, and your requirements. Besides, you can contact managers via email.


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